USA Tour a Real Blessing!

Above: One of the major highlights was Charbel being interviewed by Matt Fradd

Earlier this month, I returned from a fifteen day tour of the United States of America. It was such a blessed trip that included meetings, connections, and events throughout a packed schedule over the course of a non-stop two weeks. If you asked me how we managed to pull this off, it is really only by God’s grace that everything just fell into place. It started with a 14 hour flight to LAX. I ran into Sr Assaf, a Dominican sister originally from Sydney, Australia.

Above: Sr Assaf on the left and Ruben Quezada on the right, both in L.A.

I was picked up from the airport by Ruben Quezada, who was out in Australia earlier this year. He showed me around L.A. and it was great to spend some time together. Later that day, I took a train down to San Diego to stay with Tim Staples and his family. It was so good to meet his whole family and have a meal together. I felt like I was part of the family. Tim has been recovering from a serious stroke, so please pray that he makes a full recovery.

Above: The whole Staples family in San Diego

After my first night in the States, I visited the Catholic Answers office in El Cajon, San Diego, to meet the staff. It was a great opportunity to meet up with Catholic Answers President, Chris Check, to discuss our partnership together for Australia and New Zealand. I was blessed to have Mass with the staff and enjoyed lunch with some of their team. Following this, I had an interview on Catholic Answers Focus with Cy Kellet, about my conversion story, before going on the Catholic Answers LIVE radio show for a short segment to discuss the up coming pilgrimage with Tim Staples in the Holy Land. It was wonderful to reunite with friends from Catholic Answers.

Above: Charbel with Chris Check, Cy Kellet, and Karlo Broussard at the CA offices

Later that evening, I took an overnight flight to Pittsburgh, via Charlotte. I arrived the next morning to be picked up by Neil, the videographer for Matt Fradd. I was able to spend time with Kimberley Hahn that day before being interviewed by Matt Fradd on his famous Pints with Aquinas show. The interview went for almost three hours and was so much fun! I am amazed as to how many people watched this interview. Matt is doing a fantastic job engaging the masses.

Above: It was great to stay at the Hahn’s residence. Both have been so hospitable!

After spending one night in Steubenville, I hired a car and drove to Oagle Bay Resort, where Dr Scott Hahn and the St Paul Centre were hosting a clergy conference with over 230 priests. It was such a blessing to be there and meet not just the priests, but the great speakers and crew of the St Paul Centre. I had the opportunity to discuss the Parousia Academy with Scott Hahn and also an Australian tour that we hope to materialise (please God), in the next two or three years. Please pray for the development of our continued partnership together.

Above: Charbel with Mike Aquilina, Dr John Bergsma, Dr Hahn and Ralph Martin

I spent few hours at the clergy conference then continued my drive across to the East Coast. I arrived at Delaware to catch up with a good friend, Paola Ciskanik from the Catholic Homeschool Network. I spent the night there before driving to Philadelphia to meet up with Jonathan Strate, the director of Ascension and his team. They treated me to lunch and we discussed licensing the Ascension programs for Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific. Very excited to see where this partnership develops. Please pray for this much needed intention.

Above: Jonathon Strate from Ascension and Paola Ciskanik

Following my meeting with Ascension, I took a flight to Atlanta, Georgia and then to Miami, Florida to meet up with family for the weekend. Late Sunday night, I arrived in Chicago to meet up with Deacon Harold for the Catholic Marketing Network. This was a great event with so many vendors and publishers. We were able to make so many new connections and were able to launch Christian Marketing Solution. We are excited about this new communications tool for leaders.

Above: Charbel and Deacon Harold in front of the Christian Marketing Solution Banner for the USA launch in Chicago.

I remained in Chicago for three days, then headed to the Napa Institute on the West Coast. This was a very fruitful event with so many more apostolates and speakers in one place, including Fr Fessio from Ignatius Press, Michael Warsaw from EWTN, Chris Stefanick, Tim Gray, Dr Ray Guarendi and many others! It was fantastic catching up with Mike and Alicia Hernon from Messy Family Project and, for the first time in person, I was able to meet with Jeff Cavins and his wife Emily. It was great to also catch up with Fr James Malon and it was special to finally meet in person with Fr Robert Spitzer. It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet so many other great speakers, authors and apostolates. It was such a blessed conference at Napa!

After fifteen days in the States, I finally headed back home to Sydney. My family were so thoughtful and they had created a four metre wide banner decorated with “Welcome Home, Dad”. It was very special to be back home. As you can see, it was a very busy, yet a very fruitful trip. I pray it will elevate things to a new level in helping us expand the range and reach of our work.

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