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Interact with Tim Staples in this “Guest Expert Interview” for Parousia Study Groups in Parousia World!

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⛪🔥📖💻😇 Our Online Parousia Study Group has been studying St Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians this term.

In Ephesians 1: 5-6 St Paul states:

“He destined us in love to be his sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace which he freely bestowed on us in the Beloved.”

Our conversation in the Q&A turned to the subject of Predestination. How can we be Predestined and yet still have “free will”?

Join Matthew-Hermann Tague and Tim Staples as we attempt to gain a greater understanding of this all important question!

Tim Staples Biography

Tim Staples was a fallen-away Southern Baptist who as a teen came back to faith in Christ through the witness of televangelists. During his four-year tour with the U.S. Marine Corps, he became friends with a Marine well-versed in his Catholic Faith who challenged Tim to study Catholicism from Catholic and historical sources.

That sparked a two-year search for the truth. Immediately after his tour of duty, Tim attended Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and became a youth minister in an Assembly of God community. He was determined to prove Catholicism wrong, but he studied his way to the last place he thought he would ever end up: the Catholic Church.

He converted in 1988 and spent six years in formation for the priesthood, earning a degree in philosophy and studying theology at the graduate level. Realizing that his calling was not to be a priest, Tim left the seminary in 1994 and has been working in Catholic apologetics and evangelization ever since.

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