Episode 13

Charbel and Mark get to know the third host of the Parousia Podcast – Phillip Brooks. Phillip reveals what led him to return to confession after many years, how the Immaculata Mission School led him to fall in love with the Eucharist and the Traditional Latin Mass, and the impact of university chaplaincies on him as a student.
Phillip joined Parousia after volunteering and interning with Cradio, closely working with Parousia, and has been working in his current position for 12 months. He studies Cyber Security, has a background in all things audio and will be hosting many more episodes of the Parousia Podcast in the future.

3:04 The Early Life and Beginning to Take the Faith Seriously, Immaculata Mission School
12:14 Post Retreat, University Catholic Society Life
20:52 Starting to love the Traditional Latin Mass
32:11 Involvement with Cradio and Parousia, Developing the Parousia Podcast
36:04 Roasting and Getting to Know Phillip
40:26 Developing the Parousia Podcast

Check out the UTS Catholic Society and Australian Catholic Students Association (ACSA).
Learn more about the Traditional Latin Mass in Australia.

What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Traditional Mass – Matthew Arnold – Pro Multis Media (CD)

Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum” has made official what Traditional Catholics have maintained for decades – the Traditional Mass was never abrogated (and, consequently, in principle, was always permitted!) Despite forty years of confusion and contradiction, the Holy Father also declares, “What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred.”Now, you have an unprecedented opportunity to share the many riches of the Traditional Latin Mass with family and friends.

This informative and non-confrontational presentation will introduce them to: the traditional teaching on the Mass as a sacrifice; the Real Presence; why the Mass is in Latin; the four great ends of the Mass; what to expect when assisting at the Traditional Mass; and so much more.

This exclusive production also includes an overview of the vessels, vestments and the prayers of the Traditional Latin Mass, from the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar to the Last Gospel.

The Parousia Podcast is a new initiative of Parousia aiming to get to know the stories behind some of the regular faces and guests around the Parousia world.

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