In this episode of the Parousia Podcast, Charbel Raish talks to Fr John Flader about his latest book The Final Exam.

The Final Exam: Preparing for the Judgment

– Fr John Flader (Paperback)

In the course of our life we take lots of exams and, in general, they are quite important. But even if we fail to pass, it often doesn’t make much difference. It isn’t the end of the world. But there is one exam we are all going to take that is the end of the world – for us, at least. That exam is the examination of our life before God in the judgment when we die, our final exam and the most important one we will ever take. We cannot afford to fail this one. The purpose of this book is to help you prepare for that exam. It shows you by what standard God is going to judge you, and how to live so that so that you can pass the exam and receive a rich reward, both here and hereafter.

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