Welcome to 2020!

Here we are in 2020 and what a year ahead we have. Thanks be to God we are here to glorify Him for another year and may this be the most effective one yet! A lot can happen over a Christmas break.

Australia is burning all over the place with one of our most wide spread bushfires in recent history. So many homes and even lives lost. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those families affected by the fires as well as the fire fighters and everyone involved in combating this major battle.

We pray for lots of rain to put an end to the fires and an end to drought as well. It is yet another reminder that we never know when our time on earth is up. We must always be ready to meet our Lord. Praying for a blessed 2020!

Joy to the World made an impact!

Above: Many young people enjoyed their free copy of Joy to the World

We began the liturgical season with Advent 2019 and we promoted Chris Stefanick’s book ‘Joy to the World‘. We would like to thank all those people who donated free copies to over 600 people in Australia.

We would also like to thank the hundreds who signed up for the free daily reflections that were based on this book ‘Joy to the World‘. So many of you have contacted us providing so much positive feedback. We are so happy to know that the campaign had a profound impact.

Priests were very appreciative and we thank all those parishes who took the book on board and were happy for us to give them away. Due to the success of this model we will be looking at a few more opportunities in 2020 to apply this to various campaigns. We will be announcing the first campaign of 2020 very soon so stay tuned!

Above: Mark & Miguel shared ‘Joy to the World’ in Katoomba and Pymble

Immaculata Mission School

I just got back from Toowoomba where the Immaculata Summer Mission School took place. It started on the first day of the year and went for ten days. This was not like any regular event – it was a combination of a retreat, conference and training camp. There was daily adoration, mass, rosary and many other prayers. There were daily formational sessions teaching the faith and also lots of break-out groups for discussion.

As intense as this was, there was also lots of time for fun with a bush dance, free time that included games and with so many young people, it had such a vibrant spirit! I was personally moved to witness hundreds of young teenagers so plugged into the program and filled with joy.

Above: Charbel met with Mother Mary Therese, founder of the Immaculata

Ralph Martin from Renewal Ministries was the keynote and he spoke so powerfully. Other speakers from all over the country came to Toowoomba to share with the vibrant and dedicated group of young people.

Parousia was invited to have a table of resources and record the audios of the talks. We managed to livestream all the main talks via Cradio and will release these as downloadable podcasts very soon. It was nice to see Shalom World present filming the videos. The whole summer school will be aired on Shalom World in the coming months.

I was also very excited to finally meet Fr Doody from Leeds in north England who has submitted his weekly homilies to Cradio for some time now. Look out for them at Cradio

Above: Charbel with Fr Michael Doody (L) and Brother Maximilian (R)

I was also very blessed to catch up with so many other friends including Brother Maximilian (formally known as Luke) who was the former general manager of Cradio and is now a Brother of the Immaculata in Tasmania. Please pray for him and the whole Immaculata order.

The founder of the order, Mother Mary Therese, has done a great job in reaching thousands of people and being a spiritual mother to so many. The order was established in 2009 and has grown from strength to strength. There has been so much spiritual fruit from the Immaculata order and I pray it continues to grow and reach more souls. If you think you have a vocational calling to the religious life, I encourage you to take a closer look at the Immaculata order.

Parousia Podcast

This year we are launching the Parousia Podcast. You may be familiar with the Parousia Hour, recorded in the Voice of Charity studios, as well as some of the Cradio interviews. Moving forward, as we have many strong relationships with some of the most powerful and engaging Catholic presenters, we are wanting to capture and share our conversations with them in the podcast world.

Above: Charbel interviewing Dr Ralph Martin

Parousia Podcast will bring to you a new show each week in audio format on Cradio and where possible the video format on our YouTube channel plus on our website. There will be a range of interviews from local active Catholics and  international speakers. The podcast is recorded anywhere and everywhere! Each show will have its own unique flavour – to be Catholic is to be part of the universal Church and we want to highlight all the good things happening from a variety of different charisms within the Church.

We are excited about this new podcast and hope you really enjoy it! There will be a variety of hosts including myself, Mark Griffin and Phillip Brooks. I kick start 2020 with three different interviews. In the first, with Chris Stefanick, we talked about the success of his book ‘Joy to the World. This was released as a video on our YouTube channel and the audio is now posted on the Cradio platform.

Above: Chris Stefanick launched the first Parousia Podcast of 2020

I was also privileged enough to interview Dr Ralph Martin in Toowoomba during the mission school. What a blessing that was. He shares his spiritual wisdom, gained across 35 years of ministry. We are also excited about the new release of his USB audio set, which includes five bulk packs covering some of the great saints – true spiritual giants! See more about this on our online store here. That podcast will be out this month.

My third guest was Chris Padgett, who was so much fun. We managed to get him while on summer school with the Disciples of Jesus at the Carmelite retreat centre in Varroville, Sydney. He is not just a speaker but an author, musician and comedian! Look out for all these shows this month. We are very excited about the possiblities with the new Parousia Podcast!

Above: Chris Padgett was great fun and will feature on the podcast also

Speakers Coming in 2020

This year we have a huge line up of speakers coming to visit. As you already know, both Ralph Martin and Chris Padgett have been in Australia this month. Katrina Zeno will be speaking in Tasmania for the Symposium of Marriage as well this January. Already 2020 has started strongly! Next month we welcome the apologist who can speak 4 languages – Raymond De Souza. He will cross paths with Catholic Answers speaker and author, Trent Horn, who will be the keynote of our first Parousia Conference of 2020, which will have a pro-life theme. More details will be coming soon so keep an eye out for that!

The next speaker we welcome is the dynamic Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers who will be giving talks in the first week of July before going to New Zealand for the first time. In August we welcome Dr Edward Sri, who as you know is an exciting speaker who covers so much from scripture to theology of the body to apologetics and more.

Above: 2020 speakers line-up!

In October we have 3 speakers coming – Dr John Bergsma, Dr Ray Guarendi and Jeff Cavins. We had to reschedule the Jeff Cavins tour due to the death of his mother-in-law so we are excited to welcome him on his first visit to Australia. In November we welcome the Blessed is She team who specialise in women’s ministry. They will be running a couple of women’s retreats and we are looking forward to that.

Finally we welcome back the author of Gangland to Promised Land, John Pridmore, who will be leading parish missions and sharing his testimony. This is a huge year in regards to speakers. Please look out for all the updates via our emails, newsletters, website and social media platforms.

We are looking forward to another big year for Parousia and ask for your prayers and support to make this the most blessed year yet. I am excited about the launch of my first book ‘How Islam Led me back to Christ’ and my first talk of the year will be in Taree on February 13 at Our Lady of the Rosary parish. Hope you can come!

Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to sharing the fullness of truth with you in 2020.

God Bless you,

Charbel Raish – Director


Featured New Release! Totally His: Living in the Love of the Father (CD)

Our weaknesses and our wounds can often make us feel inadequate. But as Sr. Bethany Madonna, S.V. illustrates with her insightful humour and profoundly memorable stories, bringing these weaknesses and wounds to God the Father can allow us to become strong with the Father’s strength, and to be healed by the Healer. “The Father Himself loves you… He wants to be with you, at every moment; in every suffering, every pain, every desire and longing.”

*Featured Parousia on Demand*  Contraception vs Green Sex – Jason Evert

First comes loves, then comes marriage … then what? If sex is natural, why are we so eager to make it artificial? In this presentation, Jason Evert presents the case for Natural Family Planning as he unveils the beauty of God’s plan for sexuality. Jason has spoken about chastity to more than one million people around the world and is the author or more than a dozen books.

Ralph Martin Talks – Bulk Pack (USB)

This USB device contains five audio courses, presented by Ralph Martin along with 12GB of free space for personal use. ($125 of equivalent value if purchased as CD packs).

1. Surrendered to Love: The Wisdom of Therese of Lisieux (4 Part Series)
2. Transformation in Christ: The Wisdom of St John of the Cross (6 Part Series)
3. Union with God: Learning from St. Teresa of Avila (4 Part Series)
4. Holiness in Everyday Life: The Wisdom of St. Francis De Sales (5 Part Series)
5. Growing in Holiness: St Catherine of Siena (6 Part Series)

Catholic Teacher Secondary Planner, 2020 – Createl Publishing

The new Catholic Secondary Weekly Planner will inspire and challenge Catholic educators to deepen their faith and knowledge of Catholic teachings, its doctrines and history.

This planner includes a durable double-laminated cover, three month at-a-view planner, 8 class assessment and anecdotal records, teacher’s resource section, tear-off assessment quick-notes, built-in twin ribbon, polypropylene notes pocket and an extract summary of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, plus: Includes Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur from The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Theology of His Body / Theology of Her Body – Jason Evert – Ascension Press (Paperback)

Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body are two books in one that will feed your teens with liberating answers to their most pressing questions about love and sexuality. In it, teens are encouraged to not only learn the truth about their own body, but also to discover the beauty of the opposite sex, for it is in seeing the complementarity of the two sexes that one discovers the real meaning of his or her own body and the invitation to love as God loves.

Live Clean & Grow Rich: The Secret to Optimum Health & Wealth – Janet Chong (Paperback)

This book provides practical solutions to those who are willing to courageously move forward from survival mode into thriving mode. It is an actionable cleansing system that will guide you to clear the clutter that has clouded your mind, strangled your emotions, toxified your body, and imprisoned your connection with life.

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