Charbel Raish

He is the founder of Parousia Media which was born in May of 2005.He has organised over 1000 face to face and virtual events consisting of local and international speakers who have featured all over Australia and the world. Charbel has coordinated Faith Formation events for over 21 years.  

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About Charbel Raish

Charbel Raish is married to Christine and they have been blessed with 8 children together. Charbel has a passion for helping people get closer to discovering the fullness of Truth and invites anyone who is willing, to help him on this mission of evangelisation through Parousia Media.

Charbel has two Degrees – Master of Arts and Theological Studies from the University of Notre Dame in Sydney, and his undergraduate Degree in Personal Development and Physical Education from the Australian College of Physical Education in Homebush Bay.  He has over 10 years of experience as both a Phys Ed teacher and Religion teacher for Primary and Secondary Schools. 

Currently Charbel is working full time with Parousia Media, his greatest passion, which specialises in Faith Formation resources and events. Over 1 million people have been evangelised through the work of Parousia Media and well over 1,000,000 resources have been distributed overthat time.

Charbel gives multiple talks on Evangelisation and Faith Formation, the Bible timeline, as well as a personal testimony on how Islam led him to Christ. He coordinates study courses such as “A quick journey through the Bible” and  various study sessions on the Catholic Faith. 

Charbel has a passion for helping people get closer to discovering the fullness of Truth and invites anyone who is willing, to help him on this mission of evangelisation through Parousia Media. 

Based in: Sydney, may travel interstate upon request

Presentations (60-75mins)

  • How Islam Led me to Christ
  • The Bible in an hour
  • Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible: From Genesis to Jesus Study
  • Loving Your Spouse the way they want to be loved
  • How to start your own apostolate

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