Do you need to both entertain and form your children in the faith?

In this episode of the Parousia Podcast, Charbel Raish talks with Anthony Salame (stand-up comic, actor and radio-host) about his latest venture into Catholic children’s books.

St Charbel heals Nohad El Shami from Hemiplegia:

‘J’ is for Jesus – Anthony Salame

With amazing illustrations, this rhyming book is full of Hope and Happiness.

Love, Kindness and Unity are just a few of the special lessons inside.

Plus a special Bible reference on each page. It’s a great way to introduce the Good Book to kids (and grownups!)

The Messiah’s Donkey – Anthony Salame

The Messiah’s Donkey follows the story of Zeke. A kind little donkey who can’t seem to get anything going his way. By putting faith in his Heavenly Father, Zeke finds out that God is always listening to our prayers. He becomes part of the greatest story in the History of the world!

This book teaches great lessons about prayer, forgiveness, and faith. With bonus ‘Holy Facts’ included inside to help kids (and grown-ups) along the way.

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