Sam Clear was a mechanical engineer from Flinders Island, with a growing passion for missionary work and youth ministry.

He became increasingly disturbed by the disunity he constantly witnessed among different Christian denominations. He saw various Christian churches pouring time, money, and energy into attacking each other, to the detriment of missionary work and ministry to those in need.

Sam prayed and thought deeply about the lack of unity among Christians, but saw no way he could fix it: he wasn’t a highly skilled debater, and his degree was in engineering, not theology!

One day, as he was looking at a map of the world, it occurred to him that he would walk around the world, stopping in at every church he passed to beg them to pray for each other and for unity.

Today, Sam sat down with Charbel to tell us more about himself and his incredible journey:

For Sam’s full story, watch the Road to Adolfo, his feature length documentary about his journey.

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