In this podcast, we converse with the founders of Mary’s Town Rosary Productions, an organization dedicated to praying for the conversion of Hollywood. We discuss the group’s origins, its mission, and its impact on the film industry. We also hear about some of the association’s members, their experiences and their hopes for the future. David Shaffer and Michael Forbes chat with Charbel to share some of the inspiring stories coming out of Hollywood.

Master of the Pieces

~ Joelle Maryn (Paperback)

Ever feel like your life has been smashed into pieces?

Joelle understands…at six, a tragic house fire took her sister Maria’s life and disintegrated her family. Consumed with grief, she disconnected herself from God and rebuilt her identity as an actress, model, and CEO.

But when her dream trip to Hollywood blew up, a hotter fire ignited. It stripped her bare, exposed lies she believed about her identity and burned her idols to ashes. Out of her ruins – blazing brighter than her brokenness – she encountered Jesus and He redeemed every broken piece in her life. 

Healing begins when you encounter the “Master of the Pieces” and let Him rebuild your life as He envisioned. 

  • Reconnect with God’s great love for you.
  • Uncover the lies that are stealing your joy.
  • Be rooted in your true identity. 
  • Find peace in your trials & triumph!
  • Rewrite your story making beauty from the ashes.

“A fire nearly took my life, another fire saved it!”

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