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The Parousia Academy is ready to Launch!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the long awaited Parousia Academy! You have heard snippets about this coming over the last 6 months and we are finally able to announce that we are ready to launch! We have been working in the background since the beginning of last year organising the production of these courses. The Parousia Academy is an Adult Education Certificate Program featuring some of the worlds most effective teachers on the Catholic Faith. These courses are all online and accessible worldwide! The first release of courses are available now on our ‘Parousia On Demand platform. The cost is only a one-off payment of $99 per course, with an optional assessment add-on for only $50, should you require the ‘Certificate For Mission accreditation at the end.

Above: Filming the Parousia Academy

We have a vast need for Catholic Adult Education. With so much information available today, it can be hard to know what to trust. It is time to raise future leaders in the faith. The Parousia Academy, with the ‘Certificate for Mission’, forms leaders. Start taking courses whenever you want, or dive deeper to obtain accreditation. It is designed to be accessible for anyone wanting to learn the Catholic Faith.

Courses like these normally cost thousands of dollars per subject, but we believe that learning the Faith should not be unaffordable. Purchase 12 months access to any of our courses for only $99 AUD per course! If you want to obtain the ‘Certificate For Mission’ accreditation, there’s an additional $50 assessment fee (per course) and you then also own the content for life! To obtain the ‘Certificate for Mission’, students must complete 12 courses. Each course has approximately 12 hours of teaching. A 1,000 word essay is required for each course to be eligible for the ‘Certificate of Mission’. Just want the courses for self-knowledge? Sign up at any time and enjoy – No assessment required! Below are some of the courses either on offer now or coming soon.

We have grouped the courses into four categories. The first is the ‘Foundation‘ category, which has courses on ‘The Creed’, ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Scripture’. These courses are all compulsory to obtain the ‘Certificate of Mission’ accreditation. Then the next category we call ‘Arise‘, which has courses on ‘Apologetics’, ‘Christology’ and ‘Theology’. Once again, these are all compulsory to obtain the accreditation. The third category is ‘Summit‘ and includes ‘Theology of the Body’, ‘Old Testament’, ‘Seven Sacraments’ and many more. Accreditation requires your choice of three courses from this category, which will grow over time. The final category is ‘Mission‘ and include ‘Bioethics’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Science’, ‘New Testament’ and more. Once again, elect three courses to obtain full accreditation. We will also be adding courses to this category over time.

What a privilege to have so many world class presenters and teachers of the faith in one place. As this Academy grows, the featured lecturers will include Dr Edward Sri, Dr John Bergsma, Dr Christopher West; Dr Scott Hahn; Dr Robert Haddad; Dr Paul Morrissey; Dr Andrew Wood; Dr Christine Wood; Dr Jeremy Bell; Rev Dr John Flader; Rev Dr Robert J. Spitzer SJ; Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and more! We are very excited about this project and can’t wait for you to see the quality of teaching in this academy. Our hope is not just to fill minds with knowledge, but to raise future leaders for mission. Once we have obtained knowledge, we should do something with that knowledge. That is why I am also offering a course on ‘How to Start Your Own Apostolate’. I want to assist people in taking what they have learned and applying that learning in ways that they can be of service to the Church and the world. Please pray for the Parousia Academy as we prepare to launch on Saturday, 29th May, at the Marymount Mercy Centre (which is also is the new home for our head office). More details are below. Visit

Fr John Flader Launches ‘Question Time 5’!

Above: Charbel Raish, Robert Haddad, Fr John Flader, Peter Rosengren & Arlette Bowen hold the full set of Question Time between them.

Earlier this month Fr John Flader launched his latest book ‘Question Time 5,’ at Lumen Verum Apologetics, in the parish of St Michael’s in Belfield. It was a great night, with the editor of the Catholic Weekly, Peter Rosengren, giving a presentation on the night, before handing it over to the author himself. Father shared how he first started the series 15 years ago and now over 750 questions have been answered. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

Above: More Photos from the Book launch of Question Time 5 at Belfield

Following the success of the four previous books, Fr Flader offers yet another 150 questions and answers on everything Catholic: doctrine, the sacraments, moral life, prayer and devotions. They are taken from the author’s popular ‘Question Time’ column in Sydney’s The Catholic Weekly. The column, now in its twelfth year, also appears in other Australian Catholic newspapers.The book is written in a balanced, easy-to-read style and contains a wealth of information that will be invaluable for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Catholic faith or who is in a position to hand on the faith to others: priests, teachers, catechists, parents, RCIA coordinators, sacramental program coordinators, recent converts. The full set is now available on our website, at

EWTN Live & EWTN Bookmark

Above: Fr Mitch Pacwa interviews Charbel Raish on EWTN Live

Earlier this month, I again had the privilege of appearing on the Eternal Word Television Network. This time, I was with Fr Mitch Pacwa S.J, for his weekly show EWTN LIVE, and I also appeared with Doug Keck on his show EWTN Bookmark. I was discussing the release of my book ‘How Islam Led Me Back to Christ‘. It was so surreal to be a guest on the very shows I used to watch after coming back to my faith. I have learned so much from the guests they have hosted over the last 20 years! Although we launched my book last year we had to cancel plans on the international launch due to COVID-19. Now, over a year later, it was time to bring the book to the international stage via EWTN, the global Catholic network. Father Mitch Pacwa has studied Islam and it was nice to touch on many of the misconceptions they have about Christianity and also share some things about their faith that most people would not be aware of. During my time with Doug Keck, we went through my story and the details of the book, but focused on different aspects. It was nice to share the story again, unpacking different areas of my life and how God had His hand in it along the way. Both shows were aired on EWTN’s television platforms and are now on their YouTube channels. I invite you to find these on the EWTN page, under the playlists ‘EWTN LIVE‘ and ‘EWTN Bookmark‘. Please pray for EWTN as they continue to expand their reach around the globe.

Above: Doug Keck interviewed Charbel on his show ‘EWTN Bookmark’

The Parousia Podcast

Another great month of Parousia podcasts, with four new, first-time guests to share. We started with George Manassa, from The Catholic Toolbox apostolate. We discussed his book The Art of Practical Catholicism and also his new booklet for altar servers. I then chatted with the director of Sanctuary Mental Health, Daniel Whitehead, discussing the brand new course on mental health for Catholics. This course is actually now available on our Parousia On Demand platform. Please do look out for that. John Edwards from the Virtual Catholic Conference group shared his miraculous conversion story from a former drug addict. Amazing turn around!

Above: Another great month of Parousia Podcasts

We also launched a new book with author Shawna Arnold, from Canada. She shared her story, discussing issues including abortion, addiction and finally her conversion to her faith. Please look for her brand new book A New Heart on our website.

This wraps up another month at Parousia. Please don’t forget to join Parousia World, on our Mighty Networks platform, to meet some of our partners and speakers, as well as connect with Catholics from around the world. Moving forward, our online events will be featured there and all social media promotions will happen there too! It is free to join so please visit our website to learn more about it.

Thank you again to all who have supported us, either financially or with your prayers. We cannot do this work without your so thank you so much! I pray you have a blessed season of Pentecost!

May God bless you and your family

Charbel Raish

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Dive into the everyday life of everyday Catholics, who are working, serving, building, and exploring the world with their faith at their side. Go ski-jumping, round up cattle, go on a mission to Haiti and more as Host Chris Stefanick takes you around the world—diving into the lives of real life Catholics in this second season of the Real Life Catholic TV Show. But unlike other reality TV that stops just when things get meaningful, Real Life Catholic is a soul-stirring journey that shows how amazing Faith makes everyday life. A fun escape that’ll inspire you to live everyday life with more faith, hope, and love.

Prison Journal, Volume 2:The State Court Rejects the Appeal – George Cardinal Pell – Ignatius Press (Paperback)

In this second of three volumes, Cardinal Pell receives the terrible news that his first appeal is rejected. With the same grace, wisdom, and calm perseverance we see on display in Volume 1, he continues his quest for justice by appealing to the Australian High Court. Glimmers of hope emerge as more legal experts, including non-Catholics, join the chorus of those demanding that this miscarriage of justice be reversed.

*Featured New Release CD* Spiritual Motherhood – Sr Maris Stella, S.V. – Lighthouse Talks (CD)

“In giving themselves to others each day women fulfil their deepest vocation.” Inspired by the insights of St. John Paul II, Sr. Maris Stella, S.V. delivers this important talk on woman’s gift and vocation of spiritual motherhood. “All women are called to this,” she says, “regardless of her age or marital status… our world needs maternal love.” Sr. Maris Stella dives deeply into this reality and shares practical ways in which all women (single, married, religious) can share their maternal love and transform the world.

A New Heart: My Story of Abortion, Addiction & Conversion – Shawna Arnold – Parousia (Paperback)

Shawna Arnold grew up in a dysfunctional home, which led her on a road of destruction. Her teenage and young adult years were shaped by the hurts she had hidden in her heart.
Shawna’s message is focused on God’s Mercy and Love as well on encouragement and hope. God has blessed her with a compassionate heart that is yearning to serve him. He has turned her mess into a message of hope. Includes reflections & Prayers

Also Available in E-Book


*Featured Parousia on Demand* For Greater Glory

It is Mexico, 1926. A bitter and bloody feud between the persecuted Roman Catholic population, and a tyrannical Mexican government, has erupted into a full-scale armed struggle known as the “Cristero War”, which will claim over 90,000 lives and change the course of North American history forever. When government troops destroy churches, assassinate priests and their hang bodies along railroad tracks, an army of ordinary citizens join forces under the leadership of one man – the charismatic and defiant Enrique Gorostieta (Andy Garcia-5 Days of War). Together, they will risk everything for family, faith and the future of the Mexican nation. Also starring Peter O’Toole, Eva Langoria, Rueben Blades and Oscar Isaac, FOR GREATER GLORY is the heroic true story of one of the most epic battles of the 20th century.

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