The annual Parousia Media Fundraising Dinner was held in Sydney last Friday. It was the most successful fundraiser we’ve ever had! First thing to report is that Parousia could not do anything without our corporate partners and private supporters. I would, therefore, like to thank you sincerely for your prayerful and financial support.

Second thing to report is a tweak to our name. Building on its brand of trustworthy Catholic speakers and resources, Parousia Media is expanding horizons beyond media; extending, rather than forfeiting, its foundations. Parousia Media will henceforth be, simply, Parousia.

Parousia’s apostolate will consist of three service streams: Parousia Media, Parousia Live! and Parousia Parish.

Parousia Media integrates a wide range of web platforms, books, CDs and DVDs. Parousia has not forgotten its apologetics foundations and will continue to tap into resources and speakers that can help Catholics to plumb the depths of the Church’s treasures.

Parousia Live! breathes life into the mission by creating original content and making accessible dynamic, interactive programs, speakers and events. In addition to the kerygmatic proclamation of the Gospel, speakers will explore contemporary issues surrounding life and religious freedom, sexuality and chastity, vocation and marriage.

Launching in the second half of 2019, Parousia Parish is a service to support parish priests and parents. Parousia believes that evangelisation and formation begins, and is most effective, in the family home and the parish. Within these structures, it is the leadership of the priest in the parish and husbands and wives in the family that will make or break the future of the Church in Australia.

Announcing “Support Your Priest Sunday”

To get Parousia Parish off to a flying start, I would like to announce the inaugural Support Your Priest Sunday, which will be held on Sunday 4th August 2019.

Support Your Priest Sunday is a Parousia-sponsored day of national significance that will take place each year around the feast of St John Mary Vianney, patron of parochial clergy.

Parousia will sponsor a novena for the intentions of priests in which participants may sign up to the 9 days of prayer leading up to the feast of St John Vianney.

Lay people will be encouraged to give their parish priest a token of love, thanksgiving and support for his ministry. This may take many forms, such as gifts of money and other tokens, cards and letters of thanks and encouragement, fasting and other acts of penance for our priests may be offered.

Priests are icons of Jesus Christ the Eternal High Priest. Their unique and indispensable witness, combined with their role as ministers of the Word and Sacrament truly make Jesus present in the midst of the Church.

Parousia wants to support priests in their role as pastors of souls and leaders in the parish context by offering retreats designed for priests, parish missions and strategic support for parish initiatives.

More than ever, Catholics need to rise up!

We live in the time of the parousia; the period during which the Lord of Time, Jesus Christ our risen Saviour, has commanded his disciples to urgently take the Gospel to all nations and keep vigil for the return of the just and merciful Judge.

Parousia is more committed than ever to turn the tide and claim for our children Australia’s national signature: the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

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