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The World Ablaize Summit had a strong impact

Above: The Speakers for the World Ablaize 1249 Summit

The ‘1259 Virtual Catholic Summit’ from World Ablaze Ministries was very popular, with 15 dynamic speakers covering three main categories. One category was for men, one for women, and a third called ‘Spiritual Combat’. There was also a bonus category, in which I had the privilege of sharing my testimony. Over 2,500 people across 22 countries participated and the founder and organiser, John Sablan, did an amazing job in bringing this all together. If you missed out on the free access weekend, it is now available for purchase for just $40 via our website www.parousiamedia.com. Look for the banner ‘1249’. The title is straight out of the the Gospel of Luke, chapter 12 verse 49, “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!”. Hence the title of the apostolate ‘World Ablaze’. I also encourage you to learn more about this exciting ministry by visiting their website at www.worldablaze.org.


33 Day Consecration to St Joseph Underway!

Above: Hundreds across Australia are participating in the virtual consecration

The Life, Marriage and Family office from the Archdiocese of Sydney have launched an exciting initiative for the 150th anniversary of the dedication of St Joseph as ‘Patron of the Universal Church’. As you may know, Fr Donald Calloway released a ’33 Day Consecration to St Joseph’ earlier this year. It has proven to be our most popular book in 2020, for good reason! The Archdiocese of Sydney have come up with a great way to journey through this book, with daily video meditations. Speakers across the Archdiocese each share a 5 minute reflection, based on a particular section of the book. I was blessed to share a meditation on day 10, on the ‘Light of Patriarchs’. To know more about this, visit: https://www.sydneycatholic.org/life-marriage-and-family/


Parousia Podcasts

Eating the Sunrise | Christopher West

Eating the Sunrise | Christopher West

In this episode, Charbel interviews Christopher West, president of the Theology of the Body Institute and renowned international speaker. They discuss his work at the institute and also about his latest book release, 'Eating the Sunrise'. Find out more about Theology...

Restoring Modesty | Dr Robert M. Haddad

Restoring Modesty | Dr Robert M. Haddad

While addressing various aspects of modesty around how we dress, speak and act, Robert Haddad explains that we need to restore modesty in the culture today and demonstrates how and why this needs to be achieved. Restoring Modesty - Robert M. Haddad (CD) While...

Above: The three latest episodes of the Parousia Podcast

We had another big month for the Parousia Podcasts. Fr Vincent Lampert talked about Exorcisms and the battle with the demonic. He shared many stories of encounters he has experienced himself during actual exorcisms he personally performed. This was an eye opening interview and I encourage you to watch or listen to this on our website. Sonja Corbitt, the ‘Bible Evangelista’, shared her conversion testimony from the baptist Church into the Catholic Church. She gave us a sneak peak of her story during the Rosary Pilgrimage, but we were able to get her back on for a full length show. Another guest was a local Australian priest, Fr Andrew Grace. He shared his conversion back to God. After living a wild teenage and young adulthood, he was touched by Our Lady in a powerful way. He’s now a devout Marian priest in the diocese of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales and loving his vocation to the priesthood. Finally we had Kate Frantz from Thy Olive Tree, talking about her conversion testimony and her new book ‘My Catholic Keepsake‘.

The Parousia Podcast now broadcasts live on multiple Facebook pages, including EWTN Asia Pacific, Voice of Charity, Cradio, Parousia World and, of course, our main Parousia page. Once each live show is completed, we do a quick edit, adding branding etc, then upload them to our Youtube Channel, which now has over 650,000 views. Please do subscribe to our channel and click the bell so you get all the notifications of the latest videos. Our Facebook page features lots of latest news and updates, so please like us and follow us there as well. Please pray for a new platform we are preparing right now, as an alternative to the mainstream social media platfroms. We hope we can launch this very soon. Stay tuned!

Advent Pilgrimage Starts on November 29

Bill Snyder, co-author of ‘A Contemplative Las Posadas’, dreamed of sharing a 9-day novena with the world. We were planning an exciting, new type of pilgrimage – an advent Jesse Tree! The Holy Spirit inspired us to join forces, to help thousands of Catholics prepare for Christmas. So what is Las Posadas? The Posada Navideña is an Advent novena tradition, primarily celebrated in Mexico and Hispanic countries. Like a procession or a play, it re-enacts the journey of St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother with Child from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Pilgrims generally walk from house to house singing a special song. They request lodging and are rejected several times. Finally, a reluctant ‘innkeeper’ welcomes them into their home for a celebration. The Church celebrates a liturgical season with daily scripture readings.

Now, if you combined that tradition with the perhaps more well known tradition of the Jesse Tree, you then have the ‘Advent Pilgrimage – A Journey from Eden to Bethlehem’. Each day, you will get video meditations on Salvation History from Adam to Jesus. Like the Jesse tree, we will revisit the Old Testament figures, who foreshadowed the coming of the Messiah. We will follow the lineage of Jesus, and reach Zachariah, the father of St John the Baptist, by December 16. On December 17, we change focus to the New Testament and begin the Las Posadas Novena, coinciding with the change of scriptural readings in the Church. This will lead us right up to Christmas Day on December 25 – completing the nine day novena and the advent long pilgrimage. This pilgrimage will feature some of the world’s top speakers and teachers on scripture and the Catholic Faith. The online event is a partnership between Parousia and Patchwork Heart ministries, with the assistance of SmartCatholics. Register for free to watch the videos and pray along with other pilgrims. Enjoy weekly live interviews and a downloadable Pilgrimage Guide with the daily scripture reading references and space for note taking. Let this be your best Advent ever! We hope you can join us!


Jesus Centered Life Conference Dec 4 – 8

Also coming up during Advent is the 4-day ‘Jesus-Centered Life’ conference. This is a partnership between Parousia, Smart Catholics and the PAREF foundation in the Philippines. So far over 5,000 people have registered to hear from over 40 speakers! There are free or paid options and the theme is a very timely one. There will be talks tailored to parents, teachers, students and families. Visit either our website or, alternatively, visit www.smartcatholics.com to know more!


3 Book Launches!

It has been a huge month for launching books this month! Parousia is fast becoming known for publishing books and it’s been an exciting development for our apostolate. We used to be import from overseas, attracting a high shipping charge, with customs taxes inflating the price. We then moved to license agreements with publishers but had printed them in bulk to bring the cost down. This required a large upfront outlay on our part. We would store so many books and have money tied up in stock, which made this cost prohibitive in the long term. Now we are able to print on demand locally!

Above: Charbel chatted with Fr Lampert to launch his book Exorcism

Printing on demand has allowed us to take on more titles from our partners, giving Australian Catholics a larger range of locally available titles. Thanks be to God we are now in a position to be able to launch so many more good Catholic books than ever before. This month we launched a new book on Exorcism by Fr Vincent Lampert, which was published by Emmaus Road and Parousia now has rights to print the locally. You will see this book and others on the featured release section below.

Above: Charbel chatted with Costandi Bastoli and Kate Frantz to launch their books earlier this month

We also had an exciting launch for a local author from Sydney, Australia, by the name of Costandi Bastoli. Costandi is from the Disciples of Jesus community. He has put together a very interesting book called ‘Jesus Heals Today‘, in which he shares stories of his numerous personal encounters with people over the years, witnessing each of their experiences of physical and spiritual healings. These are modern day miracles and it has been so exciting to learn about and discuss with him some of these events.

Another book launch was for the brand new book ‘My Catholic Keepsake‘, produced by Kate Frantz. Kate wanted to provide a simple place in which to put photos and memories of your child. There were so many secular versions of this, but no Catholic ones. Kate has built this book around the different Sacraments throughout our lives, leaving space for other common milestones. She has also infused scriptural quotes throughout. A very practical book in which to put your child’s most important memories. To know more about this book, or any of our new release books, please visit store.parousiamedia.com.

Please pray for Parousia as we pray for you and the Holy Souls in Purgatory this month. May the Souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

God Bless you,
Charbel Raish – Director

Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan & His Demons – Fr. Vincent P. Lampert – Emmaus Road (Paperback)

At a time when many Christians no longer practice their faith, there has been an increase in the attention given to the devil and his devious ways. Because the devil seeks to destroy and separate us from God, all Catholics must be on guard.

In Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons, Fr. Vincent P. Lampert, a seasoned exorcist, presents authentic Catholic teaching on the devil and his plan against humanity.

Providing a window into the merciful ministry of exorcism, Fr. Lampert equips Catholics with the knowledge necessary to avoid become vulnerable to spiritual attack. In Exorcism, you’ll learn

  • how the Church selects and trains priests for the ministry of exorcism
  • where and how the devil operates in the world, and what Scripture has to say about it
  • why it is vital for Catholics to live a vibrant life of faith
  • what to do if you suspect the presence of the demonic in your life or in others and
  • how to fend off spiritual attack and build a stronger relationship with God.

Exorcism makes clear that the power of Satan to wreak havoc in our lives pales in light of the glorious omnipotence of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ

Advent Companion – 4 CD Pack

This special Advent pack includes four CDs. Purchased as a pack, this represents 40% off the combined prices of each individual title. Titles Include:

  • ‘Prepare the way of the King’, by Dr Scott Hahn
  • ‘Why Almsgiving?’, by Dr Michael Barber
  • ‘A Journey Through Advent’, by Bishop Robert Barron
  • ‘Advent: Rethinking the Season’, by Dr Tim Gray


Death by suicide is sadly at pandemic proportions, killing more people every year than war and homicide combined. While many people know that the Church condemns suicide as a grave sin, few people know that the Church does not teach that a person who commits suicide is automatically condemned to hell. As Fr. Chris Alar, MIC shares in this insightful talk (based upon his book, After Suicide, given an imprimatur), while suicide remains grave and tragic, we must never despair of God’s mercy, and we must know that our prayers can powerfully help those who have taken their own lives, and those who have been left behind.

Germaine: Requiem of a Soul: The True Story of Cinderella – Andrew St-James

This is an historical novel about the life of Saint Germaine Cousin, a 16th century shepherdess who was likely the inspiration for the Cinderella fable. Germaine Cousin’s life story is however, more wondrous than the fable.

Jesus Heals Today – Costandi Bastoli (Paperback)

In this book, Costandi Bastoli bears witness to what he has seen and heard Jesus doing for his people through healing ministry over forty years across Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. He gives a rich and comprehensive collection of true stories of divine healing today in a wide range of testimonies of physical, emotional and spiritual healings. Read modern-day stories about the lame and crippled walking, a blind man receiving his sight, healings from anorexia, freedom from addictions, and more.



Each century, the Church gives us real-life examples of holiness. Saints are missions from God to the modern world! Take part in this online conference to find out how you can live your own mission of holiness today.

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