By Kate Frantz

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Have you ever wanted a keepsake that not only captures your child’s developmental milestones, but also their relationship with the Lord?

That’s the product I envisioned after my first child was born. I searched for a modern memory book that encompassed the sacramental life and other important faith-based events…but found none. With a nudge from the Holy Spirit, I decided to craft my own book, My Catholic Keepsake.

My company, Thy Olive Tree, aims to provide families with memory books that reflect the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Catholic Faith. Most baby books stop at year 5, but since your child’s faith is a journey, My Catholic Keepsake lets you track memories all the way through high school. Every book contains full-color pages with sophisticated illustrations that even teens will appreciate. Saint quotes and scripture verses accompany each milestone—from Baptism to Confirmation, and from first steps to the first days of school. An additional 8 blank pages and a dedicated space to write a letter after Senior Year give you the room to tell even more unique stories of your child’s journey with God.

Thoughtfully designed for busy Catholic families, this book contains just enough without being overwhelming. The photo-based approach of My Catholic Keepsake makes it easy to jump in at any time, even if you’ve never kept a memory book before.

You’re giving your child the greatest gift of all: faith. My Catholic Keepsake is the perfect token to remind them of how far they’ve come in their faith (and life) as they enter the world as a disciple of Christ.

Are you ready to make Catholic memories?

Surrounded by scripture verses and saint quotes, content includes placeholders for:

  • Ultrasound photo*
  • Photo of parents*
  • Due date
  • Prayer before born
  • Story behind name
  • Photo of Patron Saint*
  • Birth information and footprints
  • Baptism
  • First moments (e.g. Mass, pilgrimage, smile, step)
  • Months 1-12
  • Birthdays 2-5
  • First day of school
  • Grades K-12 (And how grew in faith each year)
  • First Reconciliation
  • First Holy Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Photo of Confirmation Saint*
  • A letter after Senior Year
  • 8 blank pages for additional photos / keepsakes

*Indicates a suggested photo to be placed. However, a different photo could be used which would cover up this suggestion.



  • Gender neutral design
  • Photo sizes include: 2×3, 3×5, 3×3, 2.5×3.5, 4×6 (inches)
  • Some pages have boxed outlines for photos. Most pages have a suggested photo size for you to place photo as you wish.

“My Catholic Keepsake” Baby / Child’s Memory Book – Monstrance Cover (Hardcover)

Let’s make Catholic memories!

“My Catholic Keepsake” is a modern memory book/scrapbook designed just for Catholic parents. Use this book to record your child’s developmental AND faith-based milestones from birth to age 18. From baby’s first step and first time going to Mass, all the way to Confirmation and Senior Year, “My Catholic Keepsake” helps you document so many important moments. Thoughtfully designed for busy Catholic families, this book contains just enough without being overwhelming. Capture memories little by little over the years and you’ll end up with the perfect graduation gift for your child as they head onward, armed with reminders of the importance of their faith!

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