James Parker

British-born James Parker lives in Western Australia and is a Catholic convert. As an abuse survivor and former gay rights activist, he is passionate about the godly restoration of men and women.

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About James Parker

James Parker is a founding member of the international Catholic network for men, Harvesters, under whose umbrella he has brought the Gospel message to thousands of men.

He has taught extensively on same-sex attraction and sexual addiction and has run programmes and seminars across Europe to help foster new groups and organisations to help support men and women in their journey of recovery.

While in London, James spent ten years engaging with the unique spiritual journeys of hundreds of men and women with differing degrees of same-sex attraction.

Pro Life Award

In 2013, he was the first non-Italian to receive Italy’s prestigious annual pro-life award for his commitment to honouring those with disabilities.

As an abuse survivor, and having previously lived and practiced as a gay rights’ activist, James has a passion for the godly restoration of men and women.

James loves being a dad, hitting the beach and ocean, and can often be found glued to the television watching AFL.

Based in: Perth, may travel interstate upon request


With two days’ notice, James Parker agreed to come and speak to Strathalbyn Christian College during a visit to Geraldton, WA in May 2018. During the school day, James managed to address all of the students from Years 10, 11 and 12 who were held captivated by his content and mode of delivery… 

James then spent the evening of that same day speaking to a handful of the college staff and parents… I can highly recommend James Parker as an inspiring, sensitive and no-nonsense speaker on topics that both adults and young people alike often struggle to engage with, but which affect the dignity and quality of all of our lives.

Yours faithfully,
Gavin Hirschhausen
Principal/CEO – Strathalbyn Christian College

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List Of Talks on Sexuality, Sexual Matters & Other Topics

Presentations (60-75 mins)

Hasty History of Homosexuality

How did we get to where we are today with the world’s attitude, understanding and view of non-heterosexuality changing so rapidly?

What’s really going on in the LGBTQQIAAP+2S world

A concerned factual and statistical look at what is transpiring on a day-to-day basis within the non-heterosexual community.

Respect, Compassion and Sensitivity

Recognising the abounding love and understanding presently being shown to same-sex attracted people by the Christian community globally.

Gender Mainstreaming

What LGBTQQIAAP+2S activists wish to achieve and the methods they are willing to use to realise their goals at any cost to mainstream society.

General Talks

Presentations (60-75 mins)

In the beginning

What the first few years of every child’s life needs to contain to form a healthy and balanced foundation, and how God intervenes to restore our earliest wounding.

What healthy sexual development looks like

What teens and adults, especially parents, need to know about healthy sexual development, and how God touches sexual brokenness.

How sexual identity can go astray

Examining how neglect and abuse during childhood can lead to future abnormal sexual perspectives, and how God intervenes into pain and darkness.

What Science has to say about Same-sex Attraction

Discussing and exposing false claims that people are born ‘gay.’

Is homosexuality an ‘objective disorder’?

Reflectively discussing theological anthropology and why Mother Church chooses the terms She does regarding sexual inclination.

Hidden Health Risks of Homosexual Practice

Examines the devastating health effects incurred through homosexual practice that are rarely, if ever, reported in the Media.


Four basic blueprints and their corresponding issues, symptoms and patterns plus suggested stages of therapy which support women in “finding the woman within.”

Gender Ideology and Mainstreaming

The deliberate diminishing of male and female with emphasis on the Yogyakarta Principles and the Church’s role to help heal society’s neurosis.

Talking Transgenderism

Offering some key points and insights from a Christian perspective into the recent rise of this modern-day ideology which rejects all things binary.

Restoration Talks

Presentations (60-75 mins)

What the Same-sex Attracted Really Needs

Scratching deep beneath the surface to discover what SSA people really need, and how God might wish His Church to provide for this.

The Healing Process for the Sexually Broken (or Person with SSA)

What restoration in Christ is likely to look like for someone who is sexually broken/same-sex attracted.

Christianity’s unique role in restoring sexuality

How the Christian community can play a unique role in ministering effectively to the sexually broken and to abuse survivors.

Healthy Same-sex Friendship

Where society has gone astray with friendship making the gnawing search for a place among one’s own sex ever more challenging for SSA people.

The Presence of God within Us

Facing the truth that God has created us and that our core purpose is to live in constant relationship with Him alive within us and us in Him.

Practicing the Presence of God

Moving from the spirit of this world to the indwelling of God’s own Spirit, the Holy Spirit, plus how we practice His presence and live in this reality.

Listening to God

“And God said” is the most common phrase in the Bible, so God wishes to speak to us and for us to learn how to listen to and to detect His voice in everything we do.

Bentness Towards Other People

What codependency looks like and how we realign our worship and dependency from creatures to the Creator.

The True Self

Understanding what the false self looks like and how we move from an earthly understanding of our identity to a conviction and experience of our eternal identity.

Healing of the Will

Satan incapacitates our ability to action our wills leaving us tossed upon the waves of fate. This addresses the restoration of our will to truly choose life in Christ.

Sense of Being

.(1) Understanding Separation Anxiety, (2) Wounds to the Personality, (3) Healing Separation Anxiety

Self Acceptance

(1) What is Self?, (2) Facing the Struggle, (3) The True Self.

Young People

Presentations (60-75 mins)

Supporting Youth with Same-sex Attraction

Understanding the environment and needs of young people, affirming their value and dignity, and creating healing, restorative relationships.

Australia’s ‘Safe Schools’ Program’

How the Australian government is further damaging a whole generation by deliberately sugar-coating toxic sexual brokenness.

Stories of Hope

Testimonies from several young Aussies in their teens/twenties about how rejecting society’s sexual norms and embracing the Church’s teachings is delivering real hope.

Chastity and Spiritual Growth

What is chastity, what behaviour is implied by Christian chastity, how can we live chastely and what are the values of chastity?

Contemporary Issues

Presentations (60-75 mins)


What is a man? What are the qualities of a man? The history and nature of male friendships and how to make and keep strong male friendships.

Pornography: delightful or destructive?

What’s going on with porn; how it lies to our deepest desires; its effects on the body/relationships; how to get out of its destructive grip.

The Destructive Consequences of Same-sex “Marriage”

Addressing the possible effects that legislation passed in favour of same-sex “marriage” will have on Church and society.

How Child Abuse and Neglect Increase Through Same-sex Marriage

Relating the crippling long-term effects for men and women taken away from one or both parents at birth.

Why Genderless, Nonmonogamous Marriage Benefits No One

A look at how the present cries for “equal love” actually lead to the annihilation of “real love”..


Discussing transgender, transsexual, transvestite, why these are all on the rise, where these might lead, and what an urgent pastoral response by Christians might look like.

Moving beyond Sexual Addiction

A look at how the present cries for “equal love” actually lead to the annihilation of “real love”.

Something Hopeful for Everyone

Showing why the Gospel is not only applicable to sexual brokenness but how a new era of God’s love and mercy can reign when it is lavishly applied.

Homosexuality and Contraception

An overview of human sexuality, some insights into homosexuality and the effects of contraception, plus why we need Humanae Vitae.

Masculine and Feminine, male and female

What is the difference between gender and sex, where does God fit into all this, and what are the specific attributes to both?

Renouncing False Gods

Examining how the Canaanite gods are presently being worshipped, how we find healing and restoration from false worship and turn to the Holy.

Theology of the Body 101 –

An overview of St John Paul II’s seismic work on human love in the divine plan.

Spiritual Topics

Presentations (60-75 mins)

Love to be holy

Taking a look at the types of love that exist and how these are to be best lived out in our relationships with God and one another.

Christians and Sport

How Australia’s two most numerous “religious” bodies dovetail and thrive most when they come together on the same team.

Forgiveness – What is it?

What does it look like in reality? How do we do it? Overcoming the barriers that keep us from loving and being loved.

From Beauty to Ashes

Knowing your love story with Jesus and finding ways to allow our weaknesses to become God’s strengths whatever seasons our soul has experienced

Learning to bless our stories

Only when we can truly sit honestly and vulnerably with our own histories can we come to experience God’s presence on every aspect of our life journeys

Church Outreach to the Sexually Broken

What might engaging with all aspects of sexually brokenness look like in reality within a church setting

the Power of the Cross

Why is the wood of the Cross so important to our journeys of healing and restoration, and how do we access the power of Christ’s Cross?

and Islam

Understanding the differences and the similarities, and some suggestions as to how to engage with the Islamic community in the 21st Century.


The importance of having Christian friends and some of the blessings and qualities they bring with them.


How we get entangled and dragged down in earthly heart relationships, and how God can set us free.


Its importance, power and some thoughts about its practical experience.

of Bewilderment

A reflection on the life of Jonah and three lessons we can learn from his situation: the wild storm, the great whale and the wondrous plant.

Facing the Father Wound

How we are each affected by wounds from our father and forefathers, and the role of God as Forever Daddy in our restoration and healing.

A Deeper
Understanding of Mother

What is the role of mother, how we get wounded by mother, and how God can bring about healing and restoration to our wounded hearts.

Christ’s Heart’s Desire

Why the deliberate pursuit and engagement in Ecumenism is a fulfilment of Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Forming our responses to other faiths

How should we engage and dialogue with members of non-Christian faiths and religions.

your inner freedom

Examining which influences we live under and finding our way into greater freedom through Christ.

an interface for Evangelism

How the Gospel is a gift to the problems of our contemporary world and why Christians need to engage more deeply.

Obstacles to the Purposed Life

Understanding the concept of the true and false self, identifying both functioning in you, and identifying steps to develop the true self.

Effectiveness in Promoting Healing

How we get hurt in our families and the role that parents can play to see their offspring restored towards well-being.

a People of Mercy

What does mercy look like, and how do we better become a people who radiate and activate God’s mercy.


Daring to ask what is God’s will for my life, and who am I created to be; facing the struggle between being ‘good’ and being ‘the best.’

Prisoners Free

 Based on Jesus’ words in Luke 4:18-19 where He speaks about “the Spirit of the Lord is on Me… He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners.”

Merciful Father

The gospel within the gospel found in Luke 15 in the parable of the Prodigal Son, examining the role of the three key characters: the Father and two sons.

Cause and the Cure of Shame

Shame is the emotion of separation which says “you do not belong” and brings about feelings of profound loss.  How do we get out of this?

our wounds

Looking at the roles we each play, recognising that each one of us will only open our heart to the degree that we sense the other person has walked further than us.

with Compulsive Behaviour

Some basic tenets which to help people.

Allowing God to Remove Our Defects

Addressing inner vows, defensive detachments, fortresses, belief systems, judgments and self-hatred all of which cripple the heart.

Embracing Loss as a Way of Gain

Recognizing that it is only by facing our pain, letting go and counting all things as loss for the sake of knowing Christ do we find true life and joy.

Seeking God Through Spiritual Disciplines

The law of sin and death, our illusion of control, turning our lives over to God, facing powerlessness and loss of control, and ditching false concepts of Who He is.

Sexual Abuse

Examining what abuse is and isn’t, its long-term effects, common feelings and the emotional consequences and steps towards healing.

Forgiving and Making Amends

Looking at what forgiveness is, what helps us to forgive, how we go about forgiving and taking responsibility for our lives.

Surrendering to God

The law of sin and death, our illusion of control, turning our lives over to God, facing powerlessness and loss of control, and ditching false concepts of Who He is

Living Life in the Spirit

Presentations (60-75 mins)

can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Bringing others to a place of opening up to and receiving the person of the Holy Spirit as the central teacher in their lives.

Healing Model

How to prayer for healing in the power of the Holy Spirit, an easy to understand way of ministering God’s love and restoration to others.

to facilitate a small group

Examining the set-up, operation and relational aspects of a small group and some practical tips for how best to facilitate such a group.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Breaking open the three types of charismatic gifts: vocal, revelational and visible, and examining the charismatic gifts of service.

Gift of Tongues

What is the gift, if I don’t seem to have it how can I receive it, and if I do pray in tongues then how should I use it?

is praise and worship

What exactly is worship, and how do we best engage in the worship of God?

teams to serve

Why does the Body of Christ need teams to serve, how to discern which team to join, and how a team might best work together

For Men

Presentations (60-75 mins)

The History and Nature of Male Friendships

Friendships between men can look quite simple, but their history is actually interesting and complex.

Being a Man after God’s Heart

What it means to be a man after God’s heart, how David and Jesus were men after God’s heart and each man’s call to imitate this, plus a daily plan.

Empowering the Masculine Will

What is “the masculine will”, why it needs to be empowered, and how it can be empowered to the benefit of all

Qualities of a Man

.Examining ten key qualities of a man based on 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, and how men differ from women.

Maximising Manhood

Ten short reflective sessions on different aspects of being a God-fearing man.

Being a Man of Prayer

Some suggestions to benefit guys spending time with God, and how to get more out of relational time with God.

What is a Man?

Taking a candid look at what differentiates men from women, looking at the male brain, body and relational way men interact

What a man does

Examining the active points of being a man and how these differ from being a woman

Do as I Don't; Don't as I Do

When hypocrisy hits home, the type you’re aware of and hide, and the kind you’re not aware of but everybody else is, and how to move back into integrity.

The Silent Struggle With Secret Sin

How men get trapped, remain trapped, find freedom and also restoration.

Men and Accountability

Entering into spiritual battle together through appropriate disclosure and fraternal love, and learning how to help sharpen one another’s swords.

The Father Wound Weekend (also applicable for women)

A series of five talks that look at: (1) What we should have had from our dad, (2) what is a father wound? (3) father wound in men and in women, (4) the healing process, (5) ‘Fathered to father’: by men and by Christ

The Mother Wound Weekend (also applicable for women)

A series of five talks that look at: (1) What we should have had from our mom, (2) what is a mother wound? (3) mother wound in men and in women, (4) the healing process, (5) God’s maternal love: through Mary and Mother Church

Reaching Young Men

Reflections on the present challenges that face young men in our society and some of the ways in which adults can reach out lovingly to engage with them

Rugby and God

Discovering the God-given values that can be found in the game of rugby

List of Programs

Boys to Men

Examining the key stages a boy needs to move through to be able to healthily take his place as a man among men and subsequently be able to sacrifice himself for a woman

  1. The Journey
  2. What is Masculinity?
  3. Understanding the Masculine
  4. The Way a Man Develops
  5. What Men Do, and Doing the Things that Men Do
  6. The Qualities of a Man
  7. Overcoming Obstacles and the Past
  8. Knowing Yourself as One of the Men
  9. Relating to Women
  10. Relating to Women Sexually
  11. Full Manhood

Facing Our Genesis

A healing program that looks at our relationship with mum and dad, acknowledging all the good from them, while identifying what may have been lacking

  1. God’s Design In The Beginning (and the place of the Cross)
  2. What is a Mother Wound?
  3. Mother Wound in Women
  4. Mother Wound in Men
  5. The Mother Wound Healing Process
  6. What is a Father Wound?
  7. Father Wound in Women
  8. Father Wound in Men
  9. The Father Wound Healing Process
  10. Grace and Sexual Sin
  11. Taking Our Place With Our Peers

Falling Forward

A 16-week (or 4 weekends) program for Christians caught up in bondage to repetitive patterns of sexual and relational sin, and destructive habits often conceived out of historic pain and wounding, and fuelled in the present by pressures and loneliness.

The program covers:

  1. Spiritual Aspects of Addiction
  2. Sexual Addiction is False intimacy
  3. The Pain of Sexual Addiction
  4. Intervention in The Addictive Cycle
  5. Planning Your Way of Escape
  6. Surrendering to God
  7. Confession: Discovering the Cross in Community
  8. Practicing the Presence of God
  9. Seeking God Through Spiritual Disciplines
  10. Understanding the Addictive System
  11. Allowing God to Remove Our Defects
  12. Embracing Loss as a Way of Gain
  13. Family Origins of Addictions
  14. Spiritual Cleansing
  15. Facing the Mother Wound
  16. Healing the Father Wound
  17. Facing Sexual Abuse
  18. Forgiving and Making Amends
  19. Defining True Masculinity
  20. Accessing the Power of the Cross

The Wounded Heart

Based on the best-selling book by Dr Dan Allender, this program takes explores the secret lament of the soul damaged by sexual abuse and lays hold of the hope buried beneath by the One whose unstained image we all bear

  1. The Truth Will Set You Free
  2. A Question of Memory
  3. The Reality of a War: Facing the Battle
  4. The Enemy: “Sin and Shame”
  5. Shame, Blame, Judgment, Confusion
  6. The Clash with Contempt
  7. The War Zone: Strategies for Abuse
  8. Powerlessness: the Damage of Abuse
  9. Betrayal
  10. Ambivalence
  11. Secondary Symptoms – depression, dysfunction, addiction
  12. Style of Relating
  13. The Unlikely Route to Joy – change, embracing The Mystery
  14. Honesty
  15. Repentance
  16. Bold Love

Pure Men

An 8-week kick-start for men (or women) who want to embrace chastity.

Redeemed Into Life

A 16-week program offering insight, prayer and fellowship for those who are HIV+

Where do we go?

An 8-week safe space for women who wish to support each other through their partner’s addiction to pornography or through infidelity.

TAG (The Accountability Group)

Creating an ongoing group (or series of groups) where men and/or women can learn to regularly and honesty face the shame around sexual sin

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