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New Prayer Campaign to Finish the ‘Year of St Joseph’

Above: Charbel Raish and Matthew-Hermann Tague kick off the Consecration to St Joseph for 2021

As you may know, our Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage came to a close on 7th October, having heard daily from guests from around the world, who lead live Rosaries and shared their wisdom with us all. These videos have all been uploaded to our Parousia Media YouTube channel, so you can go back and view them at any time. This month, we kick start another prayer campaign. This time we are leading one final ‘Consecration to St Joseph‘ to end the ‘Year of St Joseph‘. We will be journeying for 33 days, leading up to the feast of ‘Christ the King‘, along with various guests who will lead not only a Rosary, but also the reading of ‘The Glories of St Joseph‘ and the consecration prayers. Matthew-Hermann Tague will be our daily host and I joined him on day one to kick off the campaign. We have had a great response already!

Above: Dr Scott Hahn joins us for the Consecration to St Joseph for 2021

On day two, we were blessed to have Dr Scott Hahn join us for an interview and a meet and greet with those inside the live zoom group meeting. It was fantastic for him to take questions directly from attendees from all around the world. The consecration prayers and readings will be continuing each day, leading up to the feast of ‘Christ the King‘ on 21st November, so please join us! Presenting this ‘LIVE’ inside of Parousia World also gives you the unique experience of direct interaction with others participants. See you on the inside!

14,000 Participate in the ‘Life After High School Conference’!

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of being one of the speakers for the ‘Life after High School Conference‘ presented by the ‘Catholic Homeschool Network‘. I spoke on ‘How to Defend the Faith‘. There were many great speakers who also shared their expertise with teenagers finishing up their high school studies. It was an honour to participate. Thanks to Paola and all the team there for a great conference and we at Parousia value the partnership we have and look forward to more collaboration. You can purchase this conference online at

More Online Conferences

As you may have noticed since the lockdowns last year, there has been an influx of virtual conferences. This is a great thing, as it brings together Catholics from all over the world, giving access to some of the world’s best speakers, for free in most cases, or for a small fee. We truly have been blessed! This month we promoted two more virtual conferences. The first one is the ‘World Wide Conference for Healing and Forgiveness’, presented by our friends at ‘Virtual Catholic Conference‘. This is now available for purchase at their website by visiting:

Another conference we promoted this month was the ‘Catholic Women’s Summit‘, presented by Australian based group ‘The Genius Project‘. Karen Doyle is the founder and has been a friend of Parousia for many years. The VIP pass for that summit is now available. For this, or to browse their site for all their other initiatives, visit:

Parousia Podcasts

Our Podcasts this month have featured Matthew Leonard and Dr Robert Haddad. The podcast with Matthew Leonard is part of the new ‘Parousia World Spotlight‘ series with Matthew-Hermann Tague. The topic for this discussion was ‘The Science of Sainthood‘ and was filled with so many spiritual gems. I highly encourage you to go back and watch or listen to this interview, which can be found on our website, YouTube channel or any popular podcasting platform. We also encourage you to learn more about Matthew Leonard at his website:

Have you been enjoying the many articles we have been posting on our website? These blogs are all presented under the series we call ‘The Narrow Gate‘. This blog article series has become a regular part of our work. We are always on the look out for timely articles from our partners, to feature and make available to you, all in the one place. This month we have posted articles from Matthew Leonard, Dr Scott Hahn, Dr Edward Sri and even one by Philip Kosloski, founder of ‘Voyage Comics & Publishing’, on the topic of ‘How Jim Caviezel’s life was forever changed by Father Peyton and the Rosary‘.

There are many fascinating articles now available on our website, so please feel free to read them and also share them with your family and friends.

Guest Spots for the Phillipines

Above: Charbel Raish on zoom with the ‘Defensores Fidei‘ group from the Phillipines sharing his testimony

Back at the start of October, I had a particularly busy week. I had the privilege of giving three international talks via zoom, with different groups, all from the Philippines. The first group was ‘Defensore Fidei‘, with whom I shared my testimony on ‘How Islam Led me Back to Christ‘. The second group was the ‘PAREF‘ schools foundation and I discussed with them the Catholic Church’s teaching on divorce and also the upcoming ‘Jesus Centre Life Conference‘, which will be running from 8th – 12th December this year. Finally, I participated in a seminar on ‘Finding God in the Noise‘ with the ‘Missionary Families of Christ‘. Some exciting things are happening in the Philippines, so please pray for all these groups and I will have more to share with you next month on the upcoming conference in December.

Above: Charbel Raish on zoom with PAREF schools discussing the upcoming ‘Jesus Centre Life Conference’and also with ‘Jepoy’ from ‘Missionary Families of Christ’ sharing on ‘Finding God in the Noise’.

This wraps up another month at Parousia. It is the month of the Rosary, so I invite you to keep up your daily Rosary, especially during this month. Please offer up one of those Hail Mary’s for us at Parousia. As always, we are also praying for you.

May God bless you and your family.

Charbel Raish – Director

The Decline and Fall of Sacred Scripture: How the Bible Became a Secular Book – Scott Hahn & Benjamin Wiker – Emmaus Road

What is wrong with Scripture scholarship today? Why is it that the last place one should go to study the Bible is a biblical studies program at virtually any university? Why are so many faithful priests and pastors, and the people in their pews, unaware of the centuries-long effort to turn the sacred Word of God into just another secular text?

In The Decline and Fall of Sacred Scripture: How the Bible Became a Secular Book, authors Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker trace the various malformations of Scripture scholarship that have led to a devastating loss of trust in the inspired Word of God.

From the Reformation to the Enlightenment and beyond, Hahn and Wiker sketch the revolutions and radical figures that led to the emergence of the historical-critical method and the pervasive ill effects that are still being felt today.

Divine Mercy Catholic Bible – Ascension (Leather Bound)

Divine Mercy is a gift given to us by God. Devotion to Divine Mercy has been growing through the revelations to St. Faustina and the modern-day ministry of St. John Paul II.

What Catholics may not realise is that the revelation of Divine Mercy is interwoven into the Bible.

Throughout the Bible, moments of mercy shed light on the Sacred Scripture’s message of God’s infinite love for us.

The Divine Mercy Catholic Bible clearly shows the astounding revelation of Divine Mercy amidst the timeless truths of Sacred Scripture. This Bible is edited and compiled by several Marians of the Immaculate Conception — including Fr. Chris Alar, Fr. Donald Calloway, and Fr. Seraphim Michalenko — and other authors to explain how God encounters us with mercy through his Word and sacraments.

Unique features include:

  • Images of Divine Mercy saints and shrines, including St. Faustina, St. John Paul II, and The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy

  • 175 Mercy Moment callouts to show God’s mercy through the Bible

  • 19 Divine Mercy articles to dive deeper into understanding Divine Mercy

  • Words of Jesus in red to distinguish the words of our Saviour

  • 16 full-colour maps to explore the ancient lands of the Bible

  • Alpha Cowhide cover for durability and long-time protection

  • 2 ribbon markers to keep your place

  • Revised Standard Version–Second Catholic Edition

Reading this Bible will help transform your mind, heart, and soul as you discover the overwhelming love God has for you.

*Featured New Release CD*
Were the Gospels Anonymous? – Dr Brant Pitre

Were the gospels really written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John or are the authors anonymous? Did the stories come to us through some sort of “telephone game” or by way of eye witnesses? It is vital to address the debate over anonymous gospels. If we don’t know who wrote the gospels, then how reliable are the stories written about Jesus? Can we look at the gospels as legitimate historical sources for the life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus? 

**Year of St Joseph Value Pack** – ‘Consecration to St Joseph’ + ‘The Glories of St Joseph’

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! (Available within the Australia and New Zealand Regions only)

Consecration to St Joseph:
In the midst of crisis, confusion, and a world at war with the Church, it’s time to come home again to our spiritual father, St. Joseph. In this richly researched and lovingly presented program of consecration to St. Joseph, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, brings to life the wonders, the power, and the ceaseless love of St. Joseph, Universal Patron of the Church and the Terror of Demons.

The Glories of St Joseph:
This collection of the most beautiful texts composed by saints and other holy authors about St. Joseph, Guardian and Head of the Holy Family, will help you to learn more about the powerful intercession and the glories of this heavenly patron whom the Holy Catholic Church delights in calling her Universal Protector. Discover in this work a series of considerations about St. Joseph for each day of the month, accompanied by stories of favours obtained through his intercession. Here you will find practical pointers and prayers for each day, which will be a great help for your progress in the spiritual life.

*Featured Parousia on Demand* Romans: The End Times – Dr Robert M. Haddad

For centuries, humanity has been fascinated by the second coming of Christ and the “End Times.” Much has been written and said concerning what lies ahead for the future for humanity. Speculation has been rife about the timing of the end of the world and the identity of such figures as the Beast, the Whore, and the Antichrist. Unfortunately, most speculation has proven to be wrong or coloured by anti-Catholic prejudice.

In this presentation, Robert Haddad provides a sober analysis on the End Times, future Tribulation, the identity of the Beast, the Whore, the Antichrist, the nature of the Rapture, the Second Coming, the General Judgement, and the Resurrection. He aims to provide general principles without delving into excessive speculation. He also touches on the important themes of death, judgement, heaven, and hell. This is a very useful guide for those interested in the Catholic teaching on the End Times and the “Last Four Things.”

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