I used to teach Science and Religion in Catholic secondary schools and students would regularly ask me, “Do you believe in science or the Bible?” and, “Do you believe in evolution or the Bible?”

It is a common idea that we hear almost daily: science and religion are enemies. You have to choose one, right? You can’t have both, and since science has so many visible achievements, if forced to choose, many people choose science.

Of course this is ridiculous! It’s a false choice. Science and Christianity are not in conflict with each other and there is no need to choose one or the other. You can love science and be a faithful son or daughter of the Church. There have been countless dedicated Christians who were scientists including Fr Georges Lemaitre (ever heard of the Big Bang Theory?).

In fact, the practice of modern science owes a huge debt to the support of the Catholic Church. You could make a strong argument (and many have) that science arose in Europe, and not the great civilisations of Islam or China, because of the influence of Christianity.

If you want to equip yourself to refute these kinds of arguments, to show people that Christianity is reasonable or you want something you can give to a friend who is struggling with these questions, here are some suggestions for you:

“Science, the Origin of the Universe, and God”, CD $5.

Fr Robert Spitzer (whose website you can find here) gives a great overview of how an accumulating amount of scientific evidence points towards the existence of God.

“Faith and Science”. Booklet $5

This terrific booklet from Catholic Answers explains how science and the Catholic faith are perfectly compatible. It also addresses numerous questions like:

  • Didn’t the Church persecute Galileo for doing science?
  • Why do Christians believe in the biblical creation story when science has disproved it?
  • How can the modern world take the Church seriously when it opposes scientific advancements like artificial birth-control and embryonic stem-cell research.

“Science, Philosophy and the Existence of God”, CD $5, MP3 $3    

Andrew Wood takes you on a tour of the philosophical arguments for God’s existence, shows how science is inadequate to the task of proving God’s existence and demonstrates that those ‘scientists’ who claim science supports atheism are merely poor philosophers.

“Answering Atheism”. Book $19.95, DVD $19.99

Scientists today hold a place in society similar to that which used to be occupied by priests. Some unscrupulous characters use a veneer of ‘science’ to peddle their 5th-rate philosophy (exhibit A: Richard Dawkins). If you would like to be armed to tackle these challenges then a terrific resource is Answering Atheism by Trent Horn.

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