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Interact with Sonja Corbitt in this “Guest Expert Interview” for Parousia Study Groups in Parousia World!

⛪🔥🌏🙏😇 Join us in “Parousia World“, our NEW online Catholic Community on Mighty Networks and be a part of this unique event! Not yet a member? Parousia and our partners cannot wait to meet you!

⛪🔥📖💻😇 Our Online Parousia Study Group will be studying the Ascension study, “Fulfilled: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism” by Sonja Corbitt during Term 3 and 4, 2021!

Join Matthew-Hermann Tague and our Guest Expert, Sonja Corbitt as we discover what to expect as we set out over two terms to uncover the Biblical foundations of Catholicism!

Wednesday 14 July 2021 1900 (7 pm) U.S. CDT = Thursday 15 July 2021 1000 (10 am) Australian EST

Sonja Corbitt Biography

Woops! I just tripped myself trying to curtsy for you in my schlepping boots (seriously, the html keeps kicking out my left arrow, curtsy, right arrow). No problem. I’m more flaming Bible teacher than Southern belle anyway, hence the “evangelista” moniker. Yes, I made up a word, but it’s entirely applicable since by definition an evangelist simply shares the good news of the Gospel from his own point of view. And honey I’m no “him,” but I always have a point of view, so I’m your evangelistaaaah.

Speaking of good news, isn’t holiness more domestic than cosmic (right?) — in the trenches of dirty bathrooms, fighting children, irritable spouses, the struggle to stop smoking or overeating, crazy schedules, and overwhelming workloads? We’re all sweating and dirty with the effort to love and lift all He’s given to us (John 17) – those people, duties, callings, and longings that break our hearts and make them sing, sometimes at the same time. But most times, we need to be loved and lifted ourselves.

So my Bible study media resources are created with you in mind, bites of spinach that taste like cake, to help you make a space in your busy heart and schedule for God to love and lift you all the all the way up into His great lap, where all you’ve been given is loved and lifted too.

My message is simple: Jesus literally loves you to death; let Him. I found that impossible once, myself – due to a deep, raw father wound – but I can’t wait to show you what the Lord taught me in the Scriptures in the times I was hurting, guilty, enraged, lonely, discouraged, and exhausted.

How about we get started? Take my hand, and let’s find out where God wants to begin loving and lifting you through the Scriptures!


Visit Sonja’s website to find out more about Sonja Corbitt!

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