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What a way to finish the Global Pilgrimage!

Above: What a blessing to have Dr Scott Hahn & Dr Edward Sri together!

The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage has now come to a close. Over 40,000 people from now over 116 countries! This would have to be up there with one of the largest Catholic Events in Australia’s history, although online. We concluded on the feast of the Most Holy Rosary, with four broadcasts. The day started with a bonus talk by Allan Smith on the Power of the Rosary. The first live show was on the Battle of Lepanto with Chris Check. I then led the final live rosary, which was a nice way to conclude and pray with everyone. The finale was a dynamic duo – Dr Scott Hahn and Dr Edward Sri. The teacher and the student, both now doctors of biblical theology. The day was a fitting way to end the long pilgrimage from September 8 to October 7. The final week featured Simon and Madeleine Carrington, Dynamic Deacon Harold, Badwee Moussa from the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary charity and many others!. It was so great to get such positive feedback. Hundreds of comments every single day throughout the whole pilgrimage with overwhelming gratitude. I want to share some of these now.

Above: Madeleine and Simon Carrington, Chris Check, Badwee Moussa and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Where do I start? What about the most common type of comment? “Thanks so much for doing this pilgrimage! It has helped me pray the rosary with so much more meaning.” There are also other comments like “This has improved my prayer life and relationship with God more than ever!” There are so many others but the one that I would like to highlight is from a protestant mother who said, “I was watching the pilgrimage out of curiosity and was surprised by the amount of scripture in the presentations so I continued to watch each day. I am now talking to the local bishop to do RCIA and enter into the Catholic Church, my husband and children will probably follow me too”. There were many conversion stories, transformations, new hope for some and so much encouragement. I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and support and may the fruits of this pilgrimage be felt for many years to come! Many are asking for more, so please pray for us to see if we can make that happen in time for advent. The comments have really inspired us to keep going with the pilgrimages.

Here are some more comments, “I want to say what a tremendous blessing it has been being a part of the Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage. I have developed a greater love and appreciation for the rosary, and learnt many new things about prayer in general. I wish to thank you and all the Parousia staff and all the guest speakers for your time, commitment and love of God. It was truly an amazing pilgrimage and thanks again to all involved!” Another one here, “My sincere thanks to all speakers, presenters and everyone who provided their time and expertise so zealously. The presentations were clear and easy to follow and so beautifully explained. It certainly was a wonderful experience on how we can deepen our desire for praying the Rosary when we meditate on the scriptural connection between our Blessed Mother Mary, and her beloved Son Jesus Christ.” Now that the pilgrimage is over we are making it available for purchase at a one-off low cost of $19.99 AUD ($14US approx.) for all 65 videos. They are nicely categorised into meditations (each with the decade prayed afterwards), then keynotes, then long form interviews and finally the short interviews with the rosary included. You also can download each of the videos to your own device. It is the month of the rosary, so why not own you own set of videos? You can also gift this to others. Visit our main website and click on the On-Demand Video link. A special thanks to our Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary. Mother Mary, spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Dr Raul Nidoy Interview to launch Virtual Conference

Earlier this month I was privileged to interview Dr Raul Nidoy, from Manila in the Philippines. He is director of character formation at Parents for Education Foundation (PAREF) and author of ‘Jesus-Centered: Guide to the Happiest Life’. It was so informative to learn his wisdom and joy. There is an event coming up in December focused on the Jesus-Centered life, with talks aimed at teachers, parents, students and families. Speakers from all over the world are involved and the conference is going to be such a good reminder of the purpose of our lives and the key to happiness. Dr Nidoy has written a book on the Jesus-Centered life and will be using this conference as a way to help educate people about the principles in his book. We will be publishing this book in the next month so look out for it! This conference is free to join, so visit our website to know more. The conference is December 5th to 8th.

Above: Dr Raul Nidoy (PAREF) speaks with Charbel Raish

Life After High School Conference

Our partners from Catholic Homeschool Conference have put on another fantastic event. This time, focusing on university age teens. The theme, ‘Life After High School’, talked about careers, faith, vocation, calling, life goals and much more. Our very own Dr Andrew Mullins was among the many experts in this conference. I was honoured to host a live interview with Joseph Pearce who has such an inspiring story. Thousands participated in this online event and, praise God, many people from around the world participated. These virtual conferences are shaping up to be very effective tools for reaching souls internationally. To sample the videos and decide whether or not you would like to get the VIP pass visit www.catholichomeschoolconference.com.

After Divorce Virtual Conference

Another virtual conference that happened this month was ‘After Divorce’, with Rose Sweet. This theme is one that is rarely talked about. With almost half of all marriages ending in divorce, even in the Catholic Church, it is an area we need to be aware of. There were so many great speakers and excellent tips. The full conference is available on the Parousia On-Demand platform.

In His Name Conference NZ a huge success!

Our friends from the exciting new apostolate in New Zealand, ‘Evangelion’, have officially launched with their inaugural conference, ‘In His Name’ , reaching over 1000 people. It is a huge effort from this newly formed group in Auckland. It was only 8 months ago when three young adults – Dominic, Edel and Lindsley – approached me about sharing some ideas with them on building an apostolate. Thanks be to God, it turns out that our meetings proved to be fruitful and, as a result, the new apostolate was born ,along with its first ever event! I was honoured to kick start the conference with a live sharing of my testimony for the opening night. With speakers like Christopher West, Chris Stefanick, Sarah Swafford, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Dr Ed Sri (and many more) this proved to be a high quality conference. Matthew-Hermann Tague was the guest for the final live session, which meant that Parousia began and concluded the live sessions. The series is now available on Parousia on-demand for $19.99 AUD and includes all 16 talks as well as the music, prayers and informational videos from the team. Get your own copy and support this brand new ministry.

Term 4 Bible Studies Underway

This month we have launched two new bible studies on topics we have not facilitated before. It was by popular demand that the bible study on “Revelation” was requested. This is an eleven part study with Jeff Cavins and Thomas Smith. Our very own Mathew-Hermann Tague is facilitating this study on a Thursday evening and repeating it again on the following Friday morning for our international students. I am also leading a study on the Augustine Institute series by Dr Ed Sri “Who am I to Judge?” It is an 8 part study on moral relativism. Its been received with enthusiasm and it’s great to see some really good discussion. It is not too late to join so visit our website to register.

Talk on the Rosary at St Raymonds Church

Also this month, I was invited, by St Raymond’s Maronite Catholic Parish, to give a talk on the Mystery of the Rosary . Over 60 people were in attendance and most of them were young adults, which was great to see. It was the first time I have spoken live in a church for seven months. The youth group were so vibrant and enthusiastic. The talk was live streamed on our Facebook page. It is pleasing to see that, in some place, things are opening up again, so lets keep praying for the end of COVID-19 and the reopening of churches around the world.

One final invitation this month is to check out our brand new video platform called ‘Parousia On-Demand’, which was launched with the Rosary Pilgrimage. We now have hundreds of talks available and you can trial the platform for free. Visit watch.parousiamedia.com. Look out for new releases each month!

That wraps up another month. Please pray for Parousia as we pray for you.

God Bless you,
Charbel Raish – Director

In His Name Virtual Conference – Presented by Evangelion, New Zealand

Evangelion’s inaugural event, the ‘In His Name’ Virtual Conference, is now available in its entirety on ‘Parousia On Demand’. The aim of this virtual conference is to help everybody experience the fullness of the Catholic faith in all its truth, beauty and goodness, and fill them with passion and zeal to go out make disciples all nations.

The Road to Adolfo – Samuel Clear

Samuel Clear spent 568 days, and walked 15,600km around the world, praying for unity. His trip included a devastating 1,000km stretch from Venezuela to Panama. From the guns, violence, wild animals, racial abuse and illness, the most shattering jolt was dealt when Sam met Adolfo, a 24-year-old man who was preparing to risk everything for the sake of his family. In 2012, Sam Clear travelled back to that tumultuous stretch of road with two friends to explore the greatest lesson from his previous journey; that unity without love is dead. In doing so, they hoped also to find Adolfo still alive.


For a long time, Christopher Columbus enjoyed a positive—if slightly simplistic— reputation in America’s culture. Even if he didn’t exactly “discover America,” he was still revered as a hero and a key figure in a critical period of Western history.

Today, they’re toppling his statues and cursing his name in town squares across the USA. Even Catholic institutions have hidden their monuments to this former hero now branded an “imperialist oppressor,” the arch-villain of woke revisionist history.

Can we rescue the memory of Columbus before it gets completely erased?

In this audio presentation, Catholic Answers president Christopher Check cuts through the calumnies and reveals the full (and laudable) facts about Columbus: his virtues and failings, his actions and aims, and the immense, almost incomparable significance of his efforts to bring Christian civilization to the New World.

The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage

20+ Speakers

65 Keynote Talks

20 Scriptural Meditations – One for Each Mystery of the Rosary.

Why Doesn’t God Show His Face? – Karlo Broussard

Why doesn’t God make himself visible to us? Or at least make his presence undeniable through signs and wonders? It seems that a God who is all-good would not leave us stumbling in the dark, unsure of his existence— especially in times of trial and suffering when we need him most. The reality of God’s hiddenness can be a cause for struggle in our faith life, and skeptics seize on it to claim that he doesn’t even exist. But in this audio presentation, Karlo Broussard explains why it’s no reason for doubt or despair.Using a popular philosophical approach that is thorough and intellectually satisfying yet still accessible, Karlo shows how God’s apparent hiddenness is not contrary to his good-ness but flows from it. The seemingly hidden way he relates to us in this life, teaches us, and, yes, reveals himself, is proper to our nature. In that way he trains us to love him in this life and prepare ourselves for the eternal vision of him, face to face, in the next.


October is the month of the rosary, but most Catholics don’t know why. Learn how, on October 7, 1571, the Blessed Virgin Mary joined the most important sea battle of all time and saved the Christian West from Islamic conquest.

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