In this episode, Charbel sits down with the author of a brand new book: ‘Trilogy’ by Godfrey Junio. They discuss the concept of this new paperback, dealing with St Louis IX, Bonaventure and John Gerson in a comedic, poetry-style format. This book attempts to look at some classical writings about these historical characters but in a fictional fun way.


~ Godfrey Junio | Paperback

May large and little flowers in the garden of the Lord Jesus receive the same joy that the scribe had in putting the spirit within his heart on paper.

The three works are in turn subdivided into three little parts. 

Each little part was a labour of love for a particular feastday according to the liturgical calendar,

As is said within, “Thankfully, the taste for the epic and the thought of Augustine and Chrysostrum has the timeless appeal that flourishes wherever Christian heroism exists…”

You are now recommended to the Epic, the saga, and the Exile story within: Being three wonderful tales from the golden age of faith.

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