We were honored and edified by Karlo Broussard’s talk that was LIVE streamed on 11th October at the Epping Club as just one of the many amazing and empowering talks given during the 2019 Fight for the Faith Conference.

…the fourth kind of happiness is the man of the eternal perspective or the man of God and this is the man who defines his life purpose in terms of the pursuit to acquire infinite goodness, infinite truth, who is God himself and this arises from our human nature because as human beings we all have the natural craving, something that’s not accidental or that’s brought about from advertisements on TV or what we see but it’s something innate within us that we naturally crave complete satisfaction we crave something good that’s going to completely quench the thirst for satisfaction and perfection….Karlo Broussard.


Here is a replay of Karlo Broussard’s talk, The Four Levels of Manhood from the 2019 Fighting for the Faith Conference brought to you by Parousia and Catholic Answers.

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