3,000 Turn out for the Be Not Afraid Tour!

Above: Deacon Harold, Charbel Raish & Tim Staples in Sydney

We just finished our second Australian Speaking tour of 2022 and wow, what an impact! We named this tour “Be Not Afraid: Re-Awakening the Church”. We could not think of a better duo than Deacon Harold and Tim Staples to really ignite and spark things up for the Church in Australia. They are arguably the two most dynamic Catholic speakers in the world. Over 3000 people were reached across eight events in two cities. People of all ages turned out to hear the dynamic duo. They have made a huge impact.

Above Left: Tim Staples on the day he arrived at the Parousia office with our staff. Above Right: Deacon Harold with our staff on his last day of the tour.

Tim Staples was the first to arrive in Sydney, where he had a chance to visit the Parousia office and meet the team. It is a miracle he is with us, as it was only eleven months ago when he had a major stroke. For six months he could not walk properly and needed a walker. He almost missed the pilgrimage last month to the Holy Land but, thank God, his health is improving. Although he’s not yet 100%, he has mostly recovered. Please keep praying for his full recovery. Our first event with Tim was at Marymount Mercy Centre for a Parousia Spring Retreat Day.

Above: It was very special to have Fr Ben Saliba celebrate Mass and Tim Staples give a great all-day retreat at Marymount Mercy Centre

Tim Staples started the retreat by leading the Rosary in the chapel. He then delivered a brand-new talk entitled, “Be Not Afraid – Accepting God’s Will in your life”. This was a very passionate talk that involved his personal experience of having a stroke. A very powerful presentation. The second talk was ‘”Behold your Mother: Mary Saves”. Another very informative talk on the Blessed Virgin Mary and her role in salvation. Finally, there was a Q&A session followed by Mass, celebrated by Fr Ben Saliba. We had a full room for the retreat day and a big thank you to all the volunteers and people who were able to bring a plate to share. Also, special thanks to the great catechists from ‘Catechesis of the Good Shepherd’ as well!

Above: The Dynamic Duo spoke with passion at the Be Not Afraid Conference

On Friday we welcomed Deacon Harold, who joined Tim in the ‘Be Not Afraid Conference’. Both speakers did an amazing job at informing and motivating the crowd to evangelise and be reawakened. The day started with Tim Staples’ presentation on “Moral Clarity in a World of Grey” followed by Monica Doumit speaking on “The future of the Church in Australia”. After lunch we welcomed to the stage the Dynamic Deacon Harold, who presented a brand-new talk called “Staying Awake in a Woke Culture”.

Above: A strong crowd turned up for the Be Not Afraid Conference held in St Michael’s Belfield Parish Hall.

To wrap-up day one, we held a Q and A panel discussion which I moderated, while our three speakers, Tim, Deacon Harold and Monica, answered questions from the audience. To close the day, we attended Mass with Fr Andrew Benton in the parish church at St Michael’s in Belfield. Later that night, both Tim and Deacon went to the St Joseph’s Church fundraiser and spoke to a crowd of over 600 people, encouraging them to support the Church and get involved in their faith. It was a very exciting evening with the Maronite Bishop Antoine Tarabay present, blessing the night and meeting and thanking both Tim Staples and Deacon Harold for coming.

Above: Fr Danny Nouh, the parish priest of St Joseph’s, Tim Staples, Deacon Harold, Bishop Antoine Tarabay, Charbel Raish & Dr Robert Haddad at the fundraiser.

Day two of the conference included Dr Robert Haddad, who presented a new talk of his called “The Eucharist: The New Glory of the New Israel” – a fantastic talk and very timely. Once again, both Tim and Deacon shared talks on day two followed by another Q and A panel, this time including Robert Haddad. It was great to have this conference at St Michael’s Belfield, where it all really began so many years ago with Lumen Verum apologetics. It was fitting to launch a new initiative at the conference, unveiling the brand-new ‘Parousia Australian Speakers Bureau’, starting with twelve speakers from various backgrounds. We announced that parishes can book a local speaker, once a month, and we can help bring these speakers to your parish.

Above: Some of the speakers featured in the Parousia Australian Speakers Bureau

There are twelve speakers, selected for both symbolic and practical reasons. The symbolic reason of course is that Christ Himself selected twelve apostles to evangelise and reach all nations. The practical and simple reason for twelve is that we are inviting parishes to host one speaker a month and there are twelve months in a year. Contact us to find out how you can host speakers at your parish, keeping the momentum going between tours with our international guests.

Above: Tim Staples speaking in Melbourne at the Chaldean Church in front of over 400 young people!

A total of 300 people registered for the two days of the ‘Be Not Afraid Conference’ held at St Michael’s in Belfield and the attendees were very enthusiastic. Following the conference, our guests split up. Tim Staples travelled to Melbourne while Deacon Harold stayed in Sydney, giving three presentations on Sunday. The first talk of the day for Deacon was at the Holy Spirit Parish in Maroubra. The hall was packed and full of excitement, especially because this was the first time this venue has featured in a Parousia tour. The second talk was at the Sydney Chaldeans with hundreds of young adults in attendance. Finally, his third talk was at St Charbel’s with another full church of over 400 young adults.

Above Top: Tim Staples at the God and Beer event in Melbourne. Bottom: Deacon speaking to a packed crowd at St Joseph’s Croydon.

While Deacon was flat out in Sydney, we had Tim Staples giving two talks in Melbourne. The first was at the Chaldean church in Melbourne, to over 400 young people. The second was at a packed pub for the ‘God and Beer’ event. On Tuesday Tim continued on to New Zealand, to join our friends ‘Evangelion’, while Deacon gave talks at St John the Beloved, St Joseph’s in Croydon and to the Sydney Catholic Youth at the Canterbury Leagues Club in Belmore. All packed crowds each night. Another huge effort from both speakers to reawaken our Church!

Above Left: Deacon Harold with Sydney Archdiocese Youth team and Bishop Richard Umbers. Above Right: Deacon Harold with the Harvest team who were present on the night.

It is great to have tours up and running again with two of our favourites in Tim Staples and Deacon Harold. With fantastic turn outs at every event, it’s safe to say that, considering our tour theme was ‘Be Not Afraid: Reawakening the Church’, mission accomplished!

Thanks again for all your support. Please keep praying for Parousia.

May God Bless you all.

Charbel Raish – Director


Our Life of Service: The Handbook for Catholic Deacons

– Deacon harold Burke-Sivers (Paperback)

Whether you are seasoned from years of ministry or are just getting started living out the vows you made at ordination, this essential handbook will provide the spiritual and practical support you need as a Catholic deacon in the Church today.

In Our Life of Service, international speaker and bestselling author Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers will inspire and uplift you as he and his brother deacons—including Greg Kandra, Larry Oney, Dominic Cerrato, and Thomas J. Fox—share their testimonies and insights about how to serve God with determination, faith, and vision. Burke-Sivers explains the gift of the diaconate as a living image of Christ the Servant in the world, a source of comfort and hope at a time when both are in short supply.

Burke-Sivers explores the daily realities of life to answer important questions about the diaconate such as:

  • What does the Church teach about the purpose of this ministry both within the parish and the world?
  • How are the three key responsibilities of teaching, sanctifying, and leading entrusted to a deacon at ordination practiced in daily life?
  • How does his commitment to his wife help a married deacon balance his duties to his family and ministry?
  • What are practical strategies and solutions for the challenges deacons face, especially when conflicts arise within ministry?

Burke-Sivers also calls for younger, more diverse groups of men who reflect on the face of the Church to become permanent deacons in order to bridge the gap between the Church and the world and to reach the unchurched.

Each chapter contains questions for reflection, action steps, and prayers to help deacons strengthen their own commitment to their calling. Drawing from the writings of St. John Paul II and other ecclesial writings about the purpose and gift of the permanent diaconate, Burke-Sivers educates and inspires us to more fully appreciate this gift and enriches and encourages those who have themselves answered this call.

Written for deacons in active ministry, Our Life of Service is also inspiring reading for Catholics in the pew who are considering a call or who simply want to understand the purpose and gift of the permanent diaconate.

God Said: The Story of Creation

– Danielle Binny (Paperback)

For this is the truth of how the earth came to be, from the plants to the animals, the land to the sea, man and Woman, even you and me…

God Said: The Story of Creation‘ will help little ones discover the true, breathtaking and stunning power of God’s Love and how it all begins with His Word.

Our Hope for Educating Catholics

– Dr Tim Gray (CD)

As Catholics, our hope is to inspire and hand on the faith to the next generation.

Dr. Tim Gray, master educator and president of the Augustine Institute, tells us why he is so passionate about education and shares his ideas and the critical ingredients for handing on the faith to the next generation.

We need our education to point at the big picture, point everything back to the core message of the Gospel; that God loves us and wants a relationship with us. Our job in educating our children is to continue the work of Christ and to foster a love for the faith and His Church.

The Book of Saints & Heroes 

– Andrew & Lenora Lang (Paperback)

Immerse yourself in a collection of legendary stories where saints fought dragons, talked to centaurs and healed troubled beasts.

Medieval Christians were expert storytellers, illustrating profound spiritual truths through exciting legends that captured the imagination. They greatly admired the saints and heroes who walked among them and preserved their memory in tales that are difficult to forget.

In this book you will encounter not only St. George and the Dragon, but also St. Columba and the Loch Ness Monster, St. Francis and the Wolf and St. Jerome with his friendly lion.

You will also marvel at the holiness and extraordinary charity of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Margaret of Scotland and St. Vincent de Paul.

Gather the whole family to read these remarkable legends and be inspired by saints who were not afraid to lead heroic lives.

Includes original illustrations and new typesetting!

Be A Man

– Fr Larry Richards (Parousia On Demand)

In this presentation Fr. Larry challenges men to be strong, without putting on a mask of false strength or machismo. He calls men to admit their weaknesses and limitation, while urging them to find strength in faith and genuine love to overcome their sins and faults. He inspires men to become the true heroes they long to be – men of authentic courage, compassion and integrity.



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Call of Guadalupe is set in the Mexico of Montezuma’s Aztecs and Cortes’ Conquistadors – complete with battle scenes, human sacrifice, peon revolts, apparitions and miracles – bookended by a contemporary story about ambition, abortion and family.

Artist and playwright John Lee had a Dream. Perhaps he preferred to see it as a Vision. No matter how he saw it – the message was Loud and Clear: create a popular, vibrant, inspirational and uplifting Live Musical theatre production about Life and Hope and take it to the world.

He succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

Lee had never written a full-scale Theatre Musical – but, as usual, such a minor detail was not going to stop him. However, when the Malaysia-born convert to Christianity sat down to write what would become Call of Guadalupe, he knew he needed to surrender himself to the possibility of terrible failure. Fortunately, he discovered true collaboration with composer Peter Foster, whose clever, accessible, uplifting music took the show to a higher level. A series of musical extravaganzas followed – Man of Assisi, Saul Saul Paul Paul, Amazing Augustine, John Paul II and Magdalene: A Wanton Saint – but it is Guadalupe that has enjoyed the most revivals – seen by over 30,000 people across Australia and as far away as the Philippines.

The current version is a co-production between Call of Guadalupe Theatre Company (COG) and Melbourne’s Saint Joseph’s Catholic Parish, Chelsea.

An exciting and encouraging element with this production is its joyful young cast – evidence that Guadalupe has connected with a new generation.

Whatever you love in theatre: strong characters and situations, rousing songs and dance numbers – or a good old-fashioned fight scene – let Call of Guadalupe transport you and transform you this November.

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