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40,000 Pilgrims for the Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage

The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage is underway, launching earlier this month. We thought it would be big, but not this big! Over 40,000 people from now over 100 countries! It is amazing to see this sort of reach. I was thinking about Catholic events in Australia. Outside of World Youth Day, this would have to be up there with one of the largest Catholic Events in Australia’s history. Many have said that this event is inspired by the Holy Spirit and I would have to agree with them. Practically, it is also thanks to being online and reaching into the communities of some of the worlds best speakers on the faith. They each did their bit by inviting their databases to this free online event. There were thousands of new subscribers at the last minute and so our servers crashed right on the launch. I was interviewing Martin Brennan the founder of Pentecost Pilgrimage at that time on face book and so did not know until we finished. It took over three hours to get the servers upgraded and back on track. Thanks be to God, it was up and running again and people were watching the first keynote talk by Fr Donald Calloway on ‘The Champions of the Rosary and St Joseph’. On day one, I also interviewed and prayed a live rosary with Sonja Corbitt, so we started with a bang! The comments have been pouring in with so much gratitude for this event.

Above: Mann Rentoy, Paola Ciskanick, Chris Stefanick & Sonja Corbitt have been among some of the guests on the Rosary Pilgrimage

This event has been unlike anything else we have done. Originally, the idea was to have a meditation on each mystery by a different speaker. That adds up to 20 speakers. We thought it will simply be two or three videos a week and therefore a 7 to 10 week pilgrimage. After some prayer and thought, the idea of dedicating a week per set of mysteries was decided upon. We wanted to end on the feast of the Holy Rosary, October 7, and so four weeks beforehand works out to be the birthday of Our Lady on September 8. It was the perfect time to do it. We also wanted to do a keynote each week to have the opportunity to talk about the importance of the rosary. So for weeks, we were proceeding with this plan. As the registrations grew and the high amount of enquiries came in, we were being asked if this was a daily rosary. We originally asked the speakers to record themselves praying a decade of the rosary but after seeing what people were after we agreed to also lead a full 5 decade rosary each day, with a different guest.

It was so good to see the generosity of our speakers, giving of their time to not only record a meditation but also join us for a mini interview and live rosary. The live component is broadcast within Facebook, while all the pre-recorded meditations are uploaded to our brand new ‘Parousia On-Demand’ video platform. Because we wanted the videos to ultimately live on in our ‘On-Demand’ platform, we thought, why not use that from the start? We are excited to launch the brand new platform during this pilgrimage. You can now see all our digital videos at watch.parousiamedia.com. We have two full series, that are 100% free forever. They are the ‘Pentecost Pilgrimage’ and the ‘Elements of the Catholic Mass’. Right now, until 11th October, the Rosary Pilgrimage is also free. All other videos are free to our monthly donors. Others can subscribe directly or purchase/rent any individual video you wish to see. We are so excited about the collaborative spirit in the world now.

Above: Danny and Leila Abdallah touched the hearts of thousands around the world with their very emotional and moving interview for the Rosary Pilgrimage

In addition to the Parousia on Demand platform, this Rosary pilgrimage also has a very lively presence on Facebook. We have created a private group dedicated to the pilgrimage and we’re also cross-posting the live interviews and rosaries to our main pages as well. You can see some of the images on this page of our guests in the first week of the pilgrimage. One highlight was the first full length interview with Danny and Leila who, are the parents of three of the four children who tragically died in Oatlands, Sydney, earlier this year. This story touched millions of lives around the world – especially after Leila was recorded saying she forgave the drunk driver responsible for killing her three children. Her response of forgiveness has really taken the world by surprise. It was so radical, transformative and inspiring to all who witnessed it. I highly encourage you to look out for that interview on our podcast page.

Above: Parousia Staff also lead a live rosary and have been busy responding to comments across four platforms.

Parousia Podcasts – featuring Cardinal Pell

Thanks to this pilgrimage, we have had one of the biggest months for the Parousia Podcast. Not only due to the pilgrimage, but also a very rare opportunity presented itself to have a face to face interview with Cardinal George Pell. His name has made news headlines for many years and mostly for the wrong reasons. The world hears news articles in the media about the abuse crisis in the Church and seem to go for Cardinal Pell more than anyone else. What I was pleased about in our interview was the opportunity for him to have his say and get back to basics. He shared his upbringing, faith journey, call to the priesthood. We touched on his AFL career and life as a bishop, archbishop and cardinal. We also spent some time talking about his 404 days in jail and what that was like. He even gave some clarity to his own response to the abuse crisis while in Melbourne and also Sydney. He was the first to implement a program to offer support for victims and has really put a spotlight on this issue so we can clean things up once and for all. You will see the human side of this man and I am excited about the release of this later in October. Look out for it.

Above: Cardinal Pell sat down with Charbel Raish for a special interview

Also, last month we released the interview with Damon Owens from ‘Joyful Ever After’. We discuss our identity as male and female. We talk about marriage, sexuality and God’s plan for us. The other guests this month include ‘Evangelion’, who are a new apostolate from New Zealand, doing great things. We are pleased to be partnering with them and guiding them in their first ever online event. Look out for these guys, as they have some exciting new initiatives for New Zealand. Steve Ray did his fourth session of the virtual bible study of the ‘Footprints of God’. This time, we looked at David and Solomon. His energetic zeal and passion for the Church is so uplifting and his teaching style is very practical and real. I hope you enjoy this monthly series with one of the best pilgrimage guides in the world. We are planning a 2022 pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Steve, so look out for that! Finally we stimulated lots of discussion following our podcast with Br. Max Sculley. We talked about his book ‘Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki : A Christian Response’. This really was an eye opener and did put a spotlight on what happens in these different forms of meditation and healing techniques. Although many do claim to have positive benefits from these exercises, there is also a dark side to them, that we discuss. You’ll want to hear what he says about the topic and learn of aspect you may not have considered before. We will keep releasing weekly podcasts so keep a look out for our emails.

Trilogy: A New Spiritual Classic | Godfrey Junio

Trilogy: A New Spiritual Classic | Godfrey Junio

In this episode, Charbel sits down with the author of a brand new book: 'Trilogy' by Godfrey Junio. They discuss the concept of this new paperback, dealing with St Louis IX, Bonaventure and John Gerson in a comedic, poetry-style format. This book attempts to look at...

Against The Grain | Fr Ben Saliba

Against The Grain | Fr Ben Saliba

In this week's Parousia Podcast, Charbel sits down with Fr Ben Saliba. He is currently the MC to Archbishop Anthony Fisher and co-host of the Against The Grain podcast. Fr Ben shares his story from a high flying sales rep to Priest. When You Pray ~ Dr Edward Sri |...

When You Pray | Dr Edward Sri

When You Pray | Dr Edward Sri

In this week's podcast, Charbel interviews Dr Edward Sri, author of 'When You Pray'. Do you ever hear Catholics talk about prayer but feel like you can’t relate? You know prayer is important, but you still find it challenging. Perhaps it’s hard to find time to pray,...

Above: The three latest episodes of the Parousia Podcast

RISE 30 Day Challenge for Men is Back

Do you remember this program, ‘RISE’? Originally launched by Cardinal Studios and now under new management with Real Life Catholic, this is a 30 day online challenge for men. The presenters are Chris Stefanick and Bill Donaghy. They give short, 5 minute video messages for each day, to challenge men to be the best version of themselves. It is so easy to follow and very affordable. It is a one off price of $32US and you own the 30 videos and worksheets for life. It’s designed to be done with a friend, so you have this ‘buddy’, who is encouraging you along the way. This online program can also be done in a parish group or any men’s group. Parousia is pleased to be partnering with Real Life Catholic and in promoting this very powerful and life changing program for men. Rise is launching an October challenge, so look out for the banner at our website on www.parousiamedia.com to know more. A great gift for your husband, father, uncle, son, nephew, brother or friend!

As difficult as it’s been with Covid-19 and the cancellation of live events, one good thing to come out of it is the explosion of online conferences! The internet has really made it possible to reach tens of thousands of people with the message of Christ. On the end of this newsletter you will see four more opportunities to participate in free online events. In addition to those four, there is another one that I personally will be speaking at in November. It is the ‘World Ablaze 1249 Virtual Catholic Summit’. It runs from November 14th – 15th and is free to join! We have been very impressed with the line up of speakers and the founder of World Ablaze, John Sablan. Visit our website to know more. As you can see there is so much happening and we hope you can take part and make the most of these opportunities, especially in these times in which we are living. Please keep Parousia in your prayers, as you all are in ours.

God Bless you,
Charbel Raish – Director

*Featured New Release CD* Do Catholics Believe in a False Jesus? By Robert M. Haddad

Catholics are sometimes accused of believing in a “false Jesus” because of their belief in Purgatory. How is this the case? The argument goes that if Jesus has died for our sins and undergone all the punishment due to sin, then there should be no punishment outstanding for forgiven sin after death. If this is the case, then how can Catholics believe that temporal punishment may still be necessary for forgiven sinners after death in Purgatory? Is this because Catholics believe somehow that Jesus’ death on the Cross was inadequate or insufficient? Robert Haddad responds to this accusation by providing a proper understanding of what Jesus Christ achieved on the Cross for us, a proper understanding of why penance still needs to be done after forgiveness of sin, and why ‘time’ in Purgatory may still be necessary for forgiven sinners. Robert concludes with a comparison between the ‘Catholic Jesus’ and the ‘Protestant Jesus’ and determines which of these two Jesus’s is the true one.

The Rosary: Spiritual Sword of Our Lady – DVD by Fr Donal Calloway, MIC

Surveying the entire history of the rosary, including its greatest victories and champions, Fr. Calloway will make you want to unsheathe the spiritual sword of the rosary and become a champion of the rosary yourself! Prepare to be amazed at the wonder and power of the blessed rosary of Our Lady! With the rosary in your hand, and the sacred mysteries of Christ in your mind and heart, you will have the power to transform the future, defeat the enemies of Christ and His Church, and be a warrior for truth!

A rosary a day keeps the devil away!

Catholic Secondary and Primary Teacher Planner, 2021 Createl Publishing

This Planner will inspire and challenge Catholic educators to deepen their faith and knowledge of Catholic teachings, its doctrines and history.This planner includes a durable laminated cover, three month at-a-view planner, 16 class assessment/attendance records, teacher’s resource section, bonus assessment spreadsheets, tear-off assessment quick-notes, built-in twin ribbon and a polypropylene notes pocket.

  • 224 A4 pages
  • 6 Period colour layout
  • Inbuilt Monthly Colour tabs
  • 47 Weekly Catholic Formation topics
  • 47 Weekly Saintly Reflections
  • Catholic Resource Section
  • Daily Prayers for Students
  • Notes, Resources & Meetings
  • Gold double-loop wire and ribbon, PVC Pocket
  • Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Available for Primary and Secondary

When I Go to Mass – Sarah Hlavacek (Paperback)

When I go to Mass… What do I do? What do I see? What is happening around me? This book is designed with the 3-6 year old child in mind. It creates the opportunity to go deeper into the Catholic Mass with your child. It is instructional, informative and contemplative. It covers the basic behaviours you can expect from you a young child at Mass. It introduces them to the names of the Sacred Vessels, the Articles of the Mass, and above all presents the Catholic teaching of the Eucharistic Presence in a beautiful, simple and contemplative way.

Also available as Hardcover

Champions of the Rosary: The History & Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon – Fr Donald Calloway, MIC

Champions of the Rosary’ tells the powerful story of the history of the Rosary and its champions. The Rosary is a spiritual sword, containing the saving mysteries of the God-Man. It has the power to conquer sin, defeat evil, and bring about peace.

*Featured Parousia on Demand* Pentecost Pilgrimage FREE ACCESS!

The ‘Pentecost Pilgrimage’ was held as an online pilgrimage in 2020, as an answer to the separation we were all facing due to lock-downs around the world. There were participants from 90 different countries. Now, you can participate in this pilgrimage at your own pace by accessing all of the video presentations, on demand and completely FREE OF CHARGE. Pilgrimage guide, Martin Brennan, will lead you through these amazing presentations by some of the best Catholic speakers, as you journey with the Holy Spirit.

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