We have a Brand New Academy Course!

We are excited to be launching our seventh Parousia Academy course called, ‘A Deep Dive into Theology of the Body’, presented by Katrina J. Zeno, MTS. Katrina is an international speaker, retreat leader, and author dedicated to the legacy of St. John Paul II. Katrina is exceptionally gifted in reaching a diverse audience with her dynamic speaking style and clear writing appeal to all ages and stages in life. She also assists dioceses, parishes, and organizations with creating a customized program to train speakers/teachers and to integrate the theology of the body into every level of catechesis.

Above: Katrina Zeno giving a high five during her last visit in Australia

This course is a very substantial one. With 21 lessons and over 14 hours of teaching, you will take your knowledge of the Theology of the Body to the next level. For only $99 you can access the whole course for twelve months or for $149 you can own the course for life and also submit an assessment to be graded and to gain a certificate. Visit www.parousiamedia.com/academy to learn more.

Chaldean Convention 2023

Above: Charbel with Chaldean Bishop Amel Shamon Nona, and others attending the convention.

Above: Charbel Raish giving his talk on the Bible in an hour to hundreds of young adults at the Chaldean Convention

Last month I was invited to share my talk on ‘The Bible in an Hour’ at the Chaldean Catholic Convention in Collaroy, Sydney. There were people from all over Australia and New Zealand in attendance. Over 400 people registered to spend 3 days together in prayer, catechesis, fellowship and mission. It was so encouraging to see the enthusiasm among the Chaldeans. Please pray for the growth and blessings for the Chaldean eparchy in Australia/NZ.

Christopher West visits Australia

Above: Mike Mangione, Christopher West, Charbel Raish and Jason Clarke

Last month, Christopher West visited Sydney and Melbourne with his team to deliver his famous ‘Made for More‘ events. All the events were full and he was at his best, sharing the theology of the body to so many. There were two Sydney events, held at St Mary’s Cathedral Hall and All Saints Parish in Liverpool, before doing two more shows in Melbourne. While in Sydney, I had the chance to interview Christopher for our Parousia Podcast. Thanks to the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation for organising these events. Check out Christopher West’s Parousia Academy course ‘Introduction to the Theology of the Body’ by visiting www.parousiamedia.com/academy.

Divine Renovation Conference

Above: Sisters from the ‘Mary, Morning Star’ order with Mark, Charbel & Miguel. L to R : Fr James Malon with Charbel, Kevin Bailey, Fr Simon Lobo on right.

Earlier this month, Fr James Malon and his team from Canada visited Australia for the inaugural ‘Divine Renovation Australasia Conference‘. There were 500 registered for this event, with people not only from all over Australia but from New Zealand as well. Fr James, Fr Simon, Fr Chris Ryan, Kevin Bailey, and many others gave presentations about parish renewal. A highlight for us was to have the Sisters of Mary Morning Star visit our office and attend the conference to intercede for the conference by praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament for the duration of the event. Please pray for this exciting and growing religious order. It was a grace-filled event with so much energy and enthusiasm for our faith.

Men’s Rosary outside the Cathedral

Above: Fr Lewi Barakat and Ivica Kovac with Charbel in front of the Cathdedral. Bottom: The large gathering of men outside the Cathedral that prayed the rosary.

Also this month, on the first Saturday, I finally got to join the many men who courageously pray a public rosary every single month in the courtyard outside of St Mary’s Cathedral. It was a powerful witness of our faith to see these men on their knees, praying the rosary together. At the end of the rosary, Father Lewi Barakat addressed the large crowd of men, encouraging them and giving a blessing. I also caught up with the organiser, Ivica Kovac, who is really wanting to grow this to over a thousand men each month. This men’s rosary gathering is held at 1pm every first Saturday of the month, outside of St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney. Let’s see if we can build up the strong presence of faithful men, not only in Sydney, but every city in the country and around the world.

Joelle Maryn is coming to Australia

Above: Joelle Maryn is coming to Australia next month!

Joelle Maryn is visiting down under to Sydney, Australia next month to launch her brand new book, ‘Master of the Pieces‘. Joelle is an award-winning Actress, Speaker, and TV host featured on various TV shows, including “The Journey Home” on EWTN. Joelle recently starred in the film “Fully Known” and is playing the role of “Mary” in the upcoming film “The New Manna.” She has also been blessed to interview many celebrities and public figures and is the host of the TV show “Beyond the Vision.” In her past, Joelle modelled for well-known brands such as Jergens, was on a billboard in Times Square, and co-hosted ABC’s “Trend TV.” Several years ago, she had a miraculous encounter with Jesus and now shares her message of God’s healing love around the world through speaking, films, and TV shows. She has a full schedule speaking all over Sydney. Please don’t miss this opportunity. Visit the events page on our website to learn more: www.parousiamedia.com/events.

Wishing you all a blessed and fruitful Lenten season.

Charbel Raish – Director

Lent Today: Daily Reflections with Fr Benedict Groeschel, CFR

– EWTN Quick Takes (2 DVD Set)

How can five minutes bring you closer to Christ? EWTN gathers Fr. Benedict Groeschel’s most brilliant and beloved Lenten reflections in one collection. Enjoy forty-seven brief and unique insights surrounding the Paschal Mystery and Holy Week as Fr. Groeschel teaches you how to find Christ throughout “Lent Today”.

2 discs / 4 hrs

What We Believe

– Marcellino D’Ambrosio/ Andrew Swafford (Paperback)

What is the Catholic Church all about? What does it mean to be Catholic? What do Catholics actually believe? The Catholic Church is extraordinary. Founded by Christ himself, the Catholic Church is where we encounter God in his Word, his sacraments, and his saints. The Church faithfully proclaims the fullness of faith, leaving no truth out. It proclaims the fullness of life, leaving no person out. It calls all to repent and to believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the source of all life and salvation.

Maybe you’ve been Catholic your entire life. Maybe you’re just beginning to explore the Catholic Faith. Wherever you are in your journey, you will be profoundly moved by the beauty and the richness of the Catholic Church.

Written by Marcellino D’Ambrosio and Andrew Swafford, What We Believe presents and explains the essential teachings of the Catholic Faith in a readable, approachable way.

The Tears of Christ: Meditations for Lent

– Dr Christopher Blum (CD)

As we dive into Lent and prepare our hearts for Easter, Dr. Christopher Blum recites some profound meditations from The Tears of Christ: Meditations for Lent by Saint John Henry Newman. Take time to reflect on these words and put some of these meditations into practice in order to have a peaceful and prayerful Lent.

Foundations of Faith Catechism of the Catholic Church Indexing Tabs

77 tabs that make finding truths in the Catechism easy

 Want to more easily find teachings in the Catechism? Turn to the Foundations of Faith Catechism of the Catholic Church Indexing Tabs!

With 77 color-coded tabs, easily turn to each part, section, and chapter found within the Catechism, as well as a series of additional key teachings. Quickly find answers within the Church’s foundational text and visualize where each truth belongs in the bigger picture of the Catholic Faith.

 The Foundations of Faith Catechism of the Catholic Church Indexing Tabs include:

  • Color-coded tabs for all 4 parts, 8 sections, and 20 chapters of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • 33 additional tabs for the 7 sacraments, key topics, and commonly discussed teachings
  • Tabs for the introductory documents, table of contents, Introduction, Prologue, Appendix, Glossary, Subject Index, and Index of Citations
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for application on any full-size Catechism and a few extra tabs to practice with before applying

 Each of the colors on the tabs corresponds to the four colors of the Foundations of Faith approach, the same one used in the Ascension Edition of the Catechism. This approach highlights the four parts of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and helps Catholics place where specific teachings and subjects can be found. Knowing where each topic belongs helps you to understand the “big picture” of the Catholic Faith.

 The four parts of the Catechism that correspond to each tab color are:

  1. What We Believe (Part One: The Profession of Faith): Teal
  2. How We Worship (Part Two: The Celebration of the Christian Mystery): Red
  3. How We Live (Part Three: Life in Christ): Green
  4. How We Pray (Part Four: Christian Prayer) : Purple

While these tabs were designed specifically for use with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Ascension Edition, they can be applied to any full-size Catechism.

Epic Food Fight: A Bite-Sized History of Salvation

– (Parousia On Demand)

Fr Leo blends profound truths with humour and wit in a way that appeals to a wide cross-section of Catholics. Filmed in a movie theatre, Fr Leo goes beyond an explanation of how eating together builds stronger families to probe more deeply into the theological aspects of food while he prepares a meal for the live audience.

Following the example of Jesus Christ, whose miracles and teachings often involved food, Fr Leo explains salvation history by what he calls a “theology of food — there is a godly logic to every bite we take”. He shows how the devil seeks to poison God’s children from within, getting them to “digest his lies by taking what is harmful and making it look beautiful and edible”. This cosmic struggle between good and evil can be seen as an “eternal food fight between God and the devil”.

With Fr Leo, theology — as well as the subject of food — is never boring. In simple, practical ways, you are invited to read, savour, chew on, and digest theological concepts you might never have understood before.

“You are what you eat! Your mind, heart, and soul are capable of digesting God’s Word, especially as it becomes flesh to dwell among us”.

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