In this episode Charbel Raish has a conversation with clinical psychologist Dr Peter Malinoski about his work as a psychologist and how his faith is an integral part of his work.

Dr. Peter Malinoski is president and co-founder of Souls and Hearts, the largest and most active web outreach that grounds psychology and human formation in a Catholic understanding of the human person.

He produces Interior Integration for Catholics, a long-form solo podcast focused on helping Catholics come to embrace their identities as beloved, cherished little sons and daughters of God the Father and Mary our Mother. Why?  So we can enter into a deep, intimate and personal union with our spiritual parents. How? By overcoming obstacles in the realm of psychology and human formation, problems in the natural realm that hold us back spiritually.

Dr. Peter also writes a weekly reflection which is archived HERE.

He also maintains a private practice and manages a five-acre farm.

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Jesus I Trust in You: A 30-Day Personal Retreat with the Litany of Trust

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We were made for love, and love requires trust. In Jesus I Trust in You: A 30-Day Personal Retreat with the Litany of Trust, Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, S.V., learn what it means to place our trust in Jesus—no matter the circumstances.

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