Episode 48

In this episode of the Parousia Podcast, Fr Spitzer speaks about how the soul can be proven to exist by citing many near-death experiences.

To find out more about near-death experiences, and to discover many other ways in which the material sciences do not contradict the Catholic faith, and in fact affirm the Catholic faith, visit crediblecatholic.com

Science, the Origin of the Universe, and God

All too often, science is falsely pitted against Faith to disprove the tenants of Christianity. In this informative talk, Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ – expert in physics, philosophy, and theology – debunks this powerful myth as he discusses the Big Bang and the Origin of the Universe with sound reason, credible science, and faithful theology. This talk is a must-listen for anyone wrestling with the biggest questions regarding Science and Faith.

The Parousia Podcast is an initiative of Parousia aiming to get to know the stories behind some of the regular faces and guests around the Parousia world.

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