Defend the Faith Live is a Parousia Podcast Series where we join Dr Robert Haddad to take a look at a chapter a month of Dr Haddad’s excellent book on Catholic Apologetics with host Matthew-Hermann Tague.

In this episode, we cover the topic, “The Necessity of Baptism”

  • Is Baptism merely an optional ceremony?
  • Is Baptism more than just ‘washing the body with water’? Can it actually wash away sins?

Find answers to these questions and more!

‘Defend the Faith LIVE’ is filmed in front of a live, online audience.

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Defend the Faith! – by Robert M. Haddad (Paperback)

Defend the Faith! is more than just another book on Catholic apologetics. Born from Robert Haddad’s personal encounters with numerous non-Catholics over 30 years,  Defend the Faith! answers 165 objections against the Catholic Faith in 50 comprehensive and well-set out chapters. Robert not only continues to answer the usual questions from Protestant Christians but for the first time responds to the rising challenges of Islam and atheism. With over 1,500 references to Scripture, the Church Fathers and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Defend the Faith! is ideal for anyone seeking a solid Biblical and historic defense of Catholicism.
(From the Author)

Always Be Prepared: A ‘New Apologetics’ Course For Catholic Secondary Students

– by Robert M. Haddad (Paperback Textbook)

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