Christian Stephens

Christian Stephens is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Philosophy and Theology, University of Notre Dame, Sydney. Amongst other studies and formation programs he has a Masters of Philosophy, specialising in the thought of St Thomas Aquinas.

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Christian Stephens

Christian Stephens is married with three children. Before the Univsersity of Notre Dame, he previously worked for the Archdiocese of Sydney in various capacities, including two years with the University Chaplaincies.

Over the past eight years he have been invited to give dozens of talks at parishes, university chaplaincies, youth groups and retreats.

Christian has also published five chapters for Brook (ed.), An Introduction to Philosophy and Theology within Catholic Liberal Education, McGraw-Hill, 2015: ‘Revelation and Truth’, ‘The Theological Virtues’ and ‘Ultimate Happiness’, while co-authoring two: ‘Philosophical and Theological Reflection’ and ‘Introduction to Moral Theology.’

 Based in: Sydney


  • Scripture and Church
  • Foundations of Moral Theology
  • Sacraments of Initiation
  • Trinity
  • Faith & Reason
  • Creation & Evolution
  • Christian Quarrels
  • God & Reason
  • Life as Sacred
  • Natural Theology
  • Covenant & Revelation
  • Parables
  • Philosophical & Theological Reflection
  • Pope Fiction
  • Revelation & the Scientific Method
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Sharing your faith
  • Suffering and Hope
  • Temptation
  • Interpreting Scripture
  • Perfect Happiness
  • The Historical Jesus
  • The Trial of God
  • Providence
  • Theological Virtues
  • Can an atheist make it to Heaven?
  • Clash of Orthodoxies: Answering the attack of Secularism
  • Are the ten commandments relevant in the 21st century?
  • The joy of the Gospel
  • The Resurrection: A reason to live
  • It’s my body: I’ll do what I want with it
  • The woman at the well
  • Atheism
  • An Introduction to the Marriage Debate
  • Dating 101
  • Discipleship
  • Faith in the 21st Century
  • Upon your call I cast my net
  • Who am I to judge?
  • When does a foetus become a person
  • Why do Catholics love sex?
  • Jesus turned bread into His Body
  • Life after Death
  • Does God exist
  • Theology of the Body
  • Philosophy of the Human Person

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