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Support Your Priest Sunday is Back for 2021!

Welcome to the month of July! It has been tough around the world in lockdown, with so much confusion on what people can and can’t do, especially in regards to the churches. We cannot stop praying for our world and our Church. This must be very difficult for our priests around the world too! It’s a good time to remember our priests and so this year, Parousia is teaming up with Divine Renovation Australasia to promote the ‘Support Your Priest Sunday’ initiative. Each year, Catholic priests commonly get together to commemorate their ordination on or near 4th August, the feast of St John Vianney. As St John Vianney reminds us, “When the priest remits sins, he does not say, ‘God pardons you’; he says, ‘I absolve you’. At the Consecration, he does not say, ‘This is the Body of Our Lord’; he says, ‘This is My Body’.” Now is the time for the laity to support our beloved priests.

Above: St John Vianney is the patron saint for parish priests

Parousia and Divine Renovation are sponsoring this novena for the intentions of priests, commencing on Tuesday 27th July, leading up to the feast day of St John Vianney on Wednesday, 4th August 2021. We are encouraging the laity to offer their parish priest a token of love, thanksgiving and support for his ministry on the Sunday preceding this feast day. This may take many forms, such as gifts of money and other tokens, cards and letters of thanks and encouragement, or fasting and other acts of penance especially offered for our priests.

Above: Kevin Bailey AM speaks the promo video for Support Your priest Sunday

Please go to our website to register – – and click on the banner to be led to the registration page. Once you register you will receive a welcome email. On Tuesday 27th July, prayers for the first day of the novena will be sent and then, on each of the nine days, you will receive the prayers for each day. On Sunday August the 1st, you are encouraged to give your priest a gift, card, phone call, meal or some token of appreciation to thank them for their priesthood. The novena will be about halfway through at that point and will continue on for the last few days as it finishes on the feast of St John Vianney. You are also invited to join in on the ‘Support your priest Sunday Group’ created in ‘Parousia World’. If you have not yet set up your account for Parousia World, it is completely free and you will see all things ‘Parousia’ there, as well as regular content from dozens of Catholics speakers and apostolates. Our priests need us now, more than ever, so let’s support these good men as best we can. If you don’t want the daily emails, visit the landing page, where all nine prayers will be posted and downloadable. Please spread the word!Above: The nine day novena prayers are all accessible now on our website

YouTube Subscribers closing in on 10,000!

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel? Did you know that we have posted over 800 free videos? We are closing in on 1,000,000 views and also getting very close to 10,000 subscribers! We are giving away ‘Free Access’ to our ‘Parousia on Demand’ video platform for 10 months. to the person who is subscriber 10,000! That right – 10 months free for subscriber number 10,000! To subscribe, click the bell and you receive notifications for each new video as it’s released. Please watch and share these videos. I I hope to announce next month that we have surpassed 1,000,000 views and 10,000 subscribers. We hope to keep uploading videos each week. May they encourage so many people to deepen their faith in God and His church. Thanks to all of you who have subscribed already. I pray you enjoy the channel.

Parousia Podcast

During the last month, we featured more new Podcasts. I had a great discussion with the the founder of ‘Single-Hearted Ministries’, John Paul Kasperowicz, talking about his faith journey. It was very inspiring to hear his life story and how God has touched him and transformed his life. He is musically gifted and also has several apostolates. We talked about his music ministry, which you can learn more about at, and also a very interesting ministry called the ‘Big Harvest’, which is aimed at feeding those in need directly from a farm he runs, growing food himself. I encourage you to visit that website at Our chat is currently on our facebook page and will also be on all podcasting platforms soon.

Above: John Paul Kasperowicz on the Parousia Podcast

Another show to highlight is our podcast with the founders of ‘Voyage Comics’, Phillip Kosloski and Michael LaVoy. This was a fun interview, discussing the importance of evangelising through comics. These guys have worked with producers from Marvel and DC comics to get the layout of the comics right and we are excited to announce that they are now available on our website So far, there are nine comics available and there will be more released soon. These comics feature stories about St Joan of Arc, Fr Patrick Peyton, Jonah and the Whale and some fictional stories about super heroes, presenting various faith lessons. Learn more about voyage comics at You can also find this show on our Facebook page right now, with YouTube and podcasting platforms releasing soon.

Above: Charbel Raish with Phillip Kosloski and Michael LaVoy

Parousia World Spotlight Shows

We are also excited to announce a brand new series – part of the Parousia Podcast Network – called ‘Parousia World Spotlight’. Our very own Matthew-Hermann Tague will be hosting various guests each month in a Zoom meeting setting. What sets this show apart from others is that you are invited to join in on the zoom meeting for the live recording and will then have some private time afterwards with the guest, to ask any questions you have for them directly, in a closed group environment. This is exclusive to ‘Parousia World’ members so please sign up for free for your account. In the coming weeks you will see Tim Staples, Sonja Corbitt, Deacon Harold and Robert Haddad, with many more to come!

Bible Studies in the Parish

Above: Matthew-Hermann Tague leading a bible study via a live-stream

Bible studies for Term three look very different, due to another lockdown in NSW. They are going ahead online via a live-stream or zoom groups. Matthew-Hermann Tague is leading a bible study on the book of Revelation from St Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church in Croydon, Sydney, every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm. It is live-streamed via their facebook page, so please look out for that! Also, another bible study has begun on Thursday evenings, also lead by Matthew-Hermann. This one will be accessible via ‘Parousia World‘, so please make sure you set up your free account and join in! The study is featuring Sonja Corbitt’s ‘Fulfilled’ study program and it is gaining popularity. For more information about all these studies please do visit

Finally, you are invited to join in on the daily rosary and consecration to Our Lady to end Covid -19. It has already begun, but you can join in anytime. Also a virtual Intimacy challenge for married couples is coming up too. Visit our website to know more about these initiatives.

May God bless you and your family.

Charbel Raish – Director

A Biblical Walk Through The Mass – Dr Edward Sri – Ascension Press (DVD Set)

In this five-part DVD series, Edward Sri takes you on an exciting tour of the liturgy. This series explores the biblical roots of the words and gestures we experience in Mass and explains their profound significance. Each 30-minute presentation is designed to accompany a lesson in A Biblical Walk Through the Mass Student Pack and Leader’s Pack. This DVD set has the combined option of selecting English or Spanish audio.

Missions & The World Crisis – Fulton J. Sheen – Bishop Sheen Today (Paperback)

Many will say that Missions and the World Crisis is one of Archbishop Sheen’s most important books. Even though it was written over sixty years ago, it is still the most timely, informative, reliable, and dynamic treatment of a critical topic available today. The mission field is near and dear to the Archbishop – and he was completely familiar with every phase of it. Gathered here are some of his editorials and articles on the subject of the missions. Together they present a remarkably comprehensive picture of the missions and their significant role in the drama of the modern world affairs.

*Featured New Release CD* The Realities of Marriage – Dr Edward & Elizabeth Sri – Lighthouse Talks (CD)

Marriage – terrifying and beautiful, difficult and rewarding. A true vocation from God. Theologian and well-known speaker and author Dr. Edward Sri is joined by his brilliant wife Elizabeth as they insightfully and entertainingly share the wisdom and experiences they’ve gained in tackling over 20 years of marriage and family life together. Be inspired and challenged to discover God’s plan for this vocation in your life.

The Tale of Patrick Payton – Kosloski/Fern/LaVoy –  (Paperback)


The Tale of Patrick Peyton vividly brings to life the American Apostle of the Family Rosary, Venerable Patrick Peyton. Born to a humble family in Ireland, the energetic young boy would embark on an adventure beyond his wildest dreams. His journey would take him to the United States where he would find his true calling as a priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross and promoter of family prayer.

Father Peyton was ambitious in his mission and contacted popular Hollywood actors and actresses, such as Bing Crosby and Loretta Young, to help him convince families everywhere, “The family that prays together stays together.”

Using television, radio and film, Father Peyton was a modern-day missionary who went on to encourage devotion to the Blessed Mother and inspire families to pray together. His inspiring life story is now made accessible for the first time in a comic book format.

*Featured Parousia on Demand* Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before – 13 Part Series

In this series, designed to accompany the ‘Ignite’ book, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Sonja Corbitt want the pages of the Bible to enkindle your heart and draw you more deeply into the sacramental life of grace. ‘Ignite’ will help guide and equip you to experience the depth of God’s love so that the Word becomes a living flame in your heart and life. Great for use in parishes and home study groups!

No matter how well you know the Bible — a little or a lot — Ignite will help you read it with new eyes.

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