Episode 10

A good teacher is like a good wine glass, crystal clear, and they both immediately make you want to consume what they offer. Dr Andrew Wood explains with great clarity profound truths which are the fruit of his many years of study and teaching experience. In this interview, Dr Wood covers how he came to start learning about St Thomas Aquinas, what St Thomas offers that Aristotle doesn’t, and the many errors that are now so common due to widespread philosophical illiteracy.

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The Greatest Story Ever Told Through the Eyes of St Mark (CD)

In this stimulating and informative talk Andrew Wood takes you through the highlights of the Gospel of Mark. With its central question, ‘Who is Jesus?’ Mark’s Gospel is fundamentally concerned with Jesus’ disciples grappling with understanding his true identity. It is therefore traditionally recognised as the ‘Disciple’s Gospel.’ Throughout the narrative we see that the disciples rarely understand Jesus’ true identity, and yet, with brilliant twists to his story, Mark shows us how the disciples’ enemies, the Romans, the evil spirits, and even a Syro-Phoenician woman, do understand. Written for Christians who converted from paganism in first century Rome, and to be proclaimed at the Easter Vigil prior to the reception of baptism by those neophytes coming into the Church, this Gospel presents the dynamic character of Jesus who proclaims the Good News of the Gospel with the expectation of immediate conversion by those who can hear. Since Mark’s original audience would most likely have been the Christian community suffering Roman persecution, Mark shows us that discipleship is not without risk, but in the end it is all worth it, for the true disciple always keeps his gaze set on the Jesus’ Resurrection!

This talk will definitely inspire you in your journey as a disciple of Jesus!

The Parousia Podcast is a new initiative of Parousia aiming to get to know the stories behind some of the regular faces and guests around the Parousia world.

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