Welcome to 2023!

2023 has only just begun and so much has happened already! As we began the new year, we heard of the news about Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, dying at the age of 95. Also, within ten days of learning about this news, we get the shocking update about the death of our very own Cardinal George Pell, at 81. Both men have been loyal sons of the Church and have been giants in the faith, leaving a solid legacy behind them. We pray that they are on the way to their eternal reward, praying for us here on earth. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they and the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

Above: Cardinal Pell with Charbel in Sydney and Pope Benedict XVI at WYD 2008

Immaculata Summer Mission School

Earlier this month, we had the 2023 Immaculata Summer Mission School, held from 1st-10th January. Literally from the first day of the year, there were hundreds of young adults coming together in the country town of Armidale. From 5th January onwards, they had the families join in too. This mission school had something for everyone!

Above: Attendees at the Immaculata Summer Mission School, 2023.

Each day there was adoration, Mass, family prayer, catechesis for all age groups, talks, fellowship along with free time, food, spiritual direction and even a mission component of door knocking, inviting locals in the wider community to join in for an evening event.

Above: Some of the sisters and a brother from the Immaculata Community

There were so many great speakers, including the keynote speaker Fr Drake McCalister, who travelled with his family from Steubenville Ohio, USA. He is a convert from the Pentecostal church and shared not only his conversion story but so many powerful talks on the faith.

Above: Some of the speakers from the Immaculata Mission School

It was a blessing that I was able to be present, not only making our Parousia resources available, but also to be able to take my family. Another highlight from this trip was stopping by and visiting a good friend Fr Paul Chandler, just in the neighbouring town. He is the author of ‘Esto Vir’, a book Parousia published in 2019. This excellent book for men is available on our website. I want to invite you to pray for the sisters and visit their website at sistersoftheimmaculata.org.au to know more.

Above: Fr Drake speaking in the Cathedral in Armidale and Fr Paul Chandler

International Speakers Coming in 2023

Above: International Speakers Coming in 2023

It is another exciting year for international guests. We have five speakers coming to Australia this year. Starting with Joelle Maryn, a former Hollywood actress and model who found true happiness and purpose through her faith. She is launching her book ‘Master of the Pieces’, this coming March. In late May, we welcome Fr Chris Alar, who is the Superior General of the Marian Fathers and has become a huge YouTube success with his talks online. In July, we welcome back Deacon Harold, but this time with a new speaker in Australia, Sonja Corbitt. Finally, Karlo Broussard from Catholic Answers will be with us in October. Visit our website for more information.

Above: We launch the new book Preaching on Purpose at the Divine Renovation conference with Fr James Malon in February, which has already sold out.

On 10th-12th of February, we will welcome to Australia Fr James Mallon, the founder of Divine Renovation. He and his team will be leading a conference with participants from Australia & New Zealand, teaching how to take a parish from ‘maintenance’ to ‘mission’. Parousia will be present, launching the new book Preaching on Purpose written by multiple authors, including Fr Chris Ryan, who is based in Sydney. This event is already sold out, which is a great response! We pray that it has a real impact on the Church in Australia. Please pray for the success of this event. For any parish that wants to learn more about Divine Renovation you can visit www.divinerenovation.org.

Bible Studies and Academy Updates

We are excited this year to be able to not only bring to you the local speakers from Australia for parish events, but also parish bible studies. Our first live, in person study in Sydney will be at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Fairfield, where I will be leading the famous ‘Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible’ study, beginning Friday 17th February. Also an update on the Parousia Academy… We will shortly be releasing Katrina Zeno’s course ‘A Deep Dive into the Theology of the Body’ and, following that, a course from Deacon Harold on the Sacraments. We are rolling out more courses this year so please look out for them on our website.

Join us on Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

After a three year break, we had two successful groups travel to the Holy Land, with Tim Staples and John Pridmore. This year, we are organising yet another Holy Land pilgrimage with Harvest Journeys, this time in November. Tim Staples will again be our special international guest, giving talks at the key locations where Jesus walked. The last two pilgrimages were amazing and the pilgrims have had their lives changed by this powerful experience. If you have not been to the Holy Land, I highly encourage you to do your best to take part. Harvest has done a great job in making sure we follow the footsteps of Christ and relive the gospels the way Jesus lived them. It brings the gospel to life. Please visit our website or Harvest Journeys today.

Above: Charbel will Join Tim Staples again for the Pilgrimage in November

As usual we will continue with our Narrow Gate and Parousia Podcast. Please share them to help spread the word of all we do at Parousia.

Wishing you a blessed 2023!

God Bless.

Charbel Raish – Director

‘The Body Matters’ Book Collection

-TOBET (Theology of the Body Evangelization team)

Especially today, when children are being presented with false notions of the body, identity, and gender, The Body Matters program, along with its Parent Guides, is a helpful tool to help navigate important concepts in an easy-to-understand, age-appropriate way.

The Theology of the Body is a positive, beautiful approach to the truth of the body and its meaning. In a culture where the body is considered “an enemy to freedom,” Saint John Paul’s Theology of the Body is necessary more than ever. The Body Matters lesson books series teaches the truths about the body in an accessible, age-appropriate way. It is a great resource for parents, Faith Formation programs and Catholic schools to help children see the sacredness of the body. Here you can find Saint John Paul’s teachings on the body rendered in language accessible to children, with beautiful illustrations, practical examples, and solid Catholic theology.

Male, Female, Other?: A Catholic Guide to Understanding Gender

– Jason Evert (Paperback)

Few words today generate as much controversy as “gender.”

Students, parents, and educators are asking:

  • How many genders are there?
  • What if my daughter says she’s trans?
  • Do some people have an intersex brain?
  • Should I use their preferred pronouns?
  • Is gender a social construct?
  • Does surgery prevent suicide?
  • Are puberty blockers safe?
  • What if I experience gender dysphoria?

In Male, Female, Other? Jason Evert addresses the most common claims of gender theory and shows how to respond with charity and clarity.

If you care about someone who identifies as trans and don’t know how to respond, or you experience gender dysphoria and wonder what God’s plan is for you, you’ll find the answers inside.

St. Augustine’s Theology of the Eucharist

– Dr Christopher Mooney (CD)

Dr. Christopher Mooney is an assistant Professor of Theology at the Augustine Institute. He specializes in Augustinian Theology and delivers this talk focusing on St. Augustine and his writings about the Eucharist. What did St. Augustine preach during his homilies about the Eucharist? What exactly is the Eucharist? Why do we say “Amen” after receiving the Eucharist at mass? Join Dr. Christopher Mooney in discovering St. Augustine’s understanding that we receive the Body of Christ in order to become the Body of Christ.

Commentary on Isaiah – St. Thomas Aquinas

– St Thomas Aquinas (Hardcover)

Christians have called the Book of Isaiah a “fifth gospel” because of its striking foretelling of the principal mysteries of the life of Jesus. But how do these prophecies of a still far-off Savior relate to the circumstances of Isaiah’s own time?

St. Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary on Isaiah is believed to be his first major theological work, produced as part of his academic training as a bachelor of theology. Carefully attending to the language and structure of Isaiah’s prophecy and using Scripture to shed light on Scripture, Aquinas explains how Isaiah’s message brought comfort to Israel and pointed forward to the coming of the Christ.

Adventure Catechism – Volume 1

– (Parousia On Demand)

Join Brother Francis and his friends as they embark on an adventure to explore the many rich aspects of our faith through Adventure Catechism! Learn about the Catholic faith with these five engaging lessons:

  1. “Who made the World?” Dive into many of the basic questions kids ask: Who made the World? Who made God? (6:45 minutes)

  2. “Who is Jesus?” Children will get to know the many titles of Jesus, how His coming was foretold, and the amazing way God saves us by Him! (7:26 minutes)

  3. “Who is the Holy Spirit?” Not everyone understands who the Third Person of the Trinity is, but this compelling explanation will help them find out! (7:58 minutes)

  4. “Who is Mary?” After the Trinity, Mary is one of the most important gifts of God to us. Children learn about the role she plays in history and in each of our lives. (8:04 minutes)

  5. “What is the Catholic Church?” The Church is more than just a building. It is a vibrant community that had its beginnings during Jesus’ time on earth, and has continued to grow and flourish throughout history until this present day! (7:59 minutes)

    Adventure Catechism Volume 1 is the first in an 8-part series, designed to take children on a journey through the Catholic faith!

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