We have some exciting news this month to share with you! Cradio is now part of the Parousia family!

Cradio is an online radio and podcasting platform that takes full advantage of the new media for the new evangelisation.

It was founded by Archbishop Julian Porteous over 10 years ago and it has reached tens of thousands of Australians around the country.

With over 3,000 podcasts and hundreds of Australian presenters, this truly is a vital part of what is needed in our evangelisation efforts in today’s culture.

Archbishop Porteous shared with me the struggles Cradio had in staffing and lack of resources to take it to the next level. We discussed a few options and in the end, decided it was a good idea for us to take Cradio on as part of Parousia Media and build on the foundation.

What does Cradio Have to Offer?

Cradio has helped so many people over the years and we hope to expand the ministry across Australia and beyond!

We have hit the ground running and have launched for the first time LIVE shows via the streaming service of Cradio. We have Catholic Answers LIVE for 2 hours a day, Tuesday to Saturday.

The Parousia Hour is every Wednesday from 8am to 9am. EWTN radio shows are aired throughout the week as well as local Australian talks, interviews and music.

We also now offer over 3,000 of Cradio’s podcasts – most of which are presented by Australians. I am very excited about the opportunity to reach so many more souls around Australia and the world!

There are programs for youth, young adults and families. Cradio is on all of the major podcasting apps such as iTunes, Podbean, Spotify, TuneIn and of course the website www.cradio.org.au.

Check it out today and please give us your feedback on how we can improve the services!

More Free Resources: The Narrow Gate & The Parousia Hour

Cradio is one of many free things we have been offering.

We have our brand new blog series called ‘The Narrow Gate‘ and we will upload a new blog post each week from the staff at Parousia Media.

We want to have a continuous conversation with you and this blog will allow us to do that. We will also continue to share blogs from our other speakers and partners to keep in touch with them.

As you saw above, there is a quote from Archbishop Porteous and this is one of many on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Please follow us there and like our page for the latest updates and announcements!

In addition to blogs, podcasts and social media quotes we also have our tele-radio show ‘The Parousia Hour’ where we invite guest speakers to share their stories and answer questions.

It has proven to be very popular and we now have an archive of these in the blog section of our website.

Our Youtube channel just passed 1,000 subscribers, so we are very excited about that! Each week 5 videos are uploaded to our channel so be sure to subscribe!

Free talks will be uploaded this year as well as more interviews and short inspirational clips.

New Program Coming Soon: “Source and Summit” with Sam Clear

We have just completed the filming stage of a very exciting new program produced by Sam Clear and in conjunction with Transverb Studios.

This new program is called ‘Source and the Summit’ and has Sam Clear, as the host, interviewing 3 guests per episode while climbing mountains in Tasmania.

There are 7 mountains and 21 guests. It has been very tough going but we are confident it will be an incredibly insightful resource.

There is nothing like this in Australia so stay tuned as this will be released in time for the school year in 2020.

Upcoming Tour: Jeff & Emily Cavins

Also this month we have begun promotion of the upcoming Jeff Cavins tour. Both Jeff and his wife Emily will be in Australia from April 26 to May 7 and will be visiting Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane before flying to Manila in the Philippines as well.

Also this month there are dozens of study programs being launched across the country.

In Sydney, I will be leading an ‘Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible’ study during Lent at the Our Lady of Fatima Primary School in Kingsgrove starting on Shrove Tuesday, 5th March.

Study groups are popping up everywhere, including Melbourne and Brisbane.

We will be launching a map on our website to help you easily locate study groups and invite friends to join. The map will also show where our parish stands are located as well as bookshops that stock Parousia resources.

Keep an eye out for that!

Parousia Pilgrimage with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

The above image is the promo for our upcoming Parousia Pilgrimage with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers – ‘Visitations of Mary‘.

I am personally going to be on this one, which we are promoting in conjunction with Harvest Journeys, who are one of our major sponsors.

We will be visiting the famous sites where Our Lady has appeared in Europe – including Lourdes and Fatima, as well as other holy sites.

We leave Sydney on September 10, starting in Portugal then onto Spain, followed by France. The price is very reasonable as it includes all meals and accommodation. There is the option to book your own flights or you can make arrangements through Harvest.

These are life changing moments so I hope you can join Deacon Harold and I on this spiritually uplifting pilgrimage!

Thank you once again for all your support please know that you are in our prayers. Please keep us in yours. God Bless you and your Family.

Charbel Raish 

SPECIAL OFFER – Buy ‘Two, Get 1 Free’ – Jason & Crystalina Evert (Paperbacks)

Buy “If you Really Love Me” and “How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul”, then get “St John Paul the Great: His Five Loves” for free!

CD of the Month: The Crisis of Happiness: Hurting, Addiction & Healing

When you hear the word “addiction”, what typically comes to mind? Needles? Alcohol? Pills?

As Jim Owens, MA, LPC explains, addiction is much simpler, including everything from substances to technology, screen time, work, shopping, and even sugar.

Addictions and distractions are used to manage pain—but in the process, end up damaging our brains, our relationships, and our ability to find lasting happiness.

Jim gives scientific evidence and practical advice for overcoming wounds, to help hurt people become healed people.

Vulnerable – DVD

Doctors, legal experts, and families against the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide prove that their wariness of the so-called “death with dignity” is not unfounded.

In one-hour, experts explore the chilling effects these laws had on Belgium and its people in a startling case-study that left hundreds of broken families in its wake. Packed with new insights and evidence from recent studies, this documentary testifies that when matters of life and death are placed into the hands of lawmakers, everyone becomes “Vulnerable”.

If You Really Loved Me (Paperback)

Teens and young adults need straight answers to tough questions about dating, relationships, and sexual purity. With more than 300 pages of answers that include well over 1000 references and studies, If You Really Loved Me offers a wealth of information in a language that resonates with today’s teens.

This book is a collection of Jason’s replies to the top 100 questions he receives from teens around the world. Questions include:

– How far is too far?

– How do I tell a guy “no” without hurting his feelings?

– How do you know when it’s love?

– What’s wrong with pornography?

– How do I forgive myself?

…And 95 others.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and convincing explanation of the difference between love and lust, this book is for you.

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The Magnificent Seven: The 7 Sacraments … Are They Biblical? – Deacon Harold Burke Sivers & Hector Molina (2 DVD Set)

In this presentation, Catholic speakers Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Hector Molina will explore the meaning and purpose of sacraments. They show how all 7 sacraments come straight from the bible. Both speakers are very dynamic and offer a very informative talk packed with scripture quotes.

Each speaker tackles a sacrament each and alternate between them. This set is a must for anyone wanting to deepen their spiritual life and also grow closer to Christ through the Scriptures and the Sacraments!

Also available as an MP4 for digital video download ($5 AUD).

Relationship, Intimacy and Holiness – Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers (Digital Video Purchase)

Catholic speaker and evangelist Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers explores how the culture portrays human sexuality and provides the faith enriching tools that are needed to incorporate virtue and chastity into everyday lived experiences.

Also available in DVD format. ($10 AUD)

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