Simon Carrington

Simon Carrington is the founder of Fire Up Ministries and was raised in a devout Catholic family of eight. Simon has been active in youth ministry for the past 2 years, with a passionate focus on chastity, pure dating and Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

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About Simon Carrington

Simon Carrington was raised in a devout Catholic family of eight and is married to his beautiful wife Madeleine. Simon has completed a Bachelor of Theology, minoring in Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame Australia, and is currently undertaking a Certification Course at the Theology of the Body Institute in Pennsylvania USA.

Simon has been active in youth ministry for several years, with a passionate focus on St Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Apologetics and Evangelisation.

He has worked with Parousia Media in many different roles, the main one being a Chastity Speaker, he has served as a volunteer youth minister at numerous parishes, is a regular host/co-host and guest on the Voice of Charity radio network, including Catholic Q&A Live and the Chastity on Air series and is an affiliate employee of, an internet filtering and accountability software which promotes integrity online.

Simon leads a weekly Young Adult Ministry and has been speaking full time for the last 2 years. Simon was very blessed to recently speak at the 2017 Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney.


Finding the Love That Satisfies (Teens and Young Adults)

In this presentation, Simon  identifies the authentic love that every human person desires and demonstrates that it is only through a proper understanding of the virtue of chastity, and God’s plan for human sexuality that this love can be found. Personal testimony is shared to help reveal that no matter what has happened in the past, chastity is a virtue for everyone, and finding true love is always possible!

Are We Dating? (Teens and Young Adults)

In this presentation, Simon addresses the dating scene in a way that will eliminate drama and free couples to date purely, honourably and with sincerity. The dating scene should not be one of confusion or pain but rather one of excitement and joy! Simon will discuss how chastity will bring about true romance in your relationship, from “hi, how are you?” to “I do!”

What to Do Before “I Do” (Teens and Young Adults)

In this presentation, Simon  will discuss practical and effective ways to prepare for a pure and lasting marriage. This talk will discuss the do’s and don’t’s of a relationship, such as chastity in dating, cohabitation, safe sex and more!

Men Only: The Masculine Mission (Teens and Young Adults)

In this presentation, Simon will encourage all men to love responsibly and with integrity. This talk will unpack how important it is for men to initiate life and authentic love in their relationships, so that they will become the husbands and fathers they were called by God to be.

Sexual Desire: A Longing for God (Teens and Young Adults)

In this presentation, Simon shows how Christianity does not attempt to annihilate desire, but rather reorient our desires towards God  who alone can satisfy! Find out how understanding the meaning of sexual difference, and our deepest desires are the keys to authentic sexual liberation.

Parenting Purity to Teens (Parents)

In this presentation, Simon draws from his own upbringing and youth ministry experience to share how important it is that parents understand their role as primary sex educators of their teens. Teenagers are starving for the truth about love and relationships; Simon will explore ways to guide your teen through the difficult years to ensure they give and receive the love they were made for! 

How to Build Authentic Intimacy (Adults, Engaged, Married Couples)

In this presentation, Simon will discuss how intimacy is a prerequisite for happiness. Nothing is as important or urgent as the relationships in our lives. If our relationships are suffering, our life is suffering! If our relationships are flourishing, our life is flourishing! 

The Joy of Married Love (Engaged and Married Couples)

In this presentation, Simon will borrow from the wisdom of St Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians and Pope Francis’ commentaries from Chapter 4 of Amoris Laetitia, to provide practical ways that married couples can deepen in love and intimacy.

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