We live in a world that tells us that manhood is defined by wealth, sexual potency, power, notoriety.

Ironically, we also live in a world that tells us to undervalue all things masculine. We’re almost ashamed for being men.

Do you want to rediscover your real identity as a man, as a father, a son, a brother?

It starts by looking to the inventor of man. It starts by taking your eyes off yourself and putting them on the one who loves you simply because you’re His.

Brothers, we learn who we are by looking at the face of God.

Christianity doesn’t just reveal who God is. It reveals who we are, and what we’re worth.

Rise is a 30-day challenge for all men, whether you’re married, divorced, single, got little kids running around, or you’re an empty nester. It’s a journey that’s going to take you straight into your own heart and give you practical tools and challenges every day to see the world with new eyes. And in the end, that’s what this program’s all about.

Instead of listening to the countless lies that bombard us, we’re going to rise up and reclaim our true identity in our maker.

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