Ignite Bible Study Tour

Above: Deacon Harold and Charbel are welcomed at the airport during a ceremony in Papua New Guinea

As we were putting together our previous newsletter, the ‘Ignite Bible Study Tour’, featuring Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Sonja Corbitt was in full swing. Now that the dust has settled on that tour, we can take a breath and reflect on what an amazing experience it was. You might think that being Deacon Harold’s eighth trip to Australia, it would be familiar territory for us all, but you’d be wrong! This time around, the tour crossed into three countries – New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia – across 16 days and many, many events! While Deacon Harold was beginning his schedule in New Zealand, Sonja Corbitt kick-started her first tour of Australia with live events in Sydney, along with the filming of her ‘Fulfilled’ Bible Study, which we will be releasing in the months ahead. The reading book that goes with this course is now printed locally in Australia and already available. The video course and accompanying workbook will both be out soon.

Above: Sonja Corbitt presenting during her first Australian tour

Once Deacon Harold had completed the New Zealand leg of his trip, he was joined by Charbel Raish and the two of them headed off, for the first time, to Papua New Guinea. What a welcome they received! They were met by large crowds of people who performed a moving, traditional welcome at the airport. They were then transported via motorcade to their first destination. Deacon Harold recently shared his amazing experience on an episode of Pints with Aquinas, with Matt Fradd. Check out that video at the Pints with Aquinas YouTube Channel.

Above: “How I Accidentally Became a Foreign Dignitary” – Deacon Harold on ‘Pints with Aquinas’

Deacon Harold’s events in Papua New Guinea included presentations to Church Leaders, a Youth Rally, and an event open to everyone. All of these events were held at an indoor stadium. At the end of this leg of the tour, Deacon Harold and Charbel both left with new friends and new opportunities for future outreach. This was truly a blessed experience for so many!

Once back from PNG, Deacon and Sonja teamed up briefly in Queensland, before heading to Melbourne (Deacon) and Tasmania (Sonja) for more individual events. A few days later, they teamed back up in Sydney to speak on the topic of their joint book ‘Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before. It was a blessing to be able to have them presenting together, while still offering their own, unique insights as they spoke on their shared passion for God’s Word. We pray that the many people who attended have been truly blessed by what they have heard and we look forward to many more opportunities to work with both Deacon and Sonja.

Above: Charbel Raish with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Sonja Corbitt and Fr Andrew Benton, Parish Priest of St Michael’s Church, Belfield NSW

Parousia Podcast

Charbel Raish has once again been busy recording new, engaging interviews for the Parousia Podcast.

He sat down with George Manassa to discuss George’s latest book, ‘The Art of Practical Catholicism 2’. He then met with Bridget Sakr and Craig Mackenzie as they spoke about the power of faith in tragedy, drawing on their own story of suffering and loss. He caught up with Lisa Mladnich to talk about her faith journey and her current work in Catholic life coaching. Finally, Charbel spoke with Matthew Leonard about prayer and the inner life and Matthew also spoke about the work he does with his ‘Science of Sainthood’ apostolate.

Australian Speakers Bureau

Not only has Charbel been hosting international guests and recording podcasts, but he has also been quite busy presenting talks as part of our Australian Speakers Bureau. He has recently presented his own testimony talk at Shortland, Bossley Park and Kiama, along with leading a ‘Bible in a Day’ event at a Maroubra Parish in Sydney. In addition to Charbel, we have eleven other presenters ready and able to give talks, seminars or retreats on various different topics relating to the faith.

Above: Charbel Raish present ‘The Bible in a Day’ at Maroubra, NSW

In recent times, demand for our speakers has increased and we are working with more and more parishes, schools and community groups. To browse our list of available speakers or to make a booking for your own event, please visit our website https://www.parousiamedia.com/parousia-speaker-bureau/

Above: Charbel Raish speaking at Kiama, NSW

What’s Next?

Next on the agenda for Parousia is the upcoming tour of the USA. Parousia’s co-directors Charbel Raish and Kevin Bailey will be joined by Dr Robert Haddad and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers on the ‘Awake, Not Woke’ tour, reaching five cities in two weeks. Please pray for the success of this trip – our first speaking tour of the USA.

Please also pray for all of the other work we are doing at Parousia and know of our prayers for you.

God bless you all.

Mark Griffin – Operations Manager.

The Worst of Indignities: The Catholic Church on Slavery

– Paul Kengor (Paperback)

Many Americans think of slavery as their nation’s original sin. But in truth, slavery has involved peoples and cultures and countries far beyond the United States. Slavery is as old as human history itself.

And yet, the one living institution that has condemned slavery longer and more consistently than any other is the Roman Catholic Church.

In The Worst of Indignities: The Catholic Church on Slavery, bestselling author Paul Kengor shines a light on:

  • The record and biblical roots of the Church’s teaching on slavery
  • The efforts of individuals and institutions within the Church to not only bring about freedom for enslaved people but to care for their physical and spiritual needs
  • The stories of former slaves whose lives of exemplary holiness have placed them on the path of sainthood

At a time when race relations are so bitter, we need the clarifying truth to unite us all. The story of the Roman Catholic Church’s bold and divine opposition to slavery is one unknown to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It is time for that story to be told.

Mary, Mother of All

– Scott Hahn & Emily Stimpson Chapman (Paperback)

Bestselling authors Scott Hahn and Emily Stimpson Chapman have teamed together to bring the story of Our Lady’s role in salvation to children of all ages with Mary, Mother of All. With attractive illustrations from Tricia Dugat, Mary, Mother of All begins with the story of creation and the Fall and continues with God’s unfolding plan of salvation. Crucial to this plan is a Mother whose love continues to surround us today.

Children—and their parents—will be deeply grateful for this exceptional presentation that makes Catholic teaching on Mary understandable to the tenderest of hearts among us.

From Tattoo to NICU: Trusting a Good God through a Hard Pregnancy

– Monica Ortega (CD)

Monica Ortega is a wife and mother, but it was not an easy journey for her to feel comfortable in these new roles life threw at her. From insecurities and perfectionism to an extremely difficult pregnancy, Monica had to turn to the Lord and really trust in Him when times got tough. Join us in listening to Monica Ortega as she shares how she navigated these new challenges and how she grew in faith and closer to God with each new trial.

What Being a Stay-At-Home Dad Has Taught Me about Being a Better Husband and Father

Renzo Ortega (CD)

Being a stay-at-home dad is no easy feat, and Renzo Ortega has the stories to prove it. While Renzo’s journey may have appeared easy and simple from the outside, raising a family and maintaining a healthy and loving marriage was a challenge. Join us in listening to Renzo’s talk about how being a stay-at-home dad helped him grow as a devoted husband and excel as a caring father.

Forming Men as Guardians

– Karlo Broussard (Parousia On Demand)

Based on Fr. Robert Spitzer’s articulation of the four levels of happiness, Karlo explain how there are four levels of manhood. Karlo challenges men to not settle for the lower levels involving only sensory pleasure, material stuff, and ego-satisfaction but to strive for the higher levels of sacrificial love in service of others and union with God.

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