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Peter Pellicaan

  Peter Pellicaan After having spent over ten years as an ordained Protestant Pastor, Peter came in to the Catholic Church with a fresh enthusiasm for the beauty, goodness and truth found in the Holy Catholic Church.    About Peter PellicaanPeter is...

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Robert Assaf

  Robert Assaf He is a Passionate youth speaker that aims to bring people closer to Christ through His Holy Catholic Church. Robert has been a youth speaker for over two years and has spoken to youth around Australia.    About Robert AssafRobert Assaf...

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Stephen Spiteri

Stephen Spiteri Devout Catholic, devoted husband, doting father of 3, theology teacher, Catholic in 60 Seconds podcast creator, gym rat, and a bit of a geek. About Stephen Spiteri Stephen Spiteri, a cradle Catholic, is an experienced high school Religious Education...

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Frances Hopkins

  Frances Hopkins Frances graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts at Campion College in 2014. before completing her Graduate Certificate in Religious Education from the John Paul II Institute of Marriage and Family in 2015. Frances is one of the founding...

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Sam Clear

Sam Clear A young Tasmanian with a burning passion, Sam Clear walked 15,636 ks, from the jungles of South America to the icy winds of Siberia and on to Spain, asking people to pray for Christian unity.About Sam Clear Staff Professional Development Days, Student...

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Robert Haddad

Robert Haddad Robert Haddad is a Catholic teacher, apologist and evangelist who holds firmly to all the truths of the Catholic Faith and wishes all to come to know, love and live the Catholic Faith. Robert promotes the Catholic Faith through his public speaking tours,...

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Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood Director of St. John Centre for Biblical Studies, Andrew has given numerous courses and talks on Scripture, Catholic theology, and philosophy in the Sydney region. He has been working in the field of catechetics and adult faith formation since 1998. About...

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Jonathan Doyle

Jonathan Doyle Jonathan Doyle has spoken around the world to over 300,000 people and is passionate about helping people create change in their lives. As a life coach Jonathan works closely with people across the globe to help them find their purpose, reach their goals...

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Charbel Raish

Charbel Raish He is the founder of Parousia Media which was born in May of 2005.He has organised over 200 local events consisting of local and international speakers who have featured all over Australia. Charbel has coordinated Faith Formation events for over 15...

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Wez Hitzke

  Wez Hitzke A conservative Pentecostal partial to Catholic authors. Christianity has changed my perspective on life and what is reality. My faith has compelled me to do things I would not normally do, like live at a drug rehab and work as a volunteer. The years I...

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Paul Morrissey

  Paul Morrissey Dr Paul Morrissey is the president of Campion College, Australia's only liberal arts college.    About Dr. Paul MorrisseyDr. Paul holds a doctorate in Theology from the Sydney College of Divinity and a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from...

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James Parker

James Parker British-born James Parker lives in Western Australia and is a Catholic convert. As an abuse survivor and former gay rights activist, he is passionate about the godly restoration of men and women.About James ParkerJames Parker is a founding member of the...

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