In this episode of the Parousia Podcast, Charbel Raish talks to Karlo Broussard, Staff Apologist at Catholic Answers and international Catholic author and speaker. Karlo talks about his journey from talented musician to his current work at Catholic Answers, philosophy and the books that he has authored including his latest: Meeting the Protestant Response.

Meeting The Protestant Response: How to Answer Common Comebacks to Catholic Arguments

– Karlo Broussard (Paperback)

When Protestants Strike Back…

Thanks to apologetics, millions of regular Catholics have learned to give good reasons for the things they believe, usually to Protestants who challenge their faith with a Bible verse or historical claim.

But those critics of the Church have been paying attention, and now they have their own answers to rebut the standard Catholic proofs.

In Meeting the Protestant Response, Karlo Broussard follows up his bestselling Meeting the Protestant Challenge by looking at the fresh counter-arguments that Evangelical pastors and scholars have developed and taught their followers to make. On subjects like the Eucharist, the papacy, salvation, and the veneration of saints, Karlo breaks down these new comebacks, shows how they don’t actually disprove the classic Catholic argument, and offers more biblical, logical ways to explain and defend the doctrines and practices of our faith.

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