Personal testimonies are powerful!

How many times have we listened to the testimony of somebody who has gone through a similar struggle in their life to what we are going through? Somebody who has asked themselves many of the questions that we are asking? Even someone who has made the same discoveries along the way or come to the same conclusions that we have?

Hearing the testimonies of our brothers or sisters can, to some extent, offer comfort and encouragement that we aren’t alone in our own daily struggles. We are all on the same journey to Heaven. We might all take different paths to get there but, by listening to the stories from those around us, we are reminded that God has placed people in our lives, to share in our struggles and to walk with us along the way. What an opportunity we have to learn from each other! What an opportunity we have to avoid mistakes that others have made and to implement in our lives the useful ideas and tools that others have discovered throughout their own journey!

At Parousia, we have been working for quite some years now to bring to you the powerful and inspirational testimony of our founder and director, Charbel Raish. There is little doubt that Charbel is a true “Man of God’. His love for the Catholic faith is infectious. We at Parousia are blessed to be working with him and, personally, I am truly honoured to have played a small part in getting his story out there!

In this testimony, you will hear about a man who was born into the Catholic faith, was influenced by the fervour with which his school friends practiced their Islamic faith, then applied a similar fervour in his quest for the truth.

We pray that Charbel’s openness and courage in sharing this story will touch many lives and encourage people on their own journey to find truth. While this testimony deals directly with a conflict between Islam and Christianity, we pray that the search for truth on which Charbel embarked, to resolve the conflict he was facing, will inspire others to apply it more broadly to conflicts and struggles in their own lives.

We have been encouraged throughout this project by the numerous endorsements for this work, from some of the most respected names in the Catholic media world. Some of them are listed below:

“My prayer is that Charbel’s story will inspire those seeking answers to the deepest questions of their lives to turn toward Jesus so that they will know the truth that makes them free – free to become the person God created and calls them to be”.
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

“In Christianity, we don’t look at God as just master but as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is our father and we are His children. I encourage you to read this book and learn about a man who discovered in a real way to call upon God as Abba Father”.
Dr Scott Hahn

“I encourage you to get to learn more about Charbel and his search for the truth about God and humanity by reading his book. He learned more about cherishing and respecting Muslims as wonderful human beings made in the image and likeness of God, yet he learned this truth within the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church.”
Fr Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

“How Islam Led Me Back to Christ is a story of a young man that was searching for the truth and how God met him where he was. You will experience Charbel’s struggles and how his trust in God led him to the fullness of faith in the Catholic Church. I recommend this book for knowledge of both Islam and Christianity.”
Steve Ray

“In this book, you will learn about the man, Charbel Raish, who has encountered God in a very real way. You will get a taste of the passion this man has for the Catholic Church that I have witnessed over many years of working with him during multiple trips down unda’ and beyond! His passion has never waned. It is my prayer that his passion will rub off on all of us!”
Tim Staples

“Charbel’s conversion story is a passionate and deep one. It reminds me of why we should all treasure our Catholic Faith and never take it for granted.”
Robert M. Haddad

In addition to these endorsements, the following is feedback from people who have now heard this testimony:

“I can’t put this book down! Truly amazing.” – Rita

“This book is not just about a conversion but has so many hidden gems that speakers to many audiences! I can go on and on about how good this book is!” – Louie

“I read this book in one sitting! I loved every moment of it.” – Michael

“Wow, God truly was at work in your life! Great read!” – Kevin

“This story is absolutely wonderful!” – Steve

“This is so inspiring and moving. Everyone needs to read this book!” – Lisa

If you would like to hear this incredible story for yourself, please follow the links below to purchase your copy, available now in 6 different formats!:






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We ask that you please help us to share Charbel’s testimony far and wide. Never underestimate the power of stories!

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