Largest Support Your Priest Sunday Yet ! Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage is Back. New baby!


Largest Support Your Priest Sunday Ever!

Above: The nine day novena prayers featured different guests leading the prayers inside of Parousia World

Welcome to the month of July! It has been tough around the world in lockdown, with so much confusion on what people can and can’t do, especially in regards to the churches. We cannot stop praying for our world and our Church. This must be very difficult for our priests around the world too! It’s a good time to remember our priests and so this year, Parousia is teaming up with Divine Renovation Australasia to promote the ‘Support Your Priest Sunday’ initiative. Each year, Catholic priests commonly get together to commemorate their ordination on or near 4th August, the feast of St John Vianney. As St John Vianney reminds us, “When the priest remits sins, he does not say, ‘God pardons you’; he says, ‘I absolve you’. At the Consecration, he does not say, ‘This is the Body of Our Lord’; he says, ‘This is My Body’.” Now is the time for the laity to support our beloved priests.

Above: Support Your Priest Sunday Graphic for 2021

Matthew-Hermann Tague hosted the nine day ‘Live’ novena series, with various guests and members from the Parousia team. These short interviews and prayers were live-streamed each day and it was great to have this opportunity to interact with others participating in the novena. These interviews and prayers were featured inside of ‘Parousia World and were very well received. They were also published to our YouTube channel and are inside their own playlist for anyone who wants to go back and pray the novena at any time. Moving forward, we are excited to be able to now make this novena available in the form of an automated email series, all year round. Just visit our website at anytime and sign-up right away for an instant start to this nine day email novena for priests. Thank you once again to all of our priests for answering Gods call.

Public Rosary for the of End COVID -19

We can all agree that COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down around the whole world. It has been sad to hear about all those who have been infected by the virus with severe symptoms or even death. This pandemic has changed the way we live. Talk of lock-downs, mask wearing, QR code scanning, vaccinations etc. has become part of our lives. The resulting impacts on families, mental illness, churches, businesses, events and so on is heartbreaking. With so much differing opinion and commentary out there, thanks to the internet and other media platforms, sometimes it can be hard to know what to believe. Various opinions on where the virus has started, what the agenda behind this may be, dictatorship, lies, censorship etc. make this all that much more disturbing. It seems we have lost the ability to debate issues – especially important topics like this one. At Parousia, we have not entered into the debates surrounding vaccines or media coverage censorship etc, but we have been called in a big way to pray for the end of COVID-19. Our best hope to end all this is to turn to God, which is why Matthew-Hermann Tague, from our team, has been leading a daily, live rosary to end this pandemic. Please join us in turning to God in prayer. We need to storm heaven and pray for Divine intervention, in the hope that we can come out the other side of this sooner rather than later.

Above: Public Rosary and Consecration to Mary live each day on our YouTube Channel and Parousia World.

A Baby Boy!

On August 3, 2021 my wife gave birth to our eighth child, Alexander Charbel Raish. It just so happend to by my birthday as well and I could not have asked for a greater gift. We have been blessed to have nine children, with one in heaven and eight still with here with us on earth. Children are a blessing and gift from God and, although we have a large family, we don’t deserve even one child let alone nine. Life is a gift and it is so amazing that we can co-create with God in bringing new life on earth. Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us. My wife is doing well and baby Alexander is also very well. He is a cutie and beautiful baby. God is great! What a miracle!

Above: Alexander Charbel Raish born on August 3, 2021. What a blessing!

Parousia Podcast

Above: Allan Smith on the Parousia Podcast

Over the last month, we have been hosting more guests for our regular Parousia Podcasts. I had the honour of interviewing Allan Smith, the founder of ‘Bishop Sheen Today’. Allan recently completed the editing of twelve Archbishop Fulton Sheen books, to be re-released with a new fresh look. These titles include: ‘The Lord’s Prayer and the Seven Last Words‘, ‘Missions and the World Crisis‘ and The Seven Virtues: The Seven Last Words and the Art of Practicing Virtue‘, among others. All of these books are now available worldwide for our international audience via Allan’s website at ‘ and also, for the Asia-Pacific region, via our own website at ‘ Get a copy of any one of these books or all of them and deepen your appreciation for what Christ has done for us on the cross. Thank-you Venerable Sheen.

Above: Matthew-Hermann Tague hosting both Fr John and Fr Dominic

Matthew-Herman Tague has recently stepped up into the role as Parousia Podcast host and has done a great job. He has been very busy, not only hosting a new ‘Parousia World Spotlight‘ series for the podcast network, but he also has been hosting the general Parousia Podcast guests, as well as going online everyday leading us in prayer! During the ‘Support Your Priest Sunday‘ campaign, we had the joy of interviewing Fr John Kady, who is a Maronite missionary priest from the Voice of Charity. He shared his testimony and call to the priesthood. Fr Dominic was then our guest on the last day of the nine day novena for priests – the Feast of St John Vianney. It was a blessing to have him on, sharing his knowledge on the great saint. More podcasts to come – Stay tuned!


Ascension Press Now in Print Down Under!

After seven years of partnering with Ascension, we have taken that partnership to a whole new level, with the ability to now license the printing of their resources. Parousia have been selling Ascension resources for years, but the price has steadily increased to cover the growing cost of international shipping. Also, due to the high expense, we have been very limited in the stock we can have on hand. Now, for the first time in a large way, we can now print Ascension resources down under! This means we will always have stock on hand and the cost will be reduced as well! We are excited to bring to you not only the physical print of the study guides but also the digital version of the videos! Launching this month, we have the following series now available for purchase: ‘Romans: The Gospel of Salvation‘; ‘Hebrews: The New & Eternal Covenant’;Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come’;A Biblical Walk Through the Mass’ (updated edition) with Dr Ed Sri; and the children’s series called ‘God’s Plan in Scripture’. We also have plenty of stock of ‘Chosen‘, ‘Altaration‘ and ‘Galatians‘. Each month we plan to bring to you five new series, as we roll them out in a big way. Get started with a program today! Visit us at to learn more.


Brand New Parousia Academy Course!

Launching later this month is a brand new course for the Parousia Academy. This course is called ‘Introduction to Christology‘, presented by Dr Paul Morrissey. This excellent course will look into ‘Who is Jesus Christ?’. Not only will it answer questions about his Divine and human natures, but it also studies various aspects of His life and the mysteries of our faith in relation to Jesus. There are fourteen sessions, which are broken down into twelve lectures, followed by two question and answer sessions between Dr Morrissey and myself. We are so excited about this brand new course and believe this will be very popular. This will be the fourth course now available in the academy. If you have not yet signed up to any of them, please go to our main website and click on the link to Academy. For only $99 AUD ($75USD approx.) per 12 hour course, you get access to some of the worlds leading teachers in the faith. For an extra $50 you can complete the assessment and earn credit towards the ‘Certificate for Mission’. Enroll today and become a leader for mission.

Above: Dr Paul Morrissey the lecturer for Introduction to Christology

Finally, for the second year in a row, we are running The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage‘, starting on Our Lady’s birthday – 8th September – and going until 7th October – the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. This pilgrimage was a huge success last year and so we are re-running this online through Parousia World. Please visit our website to learn more! The meditations will be the same as last year. However, the live rosary prayers and short interviews will feature some new guests. Lets pray to end COVID-19 and for the salvation of souls. Thanks again for all your support. Please pray for us and know that we are all praying for you.

May God bless you and your family.

Charbel Raish

The Fulfillment of All Desire – Ralph Martin – Emmaus Road (Paperback)

Ralph Martin, drawing upon the teaching of seven acknowledged Spiritual Doctors of the Church, presents an in-depth study of the journey to God. This book provides encouragement and direction for the pilgrim who desires to know, love, and serve our Lord. Whether the reader is beginning the spiritual journey or has been traveling the road for many years, he will find a treasure of wisdom in The Fulfillment of All Desire. It is destined to be a modern classic on the spiritual life.

The Wisdom of the Word – Michael Dauphinais & Matthew Levering – Word on Fire (Hardcover)

Why believe God exists, or believe Jesus is God? Why listen to the Catholic Church? Why is the Church so strict about sex? Questions like these have propelled a crisis of disaffiliation and disbelief among Catholics in recent decades. Half of millennial Catholics have turned their backs on the Church, and at many churches, only a minority of parishioners believe in all of its teachings about faith and morality.

Building on the call of the Second Vatican Council for a greater appreciation of Scripture, The Wisdom of the Word invites Catholics who are thinking about leaving the Church, or who are confused about elements of Catholic faith and practice, to pause and give the Bible a chance to illuminate their way. From the infighting among the Catholic faithful to the sins of Catholic leaders, and from Christ’s sacrifice on the cross to the Church’s emphasis on caring for the poor, theologians Michael Dauphinais and Matthew Levering explore common challenges to the faith in light of the timeless insights of the Word.

“The prayerful reading of God’s Word,” Pope Francis reminds us, ”which is ‘sweeter than honey’ yet a ‘two-edged sword,’ enables us to pause and listen to the voice of the Master. It becomes a lamp for our steps and a light for our path.” Do you, or does someone you know, think that certain elements of the Catholic faith just don’t make sense? If so, the ancient wisdom of God’s Word—sweeter than honey and sharper than a sword—awaits.

*Featured New Release CD* Leviticus Explained – Dr Mark Giszczak – Lighthouse Talks (CD)

For many, Leviticus is a strange and difficult book of the Old Testament. As the third book of the Torah, Leviticus lies at the heart of the Law of Moses, and to truly understand it is to unlock a key to relationship with God. Join Biblical scholar Dr. Mark Giszczak as he takes you on a fascinating look deep into the Book of Leviticus where you’ll learn about love, charity, remission of sin, grace, as well as gain new insights into the Old Testament and see pointers to the New Testament.

Saints Around the World – Meg Hunter-Kilmer & Lindsey Sanders – Emmaus Road (Hardcover)

The lives of the Saints are one of the most powerful ways God draws people to himself, showing us the love and the joy we can find in him. But so often, these Saints seem distant—impossibly holy or dull or unlike us in race and age and state in life. In Saints Around the World, you’ll meet over one-hundred Saints from more than sixty countries, including Saints with different disabilities, strengths, and struggles. The beautiful illustrations and captivating storytelling will introduce you and your children to new heavenly friends while also helping you fall more in love with Jesus.

Each story in this book is written not only to capture the imagination but also to speak about God’s tremendous love and our call to be saints. There are stories in Saints Around the World for when you feel like life isn’t fair, when people are being unkind to you, when you’ve made a terrible mistake, when you’re struggling at school, when prayer is hard. And there are stories of shouting down Nazis, of fleeing a murderous villain, of making scientific discoveries, of smoking a cigar while enemy soldiers amputate your leg.

There are scared Saints, brilliant Saints, weak Saints, adventurous Saints, abused Saints, overjoyed Saints, disabled Saints—and the point of every one of them is the love of God. Whether you’re checking the map to find Saints who look like you or perusing the extensive indices to find Saints with your skills or struggles, you’ll find countless stories in this book that remind you how very possible holiness is.

*Featured Parousia on Demand* Hebrews: The New and Eternal Covenant – Ascension Bible Study

Embark on a guided tour of the “Holy of Holies” of biblical theology. The book of Hebrews is like a little Catechism. It is steeped in rich truths that are foundational to our Catholic Faith, but its highly refined theological concepts can be difficult for even the most seasoned Bible scholars to unpack.

Presented by Andrew Swafford and Jeff Cavins, Hebrews: The New and Eternal Covenant draws out the riches of this sublime book in a way that makes them easier to understand. It draws connections between the Old and New Testaments, the Liturgy, the Eucharist, the priesthood, and so much more. Most importantly, Hebrews will help Catholics appreciate the astounding generosity of God as they see the wonders he has given us in the Church.

  • 8 Sessions
  • 30 Minute Videos

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