In this episode, Charbel talks with Lisa Mladnich about her own faith journey and her coaching work.

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I AM ______: Rewrite Your Name, Reroute Your Life

– Chris Stefanick (Paperback)

The words you speak to yourself shape your self-perception. Your self-perception shapes your actions. Your actions shape your life. So the words you speak to yourself form the foundation of your life.

Are the words you speak to yourself death that result from fears, past mistakes, old wounds? Or, are they life – the truth spoken to you by your Maker? God has told us the truth about who we are. Liberating truth that will set you free.

Are you ready? Ready to break the chains gripping your soul? This one’s for you – 33 days of raw, honest truth about who you are, what’s been done for you, and where He wants to take you.

Internationally acclaimed author, Chris Stefanick is inviting you on a journey to:

Discover your real identity in Christ, to rewrite your name written by Love on the Cross, and reroute your life to freedom that only He can give.

What do you have to lose?

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