Our Last Talk For 2020!!!




Presented by Dr Robert Haddad

Is Jesus Christ Still King?

We are told in Scripture that Jesus Christ is “King of kings and Lord of lords.” As the number of Christians slowly grew over the centuries society itself changed as well. After the conversion of the Roman Empire, laws gradually changed to reflect the laws of God. There arose ‘Christendom’, a civilisation united under the Kingship of Christ. Does Christendom still exist today? The sad answer to this question is no. In this presentation Dr Robert Haddad will outline how the world came under the Kingship of Christ, the historical processes that brought about the downfall of Christendom, and what hope there exists today for a restoration of Christ’s Kingship. A very appropriate presentation as we approach the celebration of Christmas.
We will continue our attempts at LIVE Streaming Lumen Verum Apologetics! We are getting close!

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