Matthew Solomon Leonard and his Apostolate “Next Level Catholic Academy” present “Introduction to the Psalms”, a powerful video series presented by Dr. John Bergsma, best-selling author and two-time winner of “Best Teacher” at Franciscan University of Steubenville, “Introduction to the Psalms” will open your eyes to the power and beauty of the only book of the Bible read at every Mass!

It’s the one book of the Bible read at every Mass…and it will lift your soul to God!


What is Next Level Catholic Academy?

Take Your Faith to the Next Level at a Premiere Institute of Catholic Spirituality!

The Science of Sainthood

The premiere “course” in Next Level Catholic Academy is the “Science of Sainthood.” What is it?

It’s more than 100 (yep…that’s no typo) beautiful video lessons that powerfully unveil the mystical wisdom of spiritual giants like Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, and many others.

Famous around the world for his down-to-earth style and crystal clear teaching, Matthew Leonard will guide you step-by-step down the actual path to sainthood.

This is everything you should have learned but never did…until now. Prepare to be led into the beauty and mystery of God himself and have your soul set on fire!

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