Fr. Paul Chandler

Fr Paul was born in Toowoomba and ordained in 2006. Fr Chandler began Frassati Australia to form young men in the Catholic faith. Fr Paul holds multiple degrees in theology and education. He is currently completing his PhD in theology, focusing upon Theology of the Body.

About Fr. Paul Chandler

Through years as a teacher in Catholic schools and also as a priest, Fr Paul has developed an interest in the ‘masculine genius’, what it is that makes masculinity a means of flourishing for boys and men as well as a pathway of virtue and a means to holiness.

His experience in the educational and pastoral activities of the Church and the time spent researching and writing his doctoral thesis, which presents a theological understanding of masculinity, convinced him that there is a genuine need in our time to explore masculinity theologically, and to promote authentic masculinity as not only a means for flourishing and happiness, but also ultimate beatitude in heaven.

Fr Paul was born in Toowoomba, Queensland, and educated by the Sisters of Mercy in Ipswich and the Christian Brothers in Toowoomba. His post-school education has been in the areas of teaching, education, ministry and theology.

Pastoral and parish commitments have included an involvement with youth ministry, university chaplaincy and faith formation.

In 2010, together with five amazing young men, he began the Frassati Fraternity in Australia, under the patronage of Bl Pier Giorgio Frassati.

This organisation seeks to form young men in the Catholic faith, to help them live that faith authentically and sacramentally, and to spread the spirit of the Gospel in society.

It strives to help young men, not only to discover their vocation in life, but also to tread confidently the pathway of masculine holiness.

He is currently working the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia.

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