Welcome to 2019!

I pray you have all had a blessed Christmas and New Year and may this year bring you closer to Christ and His Church more than ever before.

At Parousia we are equally as excited as we are ready for this year. With our new team members – Ian, Stephanie, Kathy and Phil – we have never been more ready for the mission that lies ahead.

There is so much to do and we feel it’s still not enough! We have been busy as a team regrouping and asking important questions about our vision and mission.

We are looking at our ‘Why’ and what that means to us. ‘What’ is our role in the Church and ‘How’ can we be effective in doing this work?

Speakers for 2019: An Amazing Lineup!

There are 13 international speakers coming out to Australia this year and possibly a couple more! Below, I will highlight each speaker and give you a taste of what is coming.

Firstly, with Jeff and Emily Cavins we will be organizing the “Great Adventure of the Bible Tour” from April 26 until May 7. The Cavins’ will start their Aussie trip in Perth with our friends at Evangelisation Australia on Friday the 26th and 27th then fly to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane before going to Manila on the 8th of May.

The goal of this tour is to really launch biblical study groups across the country in a big way, using the bible timeline program. This has been an extremely popular program and we hope to see as many people as possible taking advantage of this.

May 2019: First Matt Fradd, then Mike & Alicia Hermon

Just as the Cavins’ leave Australia for the Philippines the Melbourne Vocations office is hosting Matt Fradd for a week of talks. He will also be presenting talks in Adelaide, Brisbane and hopefully a couple in Sydney throughout the month.

As Matt’s visit comes to a close there will be renowned couple and founders of the ‘Messy Parenting’ website, Mike and Alicia Hermon, who will be in Australia. I invite you to visit their wesbite: https://www.messyfamilyproject.org/.

We will have a Sydney event on Saturday May 18th and other cities will be involved to. More to come!

So far that’s only May and already 5 speakers!

There are then a few weeks before one of our favorites, Dr Ed Sri, will be here. He will be in Sydney and Melbourne, possibly a third city, between June 27 and July 3. After Dr Ed Sri leaves Australia, a few weeks later Ruben Quesada arrives to talk about Religious Freedom.

We will also be holding a series of screenings of the powerful movie “For Greater Glory“, which is about the Cristiada war in Mexico. Ruben is an expert on Mexican history and in particular the war on the Catholic Church in the 1920’s, when the government didn’t allow Catholics to worship in public and eventually even broke down the doors of churches during Mass. This is a serious religious freedom issue that we need to explore as we are having this debate in our own parliament of Australia. Ruben will be here for the first half of August.

Later in August – from the 21st to the 25th – Chris Stefanick will be giving his famous ‘Reboot’ events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. They promise to be life-changing events! We are looking forward to seeing Chris back for his second Aussie trip after 6 years.

Then, only 3 days later, we have Deacon Harold back in Australia from the 27th of August to September 9 before leading our first ever pilgrimage. 

The First Parousia Pilgrimage!

You are invited to join us on our first ever Parousia pilgrimage from September 10th to 21st!

We are so excited to have another favorite of ours leading it – Deacon Harold. On this Marian pilgrimage ‘Visitations of Mary’, we will be traveling to Fatima, Avila, Lourdes and Loyola, among other places for 10 days.

I will personally be attending and this will by my first Harvest pilgrimage. This is all made possible thanks to our partnership with Harvest Journeys. Please visit our Harvest Journeys page to find out more about this exciting, life changing pilgrimage.

Catholic Answers & Evangelisation Australia

Last but not least, in October and in conjunction with Evangelisation Australia in Perth, we are going to have not 1 Catholic Answers speaker, not even 2 or 3, but 4 dynamic speakers from California!

These are some of the world’s best apologists, who are experts in answering questions on the Catholic Faith and defending the truths of the Church.

The president of Catholic Answers, Chris Check, as well as Karlo Broussard, will both be here for their first visit with us. Trent Horn will join them for his third Australian tour as well as another favourite of ours, Tim Staples, for his 6th trip to Australia.

This is a huge tour and we will be hosting our first ever Apologetics conference to be held in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. All four men will speak at the conferences and we may then have an opportunity to follow these up with individual talks, to enable us to include more cities.


As you can see, its going to be one of the biggest years ever for Parousia Media and I ask you for your prayers and support in whatever way possible to make sure we have maximum impact on the Church in Australia.

Please keep in touch with us by signing up to our email list, clicking ‘like’ on our Facebook page, following us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribing to our Youtube channel, where we upload 5 new videos each week.

We will also be ramping things up on our website with more free articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos and more. Please also tune into ‘Cradio‘ where we are now streaming LIVE shows with content from EWTN, Catholic Answers, Voice of Charity and much more. This is only a taste of what is to come in 2019!

God Bless you and your family,

Charbel Raish – Director

Grace Before Meals – Paperback with Free DVD Version

In Grace Before Meals: Recipes and Inspiration for Family Meals and Family Life, Father Leo Patalinghug (yes, the same Father Leo who defeated Bobby Flay on Throwdown!) helps you make family meals a way of life.

Combining more than 30 simple but delicious recipes related to personal milestones, family holidays, and faith observances, along with scriptural references and short essays offering wisdom on faith, values, and family togetherness, Father Leo shows that mealtime is the perfect setting for discussing the major issues all families face.

In fact, research shows that frequent family dinners can reduce many risks facing children, including drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, depression, eating disorders, and poor academic performance.

These are meals that nourish body and spirit!

CD of the Month: 13 Reasons Why You Matter

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for youth and young adults. Yet despite the many TV shows, movies, and articles on this topic, suicide, depression, self-harm, and loneliness remain difficult subjects for adults of any age to discuss.

Speaking with honesty, humor, and personal experience, Noelle Garcia tackles these issues head-on, encouraging those who are struggling (or know someone who is) that God’s mercy and love are waiting for them; that you, and your life, truly matter. 

The Real Story of the Reformation – 2 CD Set

In The Real Story of the Reformation, Steve Weidenkopf dismantles the mythical narrative about the two pivotal figures of the Protestant Reformation—or rather, Revolution, because what they wrought was not a reform of the Church but a radical break from it. He replaces that narrative with a true account of Luther and Calvin’s ideas, their actions and character, and their disastrous legacy for the modern world.

If you have ever been challenged to defend bad popes, the sale of indulgences, or any other alleged Catholic corruption that the Reformers supposedly abolished, listen to The Real Story of the Reformation and get the knowledge you need to respond.

Moving Heaven and Earth – 3 CD Set

Ask most people about Galileo and you’re likely to get a story that goes something like this: Back in the Middle Ages, when the all-powerful Catholic Church ruthlessly controlled people’s minds and souls, one man stepped forward to challenge the powers of ignorance. He had the audacity to insist that the earth revolves around the sun, and for this “heresy” he was tried, tortured, and imprisoned by the Inquisition. His ordeal will be remembered forever as a symbol of the Church’s hostility toward science.

It’s a thrilling story … only problem is it’s completely false.

In Moving Heaven and Earth, Christopher Check corrects that prevailing narrative with the real facts of the Galileo affair. First, he places it in context: explaining the Church’s actual teachings and pastoral concerns, the scientific background to Galileo’s theories, and the motives of the major players in the case. Then, vividly but with attention to the many nuances, he pursues the historical evidence of Galileo’s trial and its aftermath to where it leads—and that’s a story you may not have heard before.

For too long, the alleged persecution of Galileo has been a stick used to beat the Church. Listen to Moving Heaven and Earth and prepare yourself to answer that attack with the truth.

The Science Before Science: A guide to Thinking and Believing – 2 DVD Set

A guide to thinking and believing, this program features the Western Philosophical Tradition that poses a vision of reality rooted in the spiritual realm. This vision bespeaks the presence of an Almighty God. Discussed by distinguished physicist Dr. Anthony Rizzi and Marcus Grodi, they draw on this rich philosophical heritage to encourage you to look outside the box of the merely scientific to see the blazing glory of the God-filled world.

Prayerbook for Spouses – Booklet

These prayers and meditations offer couples a ready, thorough and reliable support to the daily challenges and joys of married life.

Drawing on Scripture, Catholic teaching and spirituality and the Marriage Rite itself, this prayer book encourages the loving and spiritual dimension essential to the life of Christian spouses.

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