Sam Clear

A young Tasmanian with a burning passion, Sam Clear walked 15,636 ks, from the jungles of South America to the icy winds of Siberia and on to Spain, asking people to pray for Christian unity.

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About Sam Clear

Staff Professional Development Days, Student Reflection Days and Keynote Seminars have become a passion for author, documentary producer and adventurer, Sam Clear.

With six years of full-time youth ministry experience with YMT Australia, a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a rich sporting background, and now over 500 engagements internationally as a sole presenter, Sam brings the lessons of the 19 month, 15,600km walk around the world for Christian unity to extraordinary life. Impacting on the lives of those he encounters is just the beginning.

Sam has an innate ability to communicate, inspire and motivate. Sam Clear is the founding manager of Harvest Pilgrimage’s youth and young adult division, INROADS, which engages Year 12 graduates with drug & alcohol free Alternative Schoolies options to Fiji.

His book, walk4one – Paving a Path to Unity, is currently used in numerous Australian school’s curriculum, along with the follow-up documentary, The Road to Adolfo.

Presentations (for Schools)

Education Staff

Professional Development Days

  • walk4one, Prayer & Trust, Kerygma & Communication

90min Seminars (2 Options)

  1. The walk4one, Love in Action & Trusting in God
  2. Overcoming Adversity

High School Students

Full Reflection Day

  • Life Choices, Making a Difference, Love & Trust

90 Min Seminar (3 Options)

  1. The walk4one, Trust in God & Love in Action
  2. Life Choice Ramifications, Prayer & Trust
  3. Overcoming Adversity
  4. Understanding Mercy

Primary School Students

(60min Interactive Seminar)

  1. Reaching out to Others
  2. Confirmation & First Communion

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