Andrew Wood

Director of St. John Centre for Biblical Studies, Andrew has given numerous courses and talks on Scripture, Catholic theology, and philosophy in the Sydney region. He has been working in the field of catechetics and adult faith formation since 1998. 

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About Andrew Wood

For over 25 years, Dr Andrew Francis Wood has taught Scripture, theology, and Philosophy, delivering talks and courses throughout Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart and across New Zealand. He has taught at Sydney’s Notre Dame University and the Australian Catholic University. Andrew received his first Masters in Theology from Holy Apostle’s College and Seminary, Connecticut, USA, and his second Masters in Theology (by Research) and Bachelor of Education, specialising in Religious Education, from the Australian Catholic University.

In 2019 Andrew was awarded his Doctorate in Theology from the Australian Catholic University, with a dissertation entitled Thomas Aquinas and Joseph Ratzinger’s Theology of Divine Revelation: A Comparative Study. Andrew currently lectures for Sydney’s St. John Centre, which he founded with his sister, Dr Christine Wood, in 2003. The Centre is an educational institute specialising in courses, seminars and conferences for the purposes of educating laity and clergy in the study of Scripture, Theology and Philosophy within the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Dr Andrew Wood is a Presenter on the

Parousia Speaker Bureau

Main Presentations

  • How Did Jesus Read and Teach the Scriptures: ‘Typology’ the Allegorical Interpretation of Scripture

  • The Mystery of Death and the Afterlife

  • Conversion Stories in the Gospel of Luke

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