As we enter into the final week of Parousia’s “The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage”, many people, especially our Spiritual Rosary Pilgrims, are asking what next?!

The answer to that question is really quite exciting! See below for all of our events, coming up in October 2020!


The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage

The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage will conclude on the 7th of October and free access will continue until the 11th of October.

Should you wish to have lifetime access to these fascinating meditations as well as the interviews and added extras, the full “Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage” package will be just $19.99 AUD!!!

For an even better deal, you can sign up to Parousia On-Demand for access to ALL of Parousia On-Demand digital content which includes The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage for just $10.00 AUD per month! That is around $7 U.S.!


Smart Catholics

In October Parousia will also be changing how we do things on Social Media!

We love you Facebook but…..wouldn’t it be great if there was a Social Media Promised Land?

Join the EXODUS!

Smart Catholics and Parousia have partnered up to create just such a place! A Community built by Catholics, for Catholics.

  1. Click on this hyperlink – “Smart Catholics” – and create your FREE Smart Catholics Account
  2. Look for the ‘How it works’ Course for an overview of this Catholic community
  3. Look for and join the “Parousia” Group!


Parousia ONLINE Study Groups – Term 4 2020

When COVID-19 hit both Charbel Raish and Matthew-Hermann Tague, were right in the middle of delivering Parousia LIVE Study Groups in Parishes in Sydney. We quickly realised that with Zoom, we could offer the remainder of those studies completely ONLINE! This idea was well received, and those studies were a lot of fun! So much so, that Parousia decided to try it again in Term 2. Thus, Parousia ONLINE Study Groups was born and our groups keep asking for more!

We are about to conclude the Term 3 studies with the second instalment of Chosen: This is Your Catholic Faith and A Biblical Walk Through the Mass with A Walkthrough the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

Term 4 studies are now taking RSVP’s! Go to



1 October!

For the month of October our friend and partner, Chris Stefanick, at Real Life Catholic, is calling all MEN to RISE! The RISE 30-Day Challenge has transformed thousands of lives with a practical plan to help you live out your faith where it matters most…in everyday life. Join us as a group to begin RISE!


In His Name

9 to 11 October!

Our wonderful friends, Evangelion in New Zealand are having their very first Virtual Conference, In His Name! Parousia’s own Charbel Raish and Matthew-Hermann Tague are among a brilliant line up of speakers from New Zealand, Australia, and the United States!


After Divorce Online Conference

10 to 11 October!

Parousia and Smart Catholics are proud to present the After Divorce Online Conference.

Divorce is a source of pain and confusion for many Catholics. It should not be! You are invited to the After Divorce Online Conference for answers, hope, & community. Together, we are helping the divorced dream again! 


Life After High School Online Conference

15 to 17 October

Parousia and Catholic Homeschool Connections present the Life After High School Online Conference.

Catholic Homeschool Connections first Career and College Fair brings you a range of expert speakers ready to guide your teen as they contemplate Life After High School.


Modern Saints Online Conference

22 to 23 October!

Parousia and Smart Catholics are proud to present the Modern Saints Online Conference.

Each century, the Church gives us real-life examples of holiness. Saints are missionaries from God to the modern world!

Join this online conference and community to find out how you can live your own mission of holiness today.


Virtual Catholic Apologetics Conference

23 to 25 October!

Join our friend Matt Fradd for the Virtual Catholic Apologetics Conference with Pints With Aquinas!

There are no shortages of assaults on the Church today. In a world of increasing challengers to the Faith, we need to know, now more than ever, why we believe what we believe.


  • Get the answers, the official teaching, how we fight modern heresy, why we need to hold fast to doctrine today more than ever.

  • Respond on tough issues, we are diving into today’s toughest questions about the Faith so you can be confident when entering challenging conversations on hot-button topics.

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