Get ready to be Refreshed and Renewed!


Above: Hundreds are expected to take part in the Refreshed & Renewed Retreat

We are getting excited for the upcoming ‘Refreshed and Renewed Online Retreat’ at the end of this month. Lots of work has gone into this online event, with international and local speakers taking part. The founder of Divine Renovation, Fr James Mallon, will be speaking, along with some very popular presenters, including Dr Edward Sri, Steve Ray and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. There will also be a number of local speakers, including Deacon Peter Pellicaan, Fr Mark De Battista, Dr Christine Wood, Fr Shammi Perera, Jude Henessey, Cathy Kennedy, Daniel Ang, Kevin Bailey and Fr John Flader. I will also be speaking and, in addition to all of these speakers, there will be others involved with music and prayer ministry. It is going to be a special event so make sure you check it out by clicking on the banner image featured on our homepage or by registering directly on the website: It only costs $20 to register and this gives you complete access to all the talks, prayers, music and fellowship. You can also interact with Catholics from around Australia, New Zealand and beyond within the retreat itself. Please pray for this retreat and all involved.

Above: Some of the Speakers for the upcoming online retreat.

ACCC Conference 2022

Earlier this month, I attended the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy conference, held at the Benedict XVI Retreat Centre in Grose Vale, Sydney. It was a great event with excellent speakers and so many faithful priests. Cardinal George Pell was in attendance, along with Bishop Geoffrey Jarret and clergy from all over Australia. The conference lasted five days and it was very important for Parousia to be present in support for these dedicated priests who are faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.

Above: Some of the priests in attendance at the ACCC and Cardinal George Pell signed my full set of the prison journals for me.

Legion of Mary Retreat Day

The Legion of Mary in Sydney invited me to give two talks and a Q&A session at their retreat day this month. It was held at Marymount Mercy Centre and was well attended. These volunteers work so hard each week sharing the faith in the parishes and door knocking to evangelise and spread the faith. I personally gave a talk on ‘A Journey Through Scripture with Our Lady‘ and then a talk on ‘Evangelisation‘. The day began with the rosary, then talks with meditation, some free time and then concluded with Mass. It was inspiring to see so many people still dedicated to the Legion of Mary. We look forward to promoting their work more often, to highlight the good things in which they are involved. Please pray for them and maybe consider joining a Legion of Mary group.

Above: Some of the attendees at the Legion of Mary retreat day held at the Marymount Mercy Centre

Parousia Podcast

Above: Matthew-Hermann Tague sits down with President of Campion College, Dr Paul Morrissey, discussing the topic of Virtue for the Parousia Podcast

Over the last month, we have once again released a great selection of Parousia Podcast episodes. It has been wonderful being able to have guests visit our own studio. We started off with a great conversation between Matthew-Hermann Tague and Dr Paul Morrissey on the topic of virtue. I then had the opportunity to sit with Deacon Roderick Pirotta, to talk about his faith journey and vocation to the deaconate. Next, we had a great podcast with Ronan Reilly, discussing the importance of Sacred Music. All of these podcasts are now uploaded to our YouTube channel as well as all popular podcasting platforms. Please watch, listen and share them among your family and friends.

Above: Matthew-Hermann Tague sits down with the founder of the Australian Sacred Music Association, Ronan Reilly, to discuss Sacred Music.

Have you booked in your Pilgrimage Yet?

We have been working hard to get the word out about two upcoming pilgrimages to the Holy Land. You can see video promos for both on our YouTube page. The first trip, which I will personally be attending, will be lead by Tim Staples, with his brother, Fr Terry Staples, at his side. This trip is will run from 4th – 14th September, 2022. The second trip, with John Pridmore and Fr Frankie Mulgrew, will run from 22nd September – 2nd October, 2022. Both of these Holy Land trips promise to be life changing experiences. Visit Harvest Journeys to learn more.

USA Trip

I will be travelling to the United States for the second half of this month to launch a brand new digital platform called ‘Christian Marketing Solution‘ with my good friend Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. The launch will be at the Catholic Marketing Network Tradeshow and Conference in Chicago. I will also be visiting with Catholic Answers, Franciscan University in Steubenville, Matt Fradd, Ascension Press, Ignatius Press, the Napa Institute and many other great Catholic Apostolates. Please pray for the success of this trip as we hope to build upon key partnerships that will help to spread the kingdom of God in the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks again for all your support and I will see you when I get back, God willing.

God Bless

Charbel Raish – Director


Calming the Storm: Navigating the Crises Facing the Catholic Church and Society

– Fr. Gerald E. Murray (Hardcover)

Today, the Catholic Church is dealing with many complex problems that often leave the faithful confused about the authentic interpretation of Catholic teaching.

In Calming the Storm: Navigating the Crises Facing the Catholic Church and Society, experienced Vatican journalist Diane Montagna conducts a wide-ranging and trenchant interview with Fr. Gerald E. Murray that examines the root causes of and potential solutions to the many challenges the Church faces today.

Fr. Murray’s insights provide sure guidance in understanding the Church’s teaching on

  • the indissolubility of marriage,
  • homosexuality and gender ideology,
  • the worthy reception of Holy Communion,
  • the value of the Traditional Latin Mass,
  • the horror of the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy,
  • the responsibility of bishops to uphold—not contradict—the Catholic Faith,
  • and the duty of all Catholics to remain faithful to the teachings handed down from the apostles.

Fr. Murray’s analysis highlights that while Christianity is under siege in the modern world, our Faith teaches us to have confidence in God’s never-failing providence. Renewing our minds and hearts in the truths that Christ and His Church teaches us brings true peace of soul. Amidst the maelstrom of doctrinal confusion and worldliness in the Church, Christ alone calms the storm when, like the Apostles, we turn to him in confidence and faith.

Speaking for the Unborn

– Steven A. Christie, M.D., J.D. (Paperback)

The Pro-Life cause is a winning one, and Pro-Life advocates must be able to articulate our powerful and persuasive reasons to anyone who asks.

Speaking for the Unborn: 30-Second Pro-Life Rebuttals to Pro-Choice Arguments is designed to make sure Pro-Life advocates are fully prepared for this great challenge. It presents the best rebuttals to every Pro-Choice argument made in support of abortion—rebuttals based on science, the law, reason, social justice and morality.

This handbook (and its companion website, is all you will ever need to powerfully and persuasively speak up for those who have no voice of their own.

Journey of Faith

– General Kevin Chilton (CD)

Join General Kevin Chilton, an astronaut who took the Eucharist to space, as he recounts the exciting details and unique life experiences of his time with NASA and the US Air Force. As a kid he dreamt of flying planes but his Catholic faith and his openness to all that God set before him continues to take him farther than he ever dreamt for himself. 

The Lord of History

– Eugene Kevane (Paperback)

When Msgr. Eugene Kevane’s seminal work The Lord of History was originally published in 1980, it responded to a call by the Second Vatican Council to promote “a more effective coordination of philosophy and theology so that they supplement one another in revealing . . . the Mystery of Christ, which affects the whole course of human history” (Optatum Totius 14).

Lamenting that in modernity Christ is no longer the center of the universal history of mankind, let alone the center of one’s personal history, Kevane believed it was critical for catechists to reclaim Christ as the Lord over every aspect of humanity’s collective and individual experience. In this new edition of The Lord of History, Kevane’s groundbreaking work introduces today’s generation to the bedrock of Christian philosophy and its relationship to religious instruction and beyond.

Dying to Live: Reflections on Life After Death

– Fr John Flader (Parousia On Demand)

We are all going to die. But what happens after that is the big question. Many don’t believe in life after death, or they wonder if “there just might be something on the other side.” This book is for them. It leads the reader gently and logically along a path of enquiry into this vital question, arguing from reason and experience. We can all have our opinions, but what awaits us after death does not depend on what we think is going to happen. There is reality out there. And, as this book shows, the reality is eminently positive and it fills us with hope.

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