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FORMED On Demand is a multimedia subscription service offering access to thousands of videos, movies, talks, and ebooks to inspire and educate Catholics of all ages. Discover great digital media from over 40 of the best Catholic content providers

Parousia Media has partnered with the Augustine Institute to help bring Formed to Australia!

A ‘Catholic Netflix’

Available online, and on free mobile apps for iOS and Android. And now: partnered with Parousia Media!

An On Demand Group Subscription enables you to share with unlimited members, at no cost to them. Upon purchasing, you will receive a custom url and a group code which can be used by new members to register free.

Parish / school / diocese subscriptions available – Provide Formed for your school/parish for as little as $1/year per family.
Extended free trial available to school and parish leaders.
Talk to us about a 20% discount available to Australian group subscribers!

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How much is Formed?

Bring Formed to your family for the cost of a cup of coffee per week!

For combined parish/school subscriptions the price can be as little as $1 per family for the whole year!

NOTE: Formed is sold in US dollars. Price in Australian dollars (AUD) will vary depending on exchange rates. We offer here an approximation of the price in AUD which was correct at the time of writing. Actual prices may vary above or below the price in US dollars as exchange rates fluctuate.


  • $100 USD/year (~Approx. $150 AUD/year)
  • $9.99 USD/month (~$15.30 AUD/month)

Group Subscriptions

Group subscriptions are available to parishes, schools, dioceses and other organisations. This is a fantastic way to make authentic, quality faith formation available to your parish and school community. NB: Parishes and schools and able to share a single subscription.

The following pricing is available to Australian organisations (e.g. parishes, schools, dioceses, etc.) that sign up to Formed through Parousia Media.

Unlimited Unlimited Licenses

$1,500 USD per/year

Up to 350 Licenses

$750 USD per/year


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