Brought to you by the Marriage Resource Centre, SmartLoving provides resources to support couples throughout their commitment life-cycle.

Grounded in the Theology of the Body, SmartLoving honours the unique strengths of men and women called to love and to be loved. Masterfully created with multimedia and digital technologies, the courses and publications optimise engagement with participants for a comprehensive and powerful experience. SmartLoving draws from a wealth of research, theology, creativity and practical experience to provide a compelling and focused approach to building marriages and families that thrive in faith and in love.

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Marriage Preparation

When a couple marries in the Catholic Church, it is more than just a venue for the wedding; the couple is entering the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Consisting of 9 lessons, SmartLoving Engaged provides couples with a flexible formation experience that integrates contemporary relationship science with Catholic theology and spiritual exercises. Available as a self-directed online course, participants progress at their own pace, completing couple activities and interactive quizzes for a comprehensive and engaging experience. Resources for Parish Sponsor Couples are also available.

Sponsor Couples

• Passionate about marriage and want to support young couples?
• Want a better world for your children and their future families?
• Eager to strengthen and enrich your own marriage?

Using an adaptation of the Engaged online course, Sponsor Couples accompany an engaged couple as they prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage. Sponsors do not need training or a long-term commitment to the ministry – they simply access the free Sponsor course from home, doing each lesson in parallel with the engaged. Couples connect regularly to pray together and share insights using the discussion guide provided with each lesson.

Newlywed Date Nites

Traditions and habits established in the first year of marriage can make or break it. Newlywed Date Nites is an email program that will support couples to grow deeper in their understanding of each other and create relationship rituals that will serve them throughout their marriage. Sent every second week, each Date Nite includes topic information, reflection questions and a discussion guide for a 30-minute relationship activity that can be easily incorporated into a regular couple date. Newlywed Date Nites addresses common challenges facing newlyweds with wisdom, insight and humour.

Marriage Enrichment

Investing in your marriage is a life-long commitment. Now, it’s easier than ever to access world-class marriage formation from your home that is practical and engaging. The Marriage Kit is an online course of five lessons tailored to couples seeking a lasting, passionate relationship.


Many couples at various stages of their marriage face times where they feel stuck and are at a standstill in their relationship. The online course helps marriages under stress by working with individual spouses to optimise their interior peace so that they can approach their difficulties from a position of strength and love.

This course will help to:

• Identify conflict triggers
• Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument
Find constructive ways to re-establish connection


Learn the foundations of Fertility Awareness Methods easily with this online course. Based on the Sympto-Thermal method, the course incorporates a unique blend of scientific insights, relationship frameworks and Catholic Theology. It equips couples preparing for marriage, already married, or struggling to start a family, to manage their fertility naturally and confidently.

Resources for Leaders

Founded on the principal of ‘Centrally Enabled – Locally Delivered’ SmartLoving’s leader resources equip local communities to provide quality formation experiences without onerous training or financial outlay. Comprehensive leader materials provide step-by-step guides to establish a marriage catechumenate or host a group experience.


An online database dedicated to assisting families in making the home the living heart of the church. There are thousands of subscribers that include parents, teachers, catechists and parish leaders. Resources include craft activities, games, drama, recipes, and prayer rituals celebrating the seasonal feasts and Catholic culture.


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