Penni Warner

Penni Warner has been married to her husband, Matt, for 28 years, and they have four wonderful children. Growing up in the Baptist denomination, both Penni and her husband converted to the Catholic Faith in the year 2000.

Penni and her husband founded a lay apostolate called Grace and Mercy Ministries to share the devotion to the Love Chaplet, and to minister to others through word and song.

Penni Warner

Penni Warner and her husband have been married for 26 years, and have four children. Both were raised in the Southern Baptist denomination, and converted to the Catholic Faith in the year 2000.

In 2012 Penni began to develop a strong devotion to the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and began singing and praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet every morning. Her love for Christ continued to grow, and through the Divine Mercy Chaplet Christ began showing her in a more profound way how He sacrificed Himself for her so that she may have eternal life.

Penni went on to develop the Love Chaplet, with the approval of her Bishop, to express her love and gratitude toward Our Lord.

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